McDo Twister Fries are Back : Limited Time, Limited Serving (Extended!)

McDo Twister Fries are back! - Prioritize the Twister FriesYes, McDonald’s Twister Fries are back! But, for a VERY limited time only, that’s why they’re urging us to “Prioritize the Twister Fries”. It’ll be available until August 25th only September 16, 2012 (EXTENDED!).

I LOVE McDo’s Twister Fries, so when I found out that they’re bringing them back, I couldn’t wait any longer. Last night, we had some delivered, along with their Big ‘N Tasty burger (which is now my favorite among McDonald’s burgers – will blog about this next).

The Twister Fries are priced at Php 59 when you order à la carte, Php 78 with regular Coke McFloat or Php 88 with a Monster Coke McFloat.

Before I ordered, I already saw the ads and people on my list sharing photos of their Twister Fries orders. I thought that for Php 59, I will get a large order or serving since it was the only option for à la carte. Well, I ordered 3 ’cause I thought our parents can just share – I don’t want them eating a heavy meal before bed. Here’s what we got:

McDonald's Twister Fries - new packaging, fewer Twister Fries

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