Discover Adventure at Farmers Market Day Tour

For over 40 years, Farmers Market, a landmark at the Araneta Center, has been distinguished as an unparalleled source of fresh meat, seafood, and produce in Metro Manila.  Now they’re setting the bar even higher as they officially launch the Farmers Market Day Tour, a major first in the history of the Philippine market.

Farmers Market Facade at the Araneta Center Cubao


Farmers Market Day Tour 

Farmers Market holds its first Farmers Market Day Tour, in participation to the gastronomic feast, “Flavors of the Philippines,” by the Department of Tourism for the whole month of April. This project aims to transform our old and boring market day into a fun and interactive adventure, where you get to discover new things and experience Farmers Market anew.

Farmers Market Day Tour Map


Farmers Market for Madrid Fusion

On April 23, Farmers Market will be welcoming the elite chefs featured on Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 - the most anticipated event of the year that will bring together renowned chefs from Spain and the Philippines in a single culinary stage.

Madrid Fusion Manila 2015

I consider myself fortunate for being invited, together with some select local bloggers, to be the very first people to experience the Farmers Market Day Tour before the arrival of the participating chefs and international press for Madrid Fusion. And as an avid fan of local beauty pageants, I was even more delighted to find out that our tour guides will be none other than Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2015) and Hannah Ruth Sison (Binibining Pilipinas First Runner-Up).

Binibining Pilipinas 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and Hannah Ruth Sison for Araneta Center

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The Maya Kitchen Baking Class with The Burp Society

After our dinner at Van Gogh is Bipolar, we thought it’ll be fun to organize a different kind of activity for the next The Burp Society meet-up. Thankfully, The Maya Kitchen gladly helped us organize a baking class for our group, which turned out to be a completely fun and learning experience for all of us.

The Burp Society and Ms Rory at The Maya Kitchen

Ken’s an excellent pastry chef, which has inspired me to want to learn how to bake. So, I thought it’ll be a great idea to hold a baking class exclusively for The Burp Society. And, almost immediately, I thought about The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center.

Maya Kitchen display of products

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Maya, the brand well-known and trusted for decades by us Filipinos because of the quality of their products. You’ve probably prepared pancakes, brownies, cakes, cookies or even champorado at home with ease because of Maya’s mixes. But, did you know they have been helping out entrepreneurs and home bakers and cooks for years now through the classes they hold at The Maya Kitchen? You can learn more about this through their website:

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Is a Culinary Degree Necessary to Become a Successful Chef?

If you’ve been following our food blog for sometime now, you are well aware that Ken graduated from Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy. Since we wrote about them, we have received many inquiries about the kind of training they provide and if it’s well worth it.

With the way our food and beverage industry here in the Philippines is progressing today, it’s no longer a surprise that many of our youth and even adults are interested in pursuing a culinary career. But, does one really need a formal culinary arts education to become a successful chef?

One may argue that with many successful entrepreneurs, you only need guts, creativity and capital to start your own food business. We completely agree. However, if you are dreaming of taking on a job as a chef at any of the hotels and restaurants here in the country and abroad, a culinary arts education is a must.

Unless you have established yourself as a talented cook (yes, because chefs are professional cooks) without any culinary degree beforehand, your chance of being hired by renowned hotels and restaurants is not as immense as those who did go to culinary schools. Those who are doing the hiring are looking for individuals who received proper training in working the line and/or running a kitchen.

Soft Rolls and Pull Aparts, Single, Double and Figure 8 knots -

Ken was successfully hired by one of the hotels here in the Philippines. He has learned a lot from his culinary education at GCHA (which he has yet to write about), and combined with his creativity and precise skills, he has become an asset in their kitchen. A sister couldn’t be any prouder. 🙂

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Chocolate Lover : A Baking and Confectionery Store

There are many things I’m currently enjoying about Ken being in culinary school. First, of course, is everything he bakes or cooks at home so he can practice or prepare for an upcoming test or lab activity in school. I especially loved these cream puffs and éclairs he made for our birthday celebration weeks ago. Everyone loved them! 🙂

Eclairs and Cream Puffs Ken baked for our birthday party

Secondly is shopping with him for ingredients and tools he’ll need at home. One of our favorite stores now is Chocolate Lover in P. Tuazon in Cubao, Quezon City.

Chocolate Lover - a store for your baking, confectionery and packaging needs

If you’ve passed through their area in QC, we bet you saw the eye-catching design of their building. I mean, seriously. How can you miss this castle?

The Chocolate Lover castle store in Cubao, Quezon City

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Tupperware Speedy Chopper : Making Home-Cooked Meals Less of a Hassle

I love cooking. Ever since I was 10 years old, I’ve loved staying in the kitchen, whether it’s to enjoy a meal or prepare something for myself or my family and friends. But, because of my very hectic schedules online and offline, I’ve left all the cooking to my bro Ken and our nanay. Thank goodness I found out about the all-new Tupperware Speedy Chopper.

Tupperware Speedy Chopper

Over a week ago, Ken and I were invited by Tupperware to take a Kitchen Discovery Class at Center for Culinary Arts Oceana at SM Mall of Asia. Of course, we gladly accepted mainly because Tupperware is a brand we believe in. We have Tupperware dinnerware and containers that have been with us for over 2 decades now. They make reliable and durable products that are made to last. 🙂

So, when we learned that they’re launching a new kitchen tool that should help prepping be less time-consuming, we knew we had to get our hands on it to try how it works.

