Merienda at The French Baker

Last month, after our lunch at Bigby’s Restaurant and some window-shopping and strolling at SM Mall of Asia, we headed to The French Baker for some merienda or light snack. Well, that light merienda turned to a very fulfilling meal at 4PM.

The French Baker at SM Mall of Asia -

I’ve been to French Baker a couple of times before because my mother loves their breads and I enjoy their pasta so much. Mai haven’t been there yet so we decided to order some familiar food on their menu.

The French Baker Iced Mocca and Four Seasons -

First, our drinks. I ordered a tall glass of French Baker’s Iced Mocca (Php 52) and Mai chose the Four Seasons (Php 48). Nothing new or surprising with the flavors as expected, but we enjoyed how refreshing and ice-cold they were when served.

The French Baker Potato Salad -

We were then served our starter (yep, we ordered a salad for merienda time *LOL*) – Potato Salad topped with crispy bacon bits. It was served cold and really tasty. I love that the chunky slices of potatoes give you a li’l bite or crunch. I also loved the simple presentation.

Waiting for our food at The French Baker -

We waited a li’l longer, around 15 minutes, I guess, for our main orders. I picked a slice of their 18-inch French Baker’s Red Sauce All Meat Pizza (Php 143), topped with beef, pepperoni, sausage, and mozzarella cheese. Just look at how big the slice was! The mozzarella cheese was gooey, which made me enjoy the pizza A LOT. The slices of pepperoni, beef and sausages were also generously topped on my slice of pizza, so I was definitely satisfied with every bite. Remembering how it tasted now makes me crave for another slice of French Baker’s pizza!

A slice of Red Sauce All Meat Pizza from The French Baker -

Mai ordered French Baker’s Beef Lasagna as she’s been craving for this pasta for weeks. It’s layered with mozzarella cheese, stuffed with Italian Beef Ragu sauce and topped with creamy melted cheese. Definitely not for someone who’s on a diet. Well, we weren’t so we REALLY enjoyed this big serving of oh-so-creamy lasagna.

A huge serving of Beef Lasagna from The French Baker -

Creamy, cheesy Lasagna from The French Baker -

It took me a little longer to finish my whole slice of pizza. I had to wait for my brother to help me finish the whole thing ’cause Mai and I were already too full. *LOL* All in all, we loved French Baker’s food and I can’t wait to try other items on their menu. Next time, I would love to have a taste of French Baker’s famous French Onion Soup. Have you tried it?

4 thoughts on “Merienda at The French Baker”

  1. LOL! your queue number is 587??!! I wonder how many customers they serve every day? hmmm..

    I love potato salads! Your pizza looks fantastic! i want one!!!! that reminds me…it’s 12:38MN and i have not had any dinner yet. (diet! diet! diet!) but i still want that pizza! ^_^

    BTW, have you tried French Baker’s 50% discount on ALL breads during 8pm onwards?

  2. its been 2 year since the last time i visited french baker well hopefully (i can go to manila again 5 hours away from our place) and dine in french baker i love their pasta

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