Shepherds Pie Inspired Cottage Pie : Recipe + Photos

Michelle and I love comfort food. Ever since I found out about Shepherd’s Pie while watching our favorite foodie TV shows, I’ve been dying to make it myself. Shepherd's Pie turned Cottage Pie on a Plate - I’ve watched Chef Gordon Ramsay‘s version of making Shepherd’s Pie on Youtube and he actually made it very easy (the video after the jump). Shepherd’s Pie is actually made of minced lamb. And since lamb is rarely available and usually expensive here in the Philippines, I tried using beef mince for this recipe I’ll be sharing today. So, technically I made a Cottage Pie. Both Cottage and Shepherd’s Pies don’t have bottom pastry crusts unlike standard pies. They are actually traditionally made with leftover roast meat, but, are now often made with ground meat, mostly beef or lamb, and topped with mashed potato. Continue reading Shepherds Pie Inspired Cottage Pie : Recipe + Photos

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce Recipe

(The article and recipe are from one of our past contributors – Mai)

I’ve had this craving for Vietnamese Spring Rolls like forever. The only place I know that serves it is a restaurant in Trinoma in Quezon City. We haven’t had time to go there again so I decided to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls myself at home.

Vietnamese Spring Roll with Garlic Peanut Butter Sauce -

Here’s a simple recipe of Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Butter Sauce that you can easily make at home. Some of you might not be comfortable using peanut butter for a dip or sauce, but, it’s actually good.

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Quick Lunch at Tokyo Cafe + Mall of Asia Branch Review

Quick Lunch at Tokyo Cafe in SM Mall of Asia -

Last Wednesday, Mai and I went out for our planned “movie date”. We watched Inception and Salt on the same day and I can say that I enjoyed both movies. Anyway, this post isn’t about those 2 movies, but, about where we had lunch. *grin*

The night before, Mai and I discussed (read: check menus, prices, etc) and decided on what new restaurant we’re going to try next. We found Tokyo Café‘s website and was immediately fascinated by the wide variety of dishes they have on their menu. Just look at these!

Note: This is just a part of their menu. If you want to check out all of it, please go to their website.

Tokyo Cafe menu 1 - Tokyo Cafe menu 2 -
Tokyo Cafe menu 3 - Tokyo Cafe menu 4 -


Mai and I were actually planning on ordering a light meal before we watch our first movie, but, we were really hungry by the time we arrived at MOA. So, we decided to order lunch instead.

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