Melody Yap, the brand manager of Tupperware Philippines, first showed us how it works. It’s so easy to use. Put in the ingredients you want to grind or chop finely in the container. Then, close it with the very sharp blades and start pulling on the cord to spin the three (3) blades inside. These blades, they claim, can equal 288 knife strokes in just 15 seconds. So we were all very excited to give it a try.

These very sharp blades can give you 288 knife strokes in 15 seconds

Tupperware enrolled us in the Kitchen Discovery Class in CCA and it started with 3 renowned female chefs (Yayyy! Girl power!) showing us how great the Speedy Chopper is in making your life easier in the kitchen.  They were all very delightful so we enjoyed watching them prepare these delicious dishes, Oh, and they used other Tupperware kitchen tools during the whole demo. 🙂

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Kens Culinary Journey in Photos

If you’ve been following our blog, you’d know that my bro Kenneth already started culinary school at Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy last July 12th. We promised to share his progress in his culinary journey towards becoming a full-fledged chef so here we go.

This blog will serve as his journal where you can follow him towards fulfilling his culinary dreams. For now, we’d like to share some photos of his baked creations. They’re currently in the baking and pastry phase and I’m amazed at his progress. He’s competitive in nature so I know he’ll always aim for excellence. Mana sa ate *ehem* (Stage sister :D).

Soft Rolls and Pull Aparts, Single, Double and Figure 8 knots - CertifiedFoodies.comSoft Rolls and Pull Aparts, Single, Double and Figure 8 knots

Cinnamon Raisin Bread - CertifiedFoodies.comCinnamon Raisin Bread

Everything they prepare, they take home so we got to try almost everything he learned to prepare in school. Yum! 😀

We have posted a photo album on our Facebook page where we’ll be posting what he’s learned to make in culinary school. You can follow this “photo blog” too.

Ken's Photo Blog on his Culinary Journey -

Stay tuned for posts from him about his culinary journey. We promise more recipes and tips here so keep posted, friends. Plus, we might have giveaways where the prizes would be his own creations or an intimate dinner with all the dishes prepared by us. 🙂


For the Love of Learning & FoodFoodie Blog Post by Mhel / blankPixels -

Start Your Culinary Dreams at Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy

I dream to be a full-fledged chef someday soon - CertifiedFoodies.comAfter I came back from my “short vacation” in Singapore, I was determined to pursue my passion in cooking. And with a little badgering help from my ever-supportive sister, Mhel, we were able to convince my Nanay to finance my culinary education.

I scoured the internet in search of the best culinary schools in the Philippines, but making sure to prioritize affordability and quality of education above all other criteria. I was able to narrow down my choices between two schools. There is one institute offering a concise culinary program that lasts for a short period of 7 months (4 months of lecture and 3 months of OJT), which grants students who successfully finish the course with only a Certificate in Professional Culinary Arts. While my other choice, Global Culinary & Hospitality Academy, for almost the same price, is proud to offer a program considered a major first in the culinary industry – the Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts.

To be honest, it wasn’t a tough decision to make at all. Global Academy surely had this one in the bag!

Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy -

My Nanay and I went to Global Academy’s Timog branch, which was most convenient for it’s nearest to our place. There we met their very accommodating marketing team, who gave us a short tour of their facilities, explained to us in detail the various programs they offer, and informed us of what my Nanay was dying to ask from the moment we got there – payment plans.

Global Culinary & Hospitality Academy boasts of their affordable TESDA-accredited programs for Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts, Certificate in Professional Baking & Pastry Arts, and their Grand Diploma Program that I mentioned earlier. And for those who prefer a more fast-paced and concise course, Global Academy also provides Fast-Track Programs for either Culinary Arts or the Grand Diploma Program.


Since it’s my goal to learn and experience as much as I can to master the art of cooking, I thought it’s only proper to enroll in the Grand Diploma Program. It’s a combination of the two courses, Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Art, which ensures graduates of the program a better edge in landing a job here and abroad, especially now that employers prefer having well-rounded people skilled at performing multiple functions in the kitchen. And the tuition fee for the Grand Diploma Program is definitely a good deal, since it would cost much, much more if the two courses were taken separately.

Open House at Global Academy's Pasig campus - CertifiedFoodies.comMoving forward, as part of the admission process, I was required to take a short exam, followed by a one-on-one interview with their marketing representative. Our conversation got really interesting when I mentioned that my sister and I share a food blog where we write about our food adventures and discoveries. The representative was quick to inform me that their Pasig Branch has moved to a new and bigger location and that they are planning to host a Blogger Event to showcase the branch’s new facilities. No date has been set yet for the event, so she promised to update us as soon as everything has been settled.

Sure enough, we received an invite for Global Academy’s Pasig Branch Open House Event, scheduled June 8, 2011. We opted to attend the second batch at 2:00PM because the first was set too early (for us anyway) at 9:00AM. The new Pasig Branch is located at the 4th Floor of Millennium Place,Meralco Ave. and Sapphire Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. It’s a couple of buildings away from Robinson’s Galleria or just a short jeepney-ride if you’re coming from EDSA.

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