OZEN Japanese Food Haven in Malabon Serves the Best Takoyaki We’ve Ever Had!

There’s this small Japanese hole-in-the-wall food stop near our house that we usually see jam-packed with customers at night. We really had no plans at all of trying the place, since we’ve had authentic Japanese fare from topnotch restaurants and hotels in Manila (Yabang naman! 😀 ) and we’re quite sure that the place will be nothing less than a disappointment. But it was until we met a fellow foodie who raved about how awesome their Takoyaki was that we finally decided to pay OZEN Japanese Food in Malabon a visit.

OZEN Japanese Food - hole-in-the-wall food haven in Malabon City

Our first try was a total disaster, service-wise. They had 3 groups of families that were dining in, so we had to wait over an hour to finally get our food. We ordered three sets of Takoyaki — two to-go and one for dining in because we wanted to take a quality photo of their Takoyaki for the blog. I didn’t get my hopes up, since my first encounter with a mall-bought Takoyaki was totally unremarkable.

You can order your Takoyaki for takeout too

I picked up a piece and took a small bite. My eyes widened in amazement, and from then I knew that it’s the best Takoyaki I’ve ever had my whole life! Well, I exaggerated a bit there. 😀 It took us a couple of balls to finally establish how delicious their Takoyaki was. It was so good that we came back the next day – in the afternoon this time – so we didn’t have to battle a crowd of patrons to get our food.

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Live Without Regrets with Metrobank’s Prepaid Card!

Ever since Ken and I started working online, we have enjoyed all the perks of staying at home for work. So we are all for convenience nowadays, especially when we go out to shop or on a food trip. As much as possible, we avoid long lines at the ATM. That’s why it was definitely good news to hear about the all-new Metrobank Prepaid Card.

Metrobank Prepaid Card - Mastercard

Imagine enjoying all the advantages of a debit card and the perks of a credit card, but with more security and safer features, plus a more convenient application process. That’s what the Metrobank Prepaid Card is all about. Oh, and it’s a MasterCard! So you can use this even when you prefer online shopping.

We were invited to the launch of the prepaid card at Vyne restaurant (of Hyve) at BGC, which also happens to be a partner merchant. There, we learned more about the features of the Metrobank Prepaid Card that we know you’ll all be excited about. First, let us tell you about our experience using the card.

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Show Off Your Personality with WeChat Stickers!

Malacanang Frozen Souffle from Casa RocesI’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I LOVE using emoticons or smileys when I’m writing. Some of my friends might even say I can’t finish a sentence without an emoticon when I’m chatting with them. Since most of my communication now is done online because of the nature of my work and what I do on the side, I want to make sure I send my messages and emotions across through these smileys. 😉 And I love that there always seems to be an emoticon that can convey what I’m feeling at a specific moment. I think smileys lessen the chances of you being misunderstood by the recipient of your messages, don’t you agree? 🙂

Whenever I’m writing a review or a feature about a restaurant or a product that I’ve tried, may it be just recently or sometime in the past few months (or years 😀 ), not only do I remember the flavors that I experienced, but everything I felt at that very instance when I took my first bite or spoonful. For instance, I’m reminded of the delightful sensation I got when I first tasted the zesty tartness of the Malacañang Frozen Souffle (lemon custard with dark chcoolate, pistachio and lemon lavender sauce) from Casa Roces, which made me smile in pure happiness while I exclaimed, “Ang sarapppp!”. 😀 So when I finally write about this restaurant, you can be sure there’ll be a whole bunch of smileys on there to show you how giddy I was about their food and ambiance. 🙂

I don’t think I can go a day chatting or writing (even on my personal journal) without using even one smiley or emoticon. That’s why I’m easily amused by the amount of smileys available in the many apps we use nowadays, just like on WeChat. Check out the smileys below and you might find that you have the same WeChat sticker personality as Iya, Drew or Vice Ganda.

