My US Potato Board (USPB) Potato Safari 3 Experience in Davao City

While everyone was busy with their holiday preparations last December 2015, I, together with other Manila food bloggers, flew to Davao City to join the Potato Safari 3, coordinated by the US Potato Board (USPB), the organization who handles the promotion and marketing for US Potatoes across the globe.

United States Potato Board (USPB) Potato Safari 3


About US Potatoes

The third of the Potato Safari began with the Global Marketing Manager of USPB, Susan Weller, giving us a brief and informative introduction to US Potatoes.

Susan Weller Global Marketing Manager of USPB

The potato is an integral ingredient used in cuisines all over the world. It is so versatile that it can be used in appetizers, soups, main entrées, or even desserts. But do you know what the world’s favorite way to eat potatoes? Of course, as French fries!

The most important thing I learned from Susan was that it’s NOT true that fresh local potatoes are superior over frozen potatoes in terms of quality and nutritional content. Frozen US Potatoes are, in fact, a whole lot better because they meet strict FDA and USDA specifications—a reason why they have become the top choice of renowned chefs all over the world.

US Frozen Pototoes from USPB

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Gourmet Strip: The Best of Shangri-La Plaza Restaurants

There’s no contest; Shangri-La Plaza remains one of the top foodie destinations in the Metro with its impeccable line-up of food choices and cuisines that you will not find anywhere else.

Gourmet Strip Event at Shangri-La Plaza Mandaluyong

Now they are inviting you to the biggest foodie event of the summer to taste and experience the best of Shangri-La restaurants in one gastronomic stage at this year’s Gourmet Strip event.


Gourmet Strip at Shangri-La Plaza

Gourmet Strip is a food sampling and selling fair that will highlight the bestselling dishes from the mall’s most popular restaurants for two weekends – May 15 to 17 (Asian cuisine) and May 22 to 24 (American and European) – at the East Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza. And the best part yet: admission is absolutely FREE!

Gourmet Strip at Shangri-La Plaza Event Poster

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Pamper Your MOMspiration at Discovery Country Suites

Exactly a week from now, we will be celebrating the day of the most important woman in our lives. Since no amount of money can ever match how much hard work our mothers have put into raising us, one way we can repay them is by making them enjoy a truly relaxing experience they will never forget, like treating our beloved “MOMspiration” to an amazing Mother’s Day weekend at Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay City.

Facade of Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay


MOMspiration at Discovery Country Suites

Give your mother the ultimate royal treatment with an overnight stay at any of the Deluxe, Premiere, and Master Suites that all come with country breakfast and 60-minute massage sessions for 2 persons, wine and cheese sundown cocktails, and a 10% discount on food and beverage at Restaurant Verbena. You are also free to use their Jacuzzi with a beautiful view of the Taal Lake.

Outdoor Garden and Jacuzzi Area at Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay


Deluxe Suites (Andalucia, Saint Tropez, and Ceylon)

We were given a tour at one of their Deluxe Suites, the French-inspired Saint Tropez Suite, which features two queen-size beds, a spacious bathroom, and an impeccable view of Discovery Country Suites’ garden.

Saint Tropez Deluxe Suite at Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay

A night at any of their Deluxe Suites starts at PHP 8,838 nett, including all the services and amenities mentioned above.

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Surrender Your Taste Buds at Cops and Robbers in San Juan

Last week, I received a warrant of arrest from Zomato for being found guilty of gluttony. They ordered me to surrender myself at Cops and Robbers in Greenhills, San Juan. I had to turn myself in to answer for my crime. 😀

Cops and Robbers Facade


The Concept

When I got off the cab, the first thing I noticed was the scarcity of food businesses in the area. Cops and Robbers shares the location with only two other restaurants – Maria Maria and La Contessa Delicatessen. Strategically situated in front of Xavier School’s Sports Complex, there’s no doubt Cops and Robbers triumphs over its contemporaries for having a fun ambiance, a straightforward menu of comfort food, and a price range that students, the restaurant’s main demographic, wouldn’t find so heavy in the pocket.

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Burger King BK Stacks and Chicken Crisp Fillet

With all the burger shops opening all over the Metro, ranging from affordable to really pricey, it’s good to know that there’s one place you can easily go to when you need a burger fix – a place familiar and you know won’t disappoint. I’m talking about Burger King.

Burger King BK Stacks

Burger King was our go-to place for burgers from way back and so we trust them to always deliver, with their 100% flame-grilled beef burgers. Ken and I always order Burger King’s Whopper. When they came out over a month ago with the BK Stacks burgers, we just had to go and try it. They also sent us gift certificates, which was perfect timing. 😉

Burger King BK Stacks - choose your burger

When you order the BK Stacks, you have the option to pick how many patties you want – 1, 2, 3 or 4. Obviously, Ken was more than willing to take on the 4-patty King Stacks burger, I got the next one in line – the Chief with 3 patties. Our nanay wanted the Chief, but she went for the next best thing – 2 patties, the Boss. 😀 We took home the Dude with 1 patty.

