Juiceria Cleanse : Detox Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

When Ken and I decided to move out of our home in Malabon and live on our own, we both agreed it’s the perfect time to kick-start a healthier lifestyle by eating better at home. So when a high school batchmate asked me if we wanted to try their juice cleansing programs at Juiceria Cleanse, Ken and I immediately said yes.

Juiceria Cleanse Reboot program

Okay, we didn’t exactly say yes right away. :D I’ve been hearing so much about juice cleansing that I had all these doubts in my head. I am very much aware of the benefits and the nutrients you can get from juicing, but I wasn’t prepared for fasting or not eating anything at all. I might go HANGRY (y’know, all the mood swings or you get easily angry because you’re hungry :D ) during the 3-day program, and I might not be able to concentrate while working. Sure, I was working from home then, but it was quite an intense week since I was transitioning from online work to office girl again. Can I handle not eating anything when I’m used to eating the stress away?! :D

Junlyn, the woman behind Juiceria Cleanse, assured me that I wouldn’t have any issues during the 3-day period. She said that they have many clients who go through their programs during workdays. To play it safe, I chose Juiceria Cleanse’s Reboot program since this allows me to eat at least one healthy meal a day. Ken, who went on a strict diet a few years ago and was determined he can take it, went for their 3-day Bootcamp program so it was all juice for him.

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Kimukatsu: Japan’s Favorite 25-Layered Tonkatsu

Just when we thought the katsu craze is over, Japan’s favorite 25-layered mille-feuille style tonkatsu finally arrives in Manila, giving Yabu: House of Katsu a run for their money! Kimukatsu opens their 5th international branch in the Philippines after their great success in Hawaii, California (2 branches), and South Korea.

Four Flavor Kimukatsu Set v2

Imagine our delight when we received an invite from Kimukatsu to try their famous tonkatsu. With our extreme love for Japanese food, how could we say no? :D We headed over to their Shangri-La branch for lunch and met with Kenji Komuro, Kimukatsu Philippines Director of Public Relations, who gave us a quick tour and a rundown of their menu.

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Shop For Great French Champagne

People who want to shop French Champagne should consider that they have many options when looking. There are several styles of French Champagne on the market, but people need to make sure that they are getting the Champagne that tastes the best to them. The best part of choosing is that it can come in a variety of flavors. Some Champagnes sparkle more than others, and some are made from special wines.

Top Champagne brands from Wine Folly



The sparkle that is produced in the wine occurs because of fermentation that is done on the wines. The sparkle for some wines is very intense, and that is how people like it. Other people prefer their Champagnes to be a little more dull. The less sparkle a Champagne has, the more someone can taste the actual flavor of the wine. This means that people need to choose carefully when they are looking for the right Champagne.



Many people prefer to get a Champagne from the same vineyard that produces their favorite wine. This means that someone’s favorite wine is used to make the Champagne they prefer the most. There are other times when people are going to choose Champagnes that are markedly different from the wines that they like. The variety that people prefer in their wines speaks to the vineyard they like the most.

Portrait and new menu items



There are many sizes of Champagne on the market that people can enjoy. There are large sizes, but there are smaller bottles that people can use for parties, too. People must choose the amount of Champagne that they need for their party, but they also need to make sure they can serve everyone comfortably.

When people want to select the right kind of Champagne for their purposes, they must remember that the flavor, sparkle and size of the Champagne. Champagne is a great way to celebrate with loved ones, and it can be used to produce some of the most amazing drinks in the world. With the help of the right Champagne, it is easy to celebrate in style.

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