Sauce-Less Mrs Hudsons Pizza from Yellow Cab

One of my ultimate comfort food has got to be pizza. The truth is, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love pizza. And what I enjoy most about it, especially with a brother who prepares a kick-ass thin-crust pizza (recipe here soon!), is you can be all sorts of creative with what you put on top. So when Yellow Cab Pizza delivered a big box of their new creation – Mrs. Hudson’s Pizza – I couldn’t wait to take my first big bite. 😉

Yellow Cab's Mrs. Hudson's Pizza

Mrs. Hudson’s Pizza is Yellow Cab’s first ever sauce-less pizza. YES, you read that right – sauce-less. It doesn’t have the usual pizza sauce we all love, but all the premium ingredients it’s topped with totally makes up for it.

Yellow Cab Pizza is proud to announce this limited-edition pizza that is Italian-inspired, with toppings of prosciutto or Parma ham, which are thinly sliced dry-cured uncooked ham. The name Mrs. Hudson is not of any Italian influence, but it’s with reference to the historic Hudson River in New York City and Sherlock Holmes‘ landlady Mrs. Hudson. So, it’s a mashup of Italy and New York. 🙂

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Jollibee Amazing Aloha Burger is BACK!

Jollibee listened! The Amazing Aloha Burger is BACK!! Today, I was one of the few lucky foodies who got a chance to have a taste of this oh-so tasty burger for the first time for (what seemed like forever) almost 4 years! Yummmm!! 🙂

Jollibee's Amazing Aloha Burger is BACK for real!

Can you feel my excitement?!?! 😀 Too bad Ken didn’t get a chance to join me earlier, but he’s got plenty of time since the Jollibee Amazing Aloha Burger will be available starting tomorrow, May 15th, NATIONWIDE for a limited time only. We don’t know when they’ll decide to take this out of their menu so make sure you get a taste (or plural) of the burger.

Jollibee Amazing Aloha Burger - We missed you!

Ken and I had this feeling that Jollibee will be bringing the Amazing Aloha burger back after the widely popular episode on CNN’s Parts Unknown where Anthony Bourdain enjoyed a taste of this unique burger. Glad Jollibee heeded our call! 😉

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Giveaway Alert: Win Tickets to The King and I from Kit Kat!

If there’s one valuable lesson we learned from studying and working hard all our lives, especially the past few months, it would have to be the importance of taking breaks. It’s not only good for your body, but taking even a 15-minute break from work, studying or whatever you’re doing is vital for your mental and emotional health. This is why we’re joining Kit Kat’s The Break Movement. We believe in the BREAK and you should too!

Kit Kat

A simple 15-minute break can make all the difference to your productivity, trust me! We know you’ve had your own Kit Kat break moments where you enjoyed the crunchy and chocolatey delight of these Kit Kat bars. It’s a simple yet comforting piece of heaven. 😉 We can’t wait to try all their flavors! 🙂
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To Jollibee : Bring Back the Amazing Aloha Burger!!

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – food has drawn my brother and I closer throughout the years. It’s not just because of the flavors or the pleasant aroma in our kitchen brought about by our nanay’s cooking. It’s because of sharing. We’ve always believed food is meant to be enjoyed with others, as what our nanay instilled in us when we were growing up.

Aside from sharing, we believe that food has been a big part of some of our most memorable moments as siblings. I can count with my fingers the number of food or dishes that trigger such happy memories. One of them is definitely Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha Burger.

Jollibee Amazing Aloha Burger

I remember clearly, the Amazing Aloha Burger was one of the few splurges Ken and I allow ourselves to indulge in when we feel like celebrating or when we finally find time to spend a relaxing weekend at home. It’s just so uniquely good that we regard it as something to be enjoyed on special days. 🙂

You might think the addition of the pineapple to the combination of pure beef patties, bacon, cheese and lettuce is too simple, but we beg to disagree. It was even featured on Bloomberg Business Week as one of the world’s most original burgers. It’s one of the tastiest food combinations we’ve had in our lifetime and that’s why we’re soooo craving for it! 😀

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UPDATED: 2013 Mothers Day Specials and Promos

If you’ve been following our food blog, you know how much our nanay means to us. That’s why Mother’s Day is quite important though we believe she deserves to be honored every day. 🙂 If you’re looking for a place to celebrate with your dear mom, here are some Mother’s Day specials and promos for you foodies.


While checking out Mother’s Day promos for various restaurants, I was quite surprised that not many are offering anything special compared to last year. Well, we think we can celebrate with our moms anywhere, but it’s worth knowing these promos just in case you happen to be looking for a more specific Mother’s Day offering. 🙂

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7-Election Campaign by 7-Eleven : Until May 6th Only!

I remember back in 2010, during the presidential elections, 7-Eleven launched an unofficial yet fun voting campaign through specially-designed Gulp® cups. I participated then so when I found out they’re doing it again, I wanted to join in too.

2013 7-Election Campaign Gulp cups

This time around, the 7-Election campaign is focused on the senatorial coalitions. Instead of voting individually, customers can choose from three (3) Gulp® cups with designs representing Team PNoy, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) and the independent candidates and smaller parties.

Since the voting is not for a specific candidate but for his or her whole party, I had a difficult time choosing a cup. As much as I’d like to share my political views here, I know this food blog is not the proper forum so I’d rather just invite you to participate as you still have time. 😉

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Mezza Norte Now at Trinoma!

Probably the best foodie news we received this past month was this: Mezza Norte has moved to Trinoma in Quezon City! Finally, a food market that’s closer to our home! 🙂

Mezza Norte - The Mercato of the North

Dubbed as the Mercato Centrale of the North, Mezza Norte is finally opening this Friday, May 3rd, at the Trinoma Mindanao Open Parking Lot. Starting this week, they’ll be open from 4pm to 3am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Woot! 🙂

Mezza Norte schedule -  night market in Quezon City

We can’t wait to find out the food purveyors who’ll be selling their yummy goodies at Mezza Norte. It’s a night market so foodies who are living or working at night in QC, particularly those from West Ave and even those around Munoz, will be happy about this. If you’re looking for a place to go at night, finally, we know where to go when we’re craving for some tasty snacks. 🙂

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Is a Culinary Degree Necessary to Become a Successful Chef?

If you’ve been following our food blog for sometime now, you are well aware that Ken graduated from Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy. Since we wrote about them, we have received many inquiries about the kind of training they provide and if it’s well worth it.

With the way our food and beverage industry here in the Philippines is progressing today, it’s no longer a surprise that many of our youth and even adults are interested in pursuing a culinary career. But, does one really need a formal culinary arts education to become a successful chef?

One may argue that with many successful entrepreneurs, you only need guts, creativity and capital to start your own food business. We completely agree. However, if you are dreaming of taking on a job as a chef at any of the hotels and restaurants here in the country and abroad, a culinary arts education is a must.

Unless you have established yourself as a talented cook (yes, because chefs are professional cooks) without any culinary degree beforehand, your chance of being hired by renowned hotels and restaurants is not as immense as those who did go to culinary schools. Those who are doing the hiring are looking for individuals who received proper training in working the line and/or running a kitchen.

Soft Rolls and Pull Aparts, Single, Double and Figure 8 knots -

Ken was successfully hired by one of the hotels here in the Philippines. He has learned a lot from his culinary education at GCHA (which he has yet to write about), and combined with his creativity and precise skills, he has become an asset in their kitchen. A sister couldn’t be any prouder. 🙂

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