Deviled Eggs Recipe by Certified Foodies

(This Deviled Eggs Recipe and article was written by past contributor Mai)

Deviled Eggs - Certified Foodies

Food with a kick from ingredients like Dijon mustard, hot sauce, cayenne pepper or chopped hot peppers is considered deviled.

Who started this concept of Deviled Eggs? The sons of William Underwood, who owned a food company most famous for their Underwood Deviled Ham. They introduced a product line of seasoned meat products including ham, turkey, chicken, lobster, and tongue. They called the seasoning process “deviling“.

Last week, I craved for some eggs but I’m already tired of eggs cooked in regular/normal ways. So, I made Deviled Eggs since I have all the ingredients I need.

Eggs - Deviled Eggs Recipe - Certified Foodies

Here’s a very simple and basic recipe of Deviled Eggs that you can try making at home:

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How to Make Bento – Foodie Video Hunt

Have you heard of Cooking with Dog? It’s a popular cooking show on Youtube. The host is, well, a dog named Francis. No, he’s not the one who’s actually cooking, silly. He’s just hosting (for viral purposes). Chef San is the lady who does all the preparations and cooking.

Cooking with Dog - Certified Foodies

Their videos are guides on how you prepare popular Japanese dishes like Futomaki Sushi, Chicken Curry Udon, etc. Chef San is a highly skilled Japanese cook so you’d definitely love their cooking videos.

Here’s one of them, preparing a Bento or Japanese Boxed Lunch:

I love the sausage octopus! Can you imagine opening up your lunch box and finding this?


Cooking with Dog‘s guide on making Bento is so easy to follow. I’m planning on making one since I still have leftover Nori from the last time I made Sushi. I’ll share the photos here when I’ve done it.

How about you? Have you made your own Bento already?
Care to share a link or photo of it here?! We’d love to see it!

Here are a couple more videos from Cooking with Dog that are most viewed on Youtube.

How to Make Onigiri


How to Make Yakibuta Ramen


You can join Cooking with Dog’s Facebook page or subscribe to their Youtube channel.