Noche Buena Ideas with Alaska Crema from the Merry Cremas Festival 2015

When December comes and we all start feeling the cool breeze, I can’t help but get all giddy with excitement for Christmas. Ken and I always look forward to Noche Buena because that’s when our nanay prepares extra special dishes for the whole family to enjoy. In the past few years, nanay and Ken have made it a habit to prepare something new every Noche Buena. This is why we always look forward to the annual Alaska Merry Cremas Festival where we get to see what new dishes we can add to our Christmas feast.

Merry Cremas Festival 2015 by Alaska Crema at Trinoma Activity Center

This year’s Merry Cremas Festival was held at the Trinoma Activity Center. As expected, there was quite a delicious lineup of sweet and savory dishes made using Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream. We weren’t able to taste everything, but it’s fun to see how creative you can be and how one ingredient – Alaska Crema – can be incorporated in a variety of dishes to give them that extra creamy goodness. Let’s start off with our top favorites from the 2015 Alaska Merry Cremas Festival.


KISS’ Mille Crepe Cakes

During our first round of food sampling, KISS wasn’t open yet. Good thing we came back because we would’ve missed their creamy tower of mille crepe cakes. From the endless stream of people crowding their booth, I can say that their cakes were on the top of the best-sellers at the Merry Cremas Festival. We bought a slice of their Salted Caramel Cake. They used Alaska Crema in their buttercream, so it was oh-so velvety! Since I don’t have an oven now in my condo, this is one dessert I can’t wait to recreate! πŸ™‚

KISS' Mille Crepe Cakes filled with buttercream made with Alaska Crema

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Oreo Panna Cotta Recipe

Ever since Ken started working as a pastry chef, I barely get to enjoy his homemade desserts. I miss having him whip up something delightful using various ingredients we shopped for or whatever he could find at home. Thankfully, a few Sundays ago, after I ordered dinner for us, he gave in to my request for him to prepare a dessert and he came up with this creamy Oreo Panna Cotta recipe.

Oreo Panna Cotta recipe

We really had no intention of posting this since it was just one of the random things we do at home Γ’β‚¬β€œ I crave for something sweet and Ken will check what ingredients we have available and heÒ€ℒll whip up something yummy. I was lucky that he was not so tired from work and was in the mood to actually prepare something. πŸ˜€

After we posted the photo of the Oreo Panna Cotta on our Facebook page and our own Timelines, there were people who requested for the recipe. So, here yah go! Since we didn’t really think of sharing this beforehand, I don’t have photos while he was preparing this. Your imagination will be at play here, but it’s easy to make. πŸ˜‰

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