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McDonald’s McSpicy, Big N Tasty, and Black and White Burgers

We have yet to blog about so many things we’ve enjoyed the past year, and it was only now that McDonald’s launched a new burger – the McSpicy Chicken Burger – that I finally got to writing about how much we love their Big N’ Tasty, which was launched a year ago.

McDonald's McSpicy Chicken Burger[2]

For years, there has only been one fast food chain that delivers 24/7 to our area here in Malabon City – the McDonald’s branch in Concepcion (google-map it!). Though this is mainly the reason why I’ve collected a stash of ketchup sachets from McDo (no shame), they have been our go-to place for midnight snacks. And since I work at night and the stress from my job makes me want to eat past 12 midnight, I can no longer count how many times we’ve had food from McDo delivered here. They don’t even call or verify anymore and the delivery guys already know us. 😀

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Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child!

Julia Child in her kitchen

Today, August 15, 2012, marks the 100th birthday of Julia Child, the iconic American chef who changed the world of gastronomy through her amazing talent and passion for cooking – oh, and not to mention her personality! How Americans eat and cook at home was never the same because of her as she brought the intimidating art of French cooking to the USA. She may have passed away years ago, but her legacy will continue to nourish future food lovers.

Julia Child is known for her larger than life personalityFor us here in the Philippines, some may say that she hardly had any influence on how we Filipinos eat or cook. We have our own ways of cooking that can be traced back hundreds of years. We have always loved cooking and eating at home, and most of the influences in our culinary world are from the Spaniards (Europeans) and our neighbors here in Asia. However, with our ever-growing curiosity in tasting what the world has to offer, we, in many ways, have been touched by Julia Child.

I’m sure many of the chefs and culinary experts here in the country are very familiar with Julia Child. Her techniques, her recipes and her cooking tips will continue on for generations to come, I’m certain of that. When you slather on mayonnaise on your favorite bread or dish, or when you prepare and eat an omelette (or omelet), in a way, Julia has been a part of making all those possible to do in our very own homes.


How Julia Child Influenced Us

We may be thousands of miles away from France and America where Julia Child has been a household name, but through the internet and all the technology we enjoy now, she has touched our lives too.

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Dillingers 1903 Steak Brew RestoBar in Greenbelt 3

A few weeks ago, my nanay and I went out for our much-needed mother-daughter date. I had four vouchers bought from CashCashPinoy for 52% off on food and drinks from Dillingers 1903 Steak Brew restobar in Greenbelt 3. After hours of pampering from rO2 Beauty and Wellness Center, we were starving so we headed straight to the restaurant.

Dillingers 1903 Steak Brew in Greenbelt 3

Upon our arrival on the third floor of Greenbelt 3, we immediately saw Dillingers 1903. Okay, I asked a guard for the exact location. 😀 It was beside Red Box. And as soon as we got there, I couldn’t help but admire the design of the outside of the restaurant.

The wooden doors, the brick wall, the mix of hues of black, gold and gray, and the wide glass windows are reminiscent of something you’d see in a mafia movie. So, let’s go inside…

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T.G.I. Friday’s in Eastwood City

Most of us look forward to Friday. It’s the end of a busy week and, at the same time, the start of a well-deserved weekend for all those who hustle and bustle at school or at work. It’s the ultimate day for relaxation and enjoyment. But, guess what, we don’t really need to wait for Friday just to have fun. With T.G.I. Friday’s infectious energy and with their excellent food and customer service, everyone would feel like it’s Friday every single day of the week!

T.G.I. Friday's Sign -

After more than 15 years since setting up their first in 1994, T.G.I. Friday’s opens a new branch in Eastwood City, Libis. This is their 13th and now considered as their new flagship branch since it’s the location where the brand has decided to implement major changes in architectural and interior design. It is the first free-standing Friday’s branch. All of the other branches, as we all have known, are located in major shopping malls around the Metro.

T.G.I. Friday's Facade -

From outside, the facade looks bright and very inviting. They have replaced the old canopies and awnings with movie theater-like sheds, giving the place a more modern feel. Almost everyone who comes to Friday’s has their own camera, and surely they wouldn’t be able to resist having their pictures taken with these life-size models of Superman; the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley; and the iconic, Marilyn Monroe.

T.G.I. Friday's Superman, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley -

Friday’s is known for having an “artistic clutter” of memorabilia from decades as early as the ‘30s. Now they have decided to move forward in time by including pieces from later decades like the ‘80s, ‘90s, and even from the new millennium.

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