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Oishi Smart C+ : a Refreshing Daily Dose of Vitamin C

With the bipolar weather we’ve been experiencing lately, it’s easy to get sick, especially when you’re like Ken and I who work nights. That’s why we never fail to supplement our diets with food and drinks rich in iron and Vitamin C like fresh fruits and citrus juices. One of our recent favorites is Oishi Smart C+.

Oishi Smart C  contains 500mg of Vitamin C

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Spending Valentine’s Day + WeChat Valentine’s Day Promo!

Mhel and Ken Ignacio of CertifiedFoodies.comIn case you don’t know yet, Ken and I are siblings. We are almost always mistaken as husband and wife, barkada or boyfriend-girlfriend. That’s a compliment to me since I’m 7 years older. Can you believe it?! 😛 I guess it’s because of how close we are and how we joke around when we’re together which give people the impression that we’re not siblings, or that I’m not his ate. We also like taking vanity photos together, so we fully understand why people would think I’m not his older sister.

Anyway, the point of telling you that is I wanted to get it out there that we’re both single. We chose to be and we strongly believe that we don’t need to have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day. What we usually do is celebrate this day with our nanay who means the WORLD to us. I guess that’s why we never really make a big deal out of being single on Valentine’s Day because we get to spend it with people we truly love and care about.

So if you’re single too, don’t fret. There are many ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Spend the day with your family and friends who have no plans for tomorrow. I bet you’ll have just as much fun as everyone else. 🙂

And speaking of having fun this Heart’s day, how would you like to win an awesome prize by simply professing your love to your significant other, or by showing the world who or what makes you happy this Valentine’s day? We found this Valentine’s Day giveaway from WeChat, the hottest mobile social communications app to-date.

WeChat is giving away an iPad Air (woot!) this Valentine’s Day in their Facebook promo, “A Photo with My Valentine“. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, you can still join since your entry can be about your significant other, a family member or even your pet! Check out the details below and good luck! 🙂

WeChat - A Photo with my Valentine Facebook promo

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Casinos with Good Restaurants

If you have never visited an actual casino before then the first time you really do it will be a great shock to you just how lively and exciting the places really are, as you walk in the atmosphere will overcome you and you will notice all the happy people enjoying their games and hopefully winning some money. This is not the only thing they can do at a casino. Most people seem to think a casino meal means playing at a casino online with a takeaway. If you’re visiting a world-famous casino, often times there will be a restaurant that is just as good as the casino itself.

Dining at casinos

The Venetian casino in Las Vegas is a great example of this as, not only does it have won great restaurant, it actually has two and both are highly recommended by everybody who visits them. The first of the two restaurants is an Italian restaurant that goes by the name of Valentino and offers the most authentic Italian food possible without being in actual Italy. No matter what you like from the Italian palette, they will surely serve it and along with this they also have an award-winning wine cellar so you can match each dish perfectly with a wine to top the whole experience. The second restaurant within the Venetian casino is a Tex-Mex restaurant called Star Canyon. What makes this restaurant so special is that the usual peasant food of Tex-Mex has been changed into a gourmet experience for everybody to enjoy unlike anywhere else in the world.

The Venetian in Las Vegas

Far away in the world of Europe there are many casinos however probably the most famous one is the Casino de Montecarlo in Monaco. This casino also has a world-famous restaurant in it named Les Privés, and here you can get incredible quality food while having a view of the entire bay to enjoy while you eat.

Casino de Montecarlo in Monaco

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Villa del Conte’s Box of Chocolates

I’m not a big fan of flowers. So, when I think of Valentine’s day, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the perfect romantic gift is a box of exquisite chocolates. 😉 And if you’re thinking of sending some AMORE (Italian for “love”) to your special someone this Heart’s day, here’s a sure-fire hit: a box of Villa del Conte’s chocolates.

Villa del Conte - Amore - box of chocolates for Valentine's Day

Villa del Conte is an Italian artisanal chocolate shop well-known for their expertise in the creation of the finest cioccolato (Italian for chocolate) using handpicked cacao beans and premium quality ingredients. You might have heard of them already as they have shops all over Metro Manila. They’ve been in the art of making chocolates for 81 years, and so our expectations were high when we received this gorgeous box of their chocolates.

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