Sushi Master: Authentic Japanese Food in Malabon City

Whenever Mhel and I are badly craving for some quality Japanese food, Malabon City has never been the first place that comes to our minds. But all that has changed when we’ve finally discovered the newly opened Sushi Master right at our hometown.

Facade of Sushi Master Restaurant in Malabon City

Sushi Master, which opened June of 2015, stands along what I call the “foodie avenue” of Malabon City, where big-name food businesses like Nanay’s Pancit Malabon and Dolor’s Kakanin are also strategically located. The restaurant is jointly owned by the foodie couple Nolenz Evanglista and Emily Panganiban. Nolenz has worked in Japan for a few years, so he has first-hand knowledge of the flair and flavor of authentic Japanese cuisine.

They have been inviting us to visit their restaurant even before they have first opened their doors. One long weekend in August, we finally gave in to their request, and now we’ll tell you how our dining experience went.

For our drinks, we ordered a glass each of their Iced Tea, Pink Lemonade, and Mango Shake. Their Pink Lemonade (Php 50) has the right balance of sour and sweet that I particularly loved, while the Iced Tea (Php 30) was not too sweet or bland. It was a cold day but it didn’t stop our Nanay from enjoying their perfectly refreshing Mango Shake (Php 75).
Beverages at Sushi Master Japanese Restaurant in Malabon City

I’ve heard only good things about Sushi Master’s Gyoza (Php 95) when my friends visited a few weeks earlier, so I was really curious to get a taste of it. The wrapper was a little thicker than most gyozas from other Japanese restaurants, but the filling was one of the most flavorful we’ve had.

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Experience Japan’s Sakura Season at Tokyo Bubble Tea

For hundreds of years, the Japanese people have been observing their “Hanami” tradition, where they enjoy picnics under the blooming cherry blossom trees during Japan’s spring season. Travelers all over the world are packing their bags to join in on the celebration. But like the most of us, we don’t have the free time and—let’s admit—the financial capacity to splurge on a trip just to witness Japan’s iconic Sakura Season. But don’t fret; Tokyo Bubble Tea has finally brought the Sakura Season right to the Philippines with their newest offerings—the Sakura Bento Trays and Sakura JCC Milk Teas.

Facade of Tokyo Bubble Tea in SM North EDSA The Block Quezon City


Tokyo Bubble Tea at SM North EDSA The Block

I dragged my good friend, Rose Ann, with me since she’s more familiar with the Japanese culture. She’s an online English tutor and it’s her amazing job to talk with Japanese people all day. We visited the Tokyo Bubble Tea at SM North EDSA The Block in Quezon City for it’s the branch nearest to us.

Interior of Tokyo Bubble Tea SM North EDSA The Block Quezon City

Upon entering their store, we were greeted by their very accommodating staff. One was even game enough to strike a pose for a picture. This branch has limited seating capacity. I remember my family deciding to have dinner here one time, but we had to wait 15 minutes to get seated because the place was jam-packed with customers. I was also quite surprised with their cake display, since the last time we were here, they only had a handful of cakes to choose from. Now they’re selling more than 10 varieties of cakes, and they all look so sweet and delicious!

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WAFU Greenhills Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet

Over a week ago, Ken and I were invited to a 12-course sit-down Teppanyaki Omakase buffet at WAFU in Greenhills. They’re a Japanese restaurant nestled right in front of the Greenhills Shopping Center. Since Ken has been craving for Japanese food for quite some time now, we accepted the invite right away.

Wafu Japanese restaurant at Greenhills Shopping Center

I initially chuckled when I read the name of the restaurant. 😀 After Googling about it, I learned “Wafu” means, literally, “Japanese style“. I’ve had my fair share of Japanese food, particularly tempura, tonkatsu, sushi and sashimi, but I’m pretty sure there’s a ton more for us to know about their cuisine and their culture – which we’re hoping to continue learning through this blog. 🙂

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Yabu : An Extraordinary Katsu Experience

When Yabu opened last year at Robinsons Magnolia, we initially weren’t that excited. We thought it’ll just be another hyped, overrated restaurant. We couldn’t be far more wrong. We were invited to the opening, but couldn’t come because of work. The anticipation started to build up when fellow foodies started raving about them. So, one weekend, we trouped to Robinsons Magnolia (which isn’t really accessible to us) to finally feed our curiosity (pun intended). 😉

Yabu - An Extraordinary Katsu Experience

Since they haven’t opened any other branches yet that’s closer to us (we’re looking forward to their SM North Edsa branch!!), we couldn’t dine in as much as we’d love to because their nearest branch is at SM Megamall. Commuting from Malabon to Ortigas is such a hassle because of the traffic, so it took us awhile before we had a chance to dine in again, finally, at their SM Mall of Asia branch about a week ago. They now have 4 branches and from the looks of it, they’re not slowing down.

Anyway, back to our Yabu katsu experience. If there’s one similarity I’ve noticed from restaurants that didn’t wow us, it’s the number of dishes on their menu. When I see that there are too many items on it, I somehow expect to be disappointed. I prefer to see a smaller menu because that means the restaurant gets to focus more on the quality and flavors of the dishes they serve rather than coming up with mediocre dishes while trying to please everyone.

And this is exactly why we fell in love with Yabu. Though they have other items on their menu, you know that they’re focused on one thing: to give you the best Katsu experience – consistently. With every slice and every bite, you’ll sense the technique and passion put in every katsu they serve. It’s no wonder people are coming back for more, hence the Katsu craze.

Yabu - Jumbo Prawn Set with Japanese Black Tiger Prawns

“Delicious is in the details. At Yabu, everything is prepared meticulously, and nothing is left to chance: from using Koshihikari, the finest japanese rice, to knowing the exact second of lifting the pork from the bubbling oil. Discover what makes our katsu better than the rest.” It’s no wonder since they claim to have learned the art of making the perfect katsu from Chef Kazuya Takeda, the head chef of a renowned tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo.

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