Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant : A Review

While scouring SM Mall of Asia for a place we’d dine in for lunch, we saw Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant near the IMAX Theater / Entertainment Mall. I’ve heard about them from friends and so we decided to try their menu.

Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant at SM Mall of Asia -

Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant Menu -

Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant offers a diverse selection of food on their menu. We couldn’t really decide what to order, but we ended up with a salad for starter, two main meals and a dessert. We had other plans later in the afternoon, so we didn’t want to be too full for any more food trip.


Waiting for our orders at Bigby's SM MOA -

Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant’s branch in SM Mall of Asia is facing the Bay. When we were there near lunch time, it was really warm inside. I couldn’t take decent photos because of my meager camera and too much sunlight coming into the restaurant.

Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant Interiors -

But, I do love their interiors. I love the paper collage boxes hanging on the ceiling (whatever they’re called *LOL*), and their wall decors. The tables are also arranged well, giving each diner enough space to move around.

Inside Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant in SM MOA -

We chose to sit at the corner because of the sofa. There weren’t much people inside when we were there. The staff were very accommodating when we came in and while they were waiting for our orders.

Bigby's Rasperry Iced Tea -

First, for our drinks, we ordered Raspberry Iced Tea (Php 89) and Green Mango Shake (Php 68). The Raspberry Iced Tea was so refreshing, I couldn’t stop sipping it.

Bigby's Green Mango Shake -

Mai was a li’l disappointed with the Green Mango Shake, though, ’cause she was expecting more acidity or sour flavor. But, she enjoyed that slice of green mango on top.

Bigby's Bermuda Triangle Salad -

We ordered Bigby’s Bermuda Triangle Salad (Php 220). It’s their house salad. It has lettuce, ham, grilled chicken, roast beef, cheese, tomato, egg and yellow mango. It’s served with Thousand Island Dressing. On their menu, it says there’ll be additional surprises in this bowl of salad. Well, we were definitely surprised by how big the serving was. It’s actually good for 4-5 people, if you ask me!

Almost done with our Bermuda Triangle Salad -

The other ingredients we found in their Bermuda Triangle Salad were slices of red pepper, croutons (of course) and huge slices of cheese. It was REALLY good! We love, love the salad! Mai and I gobbled up the whole bowl. So, just imagine how full we were before we even got to the main dishes.

Our main meals at Bigby's -

For our main meals, we ordered their Tsunami Chops (Php 199) and Uncle Sam Roast Beef (Php 220). They were both served at the right temperature for us to start eating already. Well, I had to take quick photos first, of course.

Bigby's Uncle Sam Roast Beef -

The gravy that came with the Uncle Sam Roast Beef was really rich, creamy and delicious. We would’ve preferred the beef to be a li’l more tender, but it was okay. We still enjoyed it because the beef was also flavorful.

Bigby's Tsunami Chops with 4 servings of rice -

When our order of Tsunami Chops was served, our jaws dropped. I didn’t know the serving was good for 4 people! Hahaha! Well, they should’ve mentioned that in their menu. I know, I should’ve asked also, but there should be some indication on their menu so people won’t over-order, if you know what I mean.

Our takeout Tsunami Chops -

Anyway, I didn’t enjoy the Tsunami Chops that much. I ordered it because I wanted to try their ponzu sauce. But, the whole dish didn’t blow me away. The pork was way too thin, you’d barely taste any meat actually. The sauce was also just okay. We had to bring most of them home/takeout ’cause we didn’t want to finish it any more.

Bigby's Scoopy Duo -

Now, we still had dessert. I didn’t want anything fancy so we ordered their Scoopy Duo (Php 65), with 2 scoops of ice cream. I chose chocolate and vanilla for my ice cream. It was served with chocolate chips and syrup on top. As expected, it was delicious. But, nothing really new about it.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant. We paid Php 861.00 for everything we ordered and we can say it was worth it, especially because of their salad and the roast beef. We’ll try something else on their menu next time.


We give Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant a rating of 3 out of 5 smilies:


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  1. gosh :/ the food is sooooooooooooo delicious, we dont have this resto in our sm. For sure i will visit that place this coming Dec when i will visit my friend in manila..

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