Experience Madrid Fusion Manila at SM Supermalls with Fusion Flavors

Last year, the Philippines successfully hosted the first ever Madrid Fusion exhibition to be staged outside of Spain. Madrid Fusion Manila is back for its second year, and with the support of SM Supermalls, this gastronomic event has now transformed into a nationwide celebration of Filipino and Spanish flavors.

Madrid Fusion Manila 2016
Madrid Fusion Manila 2016

Madrid Fusion Manila is back this year to celebrate the shared 300-year history between Spain and the Philippines with the theme, “The Manila Galleon: East Meets West” from April 7-9, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The 3-day culinary event will bring together renowned chefs from Europe and Asia to showcase their cooking prowess in a Gastronomy Congress. A simultaneous exhibition of fine food, gourmet products, new ingredients and cooking technology will also happen at the Madrid Fusion Manila Trade Expo, so you can expect that it’s going to be a fun and food-filled weekend for your family and friends.

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Highlands Prime Steakhouse Now Grilling at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons

Ribeye Steak 14-Ounce from Highlands Prime Steakhouse at Estancia Mall Capitol Commons

“Is this the same Highlands as the one in MOA?” asked one of the four undecided women who walked into the restaurant while I was busy taking pictures for the blog. After the server who opened the door said yes, the ladies promptly requested for a table for four. – Well, that’s the kind of marketing no money could ever buy!

Highlands Prime Steakhoust at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons

Highlands Prime Steakhouse at SM Mall of Asia has already established its name as one of the best steakhouses in the Metro, so it’s no surprise that expectations were ridiculously high when they decided to put up a second branch. Fortunately, their newest branch at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Pasig City did NOT disappoint.


Highlands Prime Steakhouse at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons

The new place is not as spacious as their MOA branch, but they both sport a laidback country house vibe. It has no direct entrance from inside the mall, so you have to brave the heat outside to get to their restaurant – a minor inconvenience easily compensated by their great food and service.

Interior of Highlands Prime Steakhouse at Estancia Mall Capitol Commons

Their dining area is divided into 4 sections. Coming in from the main entrance, you will be welcomed by tables with cushioned seats on the left and a big display of imported wines on the right. At the far end of the room, stands a fireplace that adds to the modern cabin theme of the restaurant. If you take a left turn from the main entrance, you’ll find a small dining area where the restroom and the kitchen are located. The wall leading to the kitchen is made of glass, which gives you a good view to leisurely watch the chefs in action.

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GT: Eating Out in SM Mall of Asia

It’s simply amazing how many new restaurants and food places are opening up almost every week here in the Metro. There are so many of them to visit and so many new dishes to try. And I’m so glad we have a food blog to write about our foodie adventures.

One of the many places I love going back to is SM Mall of Asia. When I first went there, I was amazed by the number of food choices available to me. Like, seriously! There are about a hundred of food places there so anyone, whatever cravings you might have, you can be satisfied with the wide variety of restaurants/food establishments in MOA.

I remember enjoying just sitting at the Esplanade or MOA’s boardwalk area. There are a lot of restaurants there, too, including a small seafood market known as their own version of Dampa – Taste Asia. I haven’t dined there yet, but I’ve seen the place so I’m really looking forward to enjoying lunch with family or friends there really soon. If you want to know the wide choices of food and Asian cuisines available at Taste Asia, check out the post at Our Awesome Planet (right photo, credits to Anton).

I also love staying at the al fresco dining and hangout areas just outside the Hypermarket. I used to just stay there and watch people walk by, checking out what everyone’s wearing. Some on their flip flops, others in their formal or high-heeled shoes. Some look like fashion models strutting their stuff down that walk like they’re on an actual runway. It’s fun to watch seeing different kinds of fashion choices by people – some in petite clothing, really fashionable clothes; others, wearing scarves at noon time! It’s one of my habits actually. Just looking at how other people dress up. I think I was supposed to be a fashion designer, but I ended up designing blogs instead. *LOL* And that’s what I love about MOA. You can wear anything you want without feeling conscious.

Anyway, going back to the food establishments in SM Mall of Asia, here are some of those that I’ve already tried and have already written about here:

Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant in SM Mall of Asia - CertifiedFoodies.com

The French Baker in SM Mall of Asia - CertifiedFoodies.com

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We Love Subway Sandwiches!

Subway Sandwiches and MOA branch review - CertifiedFoodies.com

Subway is the world’s largest submarine sandwich restaurant and for years, we’ve wanted to try one of their sandwiches. Mai is not really into sandwiches before I came along so now that we both love it, we decided to try Subway’s famous sandwiches at their branch in SM Mall of Asia.

Did you count how many times I said “sandwich” in the above paragraph? Expect more. *grin*

Subway branch in MOA - CertifiedFoodies.com

Subway has a wide range of sandwiches you can choose from. Here’s their menu:

Subway complete menu - CertifiedFoodies.com

Mai ordered the Spicy Italian sandwich (PhP 125), and I ordered the Subway Melt sandwich (Php 150, with sliced chicken, ham and bacon).

To start, we were asked what bread we want. We can choose between Italian, Wheat, Honey Oat and Parmesan Oregano. I chose Wheat, Mai chose the last one.

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