Cronuts from Le Coeur de France, Krispy Kreme and Anybody Coffee

We were supposed to scour the Metro to find out which local cronut version is the best. However, after having a taste of 4 different cronut knockoffs, we finally called it quits. 😀 Though we’ve had one very yummy croughnut experience (Dolcelatte), we think we need more variety on the pastries we eat.

Local cronuts from Krispy Kreme, Le Coeur de France and Anybody Coffee

So, we decided to put all the other 3 local cronuts we’ve tried into just one post. Behold Le Coeur de France Croughnuts, Krispy Kreme Krispy Kroissant and Anybody Coffee Cronutz.

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Recipe: Chocolate Lava Cake aka Molten Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake (a.k.a. Molten Chocolate Cake) is a common dessert in fine dining restaurants and hotels, and that’s the reason why people think it’s very hard and expensive to make. But surprisingly, it’s completely the opposite. It’s so easy that you can make it in 15 minutes. 🙂

Chocolate sauce oozing from the Chocolate Lava Cake

The only ingredient that may be considered costly are the dark chocolate chips. We used Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate that we got for Php 180. Believe me, you won’t even regret having spent that much once you get your first spoonful of the chocolate lava cake. 😉

Hershey's semi-sweet chocolate chips

We’re sure you’ll love this recipe for Chocolate Lava Cake. We highly recommend you serve this with vanilla ice cream to make the whole experience complete. The warm, oozing decadence from the molten chocolate cake is best enjoyed with ice cream, trust me. 🙂


Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe (a.k.a. Molten Chocolate Cake)

Oozing with chocolate goodness - molten chocolate cake recipe

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WAFU Greenhills Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet

Over a week ago, Ken and I were invited to a 12-course sit-down Teppanyaki Omakase buffet at WAFU in Greenhills. They’re a Japanese restaurant nestled right in front of the Greenhills Shopping Center. Since Ken has been craving for Japanese food for quite some time now, we accepted the invite right away.

Wafu Japanese restaurant at Greenhills Shopping Center

I initially chuckled when I read the name of the restaurant. 😀 After Googling about it, I learned “Wafu” means, literally, “Japanese style“. I’ve had my fair share of Japanese food, particularly tempura, tonkatsu, sushi and sashimi, but I’m pretty sure there’s a ton more for us to know about their cuisine and their culture – which we’re hoping to continue learning through this blog. 🙂

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Get Your Cookie Butter Fix from Joe and Cherry

2013 is the year when a ton of tasty goodies from abroad, specifically the US, made it to the Philippines and became more accessible to us foodies here. Thanks to the number of online sellers who made it all possible. The thing is, there are just too many of them out there that first time buyers often think twice about who they should order from. Well, we’re here to help – our cookie butter fix will now be coming from Joe & Cherry. 🙂

Cookie Butter addiction

Joe & Cherry is a partnership between two sisters – one who’s living in the US and another living here in Manila. They started their business just this March when they saw the opportunity to bring the most sought-after food products from the US to us here in the PH. They wanted to keep the prices as affordable as they can so more Pinoys can get a taste of some of the yummiest treats that are sadly not readily available here. And this all happened through their Facebook page.

Joe and Cherry's online store on Facebook

If you’re wondering who Joe is, I was told they got it from Trader Joe’s. 😛

Since I badly needed to find out why there’s such a high demand for Biscoff and Speculoos cookie butter spreads, back in April, I went online to check the sellers who offer them. I browsed fellow foodies’ social media posts and blogs, including their online reviews of various online sellers here, and most of my close blogger friends were buying from Joe & Cherry.

When I checked their prices and compared with other sellers’, I was immediately convinced I should buy from them. So, before my first bottles of Biscoff cookie butter (bought from somewhere else) were depleted, I sent my order form and, just to make sure, I also sent them a message. The transaction was pretty smooth, though I had to patiently wait, just like the rest of their foodie customers.

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