McCormick Flavor Nation Festival: Feast for the Senses

If you search your cupboard at home right now, there’s a big chance you’ll find a McCormick product just lying around. Their products are true Filipino household staples. McCormick has also played a big part in my home-based pastry business since I use their high-quality food colorings, spices, and extracts to whip up my bestselling cupcakes. These are the very reasons why I immediately accepted their invitation to attend this year’s McCormick Flavor Nation Festival.

Cupcakes by Chef Ken of Certified Foodies for McCormick Flavor Nation Festival


McCormick Flavor Nation Festival

Mark your calendars! On May 16, 2015 (Saturday), McCormick Philippines will be hosting their first McCormick Flavor Nation Festival at the Activity Center of Bonifacio High Street in BGC, Taguig.

McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2015 at Bonifacio Global City Taguig

This summer’s biggest foodie festival will let you experience a one-of-a-kind gustatory adventure with the Flavor Nation Specialty Food Stalls and the Spiced Beverage Bar, where guests can experience a variety of gastronomic dishes and cocktails all infused with McCormick herbs, spices, and meal mixes. There are even stalls that will be pairing their dishes with the 3 variants of McCormick Rice Cookers: Hainanese Chicken Rice, Biryani Rice, and Nasi Lemak Coconut Pandan Rice. Flavored rice? Count us in!

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Live Without Regrets with Metrobank’s Prepaid Card!

Ever since Ken and I started working online, we have enjoyed all the perks of staying at home for work. So we are all for convenience nowadays, especially when we go out to shop or on a food trip. As much as possible, we avoid long lines at the ATM. That’s why it was definitely good news to hear about the all-new Metrobank Prepaid Card.

Metrobank Prepaid Card - Mastercard

Imagine enjoying all the advantages of a debit card and the perks of a credit card, but with more security and safer features, plus a more convenient application process. That’s what the Metrobank Prepaid Card is all about. Oh, and it’s a MasterCard! So you can use this even when you prefer online shopping.

We were invited to the launch of the prepaid card at Vyne restaurant (of Hyve) at BGC, which also happens to be a partner merchant. There, we learned more about the features of the Metrobank Prepaid Card that we know you’ll all be excited about. First, let us tell you about our experience using the card.

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Koko Buri : A (Future) One-Stop Restaurant for Foodies

Over a week ago, we were invited by Koko Buri in Bonifacio Global City to come and give their food a try. I don’t know what gave me the idea that they exclusively offer Korean food, but I was right to some degree. Their first branch was in Clark, Pampanga so “Koko Buri” roughly translates to “I like chicken,” a name so appropriate for it is their best-selling Korean-style fried chicken that skyrocketed them to fame.

Koko Buri Fried Chicken

A quick chat with their Branch Manager dismisses my first impressions. Koko Buri is not a Korean restaurant at all, but they do highlight a carefully planned Asian fusion menu, featuring only a select few of the BEST dishes from Asia and around the world.

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NACI Comfort Food at Bonifacio Global City

If there’s one thing we all (yes, including you!) have in common, it’s our love for pure, unadulterated comfort food. The difference lies on where we find that sense of satisfaction. It could be your nanay’s home-cooked meals, or simply from a restaurant that means business when it comes to comfort food (no pun intended). And we recently discovered one that takes it seriously, they had to add it to their name – NACI Comfort Food.

Barbeque Sliders - Kiddie Meal from NACI Comfort Food

NACI Comfort Food is a family-owned restaurant located at Bonifacio Global City. We were invited to have a taste of some of their dishes, including their Kid-friendly Meals. Though they’re hours away from our home, we thought it’ll be a perfect time to revisit BGC. The restaurant was initially located at Greenhills, and they later on moved to BGC.

NACI Comfort Food at Bonifacio Global City

We got to meet Nadine (daughter of Lovely Rivero) and Natasha. They told us a little bit about their restaurant. We initially thought the name was an abbreviation or something, but we later found out that the name “Naci” actually means “rice” in Kapampangan. The menu, however, at NACI Comfort Food is not merely inspired by Kapampangan cuisine, but a fusion of various flavors. Some of the dishes at Naci Comfort Food were even concoctions of the late Chef Ed Quimson. They also have a Cohen-friendly menu. Continue reading NACI Comfort Food at Bonifacio Global City

Fall in Love with Chocolates from CMBV Confectionaires

If there’s one thing Ken and I have in common, it’s our deep love for chocolates. We’re more into dark chocolate, he likes milk chocolate more than I do and I think we have the same amount of liking for white chocolate. So when a common friend offered to let us taste the chocolates he makes, how can chocolate lovers refuse? Let us introduce you to CMBV Confectionaires Co.

A box of chocolates from CMBV Confectionaires Co.

CMBV Confectionaires is a chocolate shop owned by 2 friends – Christian, the general manager, and Marvin, the head chocolatier. They’re a fairly new business which started in November 2012 out of their passion for chocolates, skills in chocolate-making and business savvy. Fast forward to 2013, you can now find CMBV Confectionaires’ hand-crafted gourmet chocolates at Manila Polo Club (Manila’s Best), VASK Modern Tapas & Gastronomic Cuisine Restaurant and soon at KYO Patisserie (the last 2 are located at BGC). They also have a shop at Fort Bonifacio. You can find their complete address and contact info near the bottom of this post. 🙂

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Breakfast Magazine : Uniquely Fresh, Satisfyingly Delicious

There is no doubt about it, my love for food can be traced back to my younger years when I first learned how to cook with my nanay‘s guidance. Since then, my thirst to learn more about food continued to grow and I enjoyed reading about everything related to food, may it be on a magazine, book, or a website. I lived vicariously through the writers’ stories of their latest food discoveries, how they travelled different parts of the country and the world to satisfy their curiosity (and tummy). And I share this passion for food with my brother Ken, one of the major reasons why we get along well. Little did we know that this year, 2012, after almost two years of writing for this blog, we’d be given an opportunity to write for a food magazine – Breakfast Magazine.

Breakfast Magazine - the freshest food magazine in the country to-date!

Breakfast Magazine is a bi-monthly publication. Their maiden issue was released last February 2012. I can describe the magazine as fresh and young, just like the team behind it led by Editor-in-Chief Alexis “Kim” Cuizon.

The Breakfast Magazine team and the amazing chefs

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Breakfast Magazine” is it’s going to be all about the most important meal of the day. But, they’re more than that. They aim to acquaint us with the people, where the ingredients come from and the stories behind the food, the restaurants, the products. Just like this blog, Breakfast Magazine is more personal. They take on a unique angle in their feature stories and theme in every issue. Heck, even the covers are so fabulous. 🙂

Breakfast Magazine first 3 issues

You’d probably expect a food magazine to have photos of delectable dishes on their cover, right? But, no. Breakfast Magazine’s first 3 issues feature people on the cover as they’re as interesting as the stories they have to tell. First was Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. Second is the lovely Iza Calzado. Followed by Pokwang – unlikely and unexpected, right? But, just look at how fab she looked at the front cover of the latest issue. I say the whole Breakfast Magazine team did an AWESOME job. I seriously can’t stop looking at that glamorous photo of Pokwang. 😉

Breakfast Magazine first 3 issues for 2012

And we’ve said it before, food triggers memories that we most likely have forgotten already. It can bring people together. It can heal us and comfort us on those very stressful days. What we eat, our relationship with food can somehow reveal something about us, what we’ve been through, our personality. And Breakfast Magazine puts focus on that. 🙂

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Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins Milo Blast at Mercato Centrale

Last week, we invited fellow foodies to join us at Mercato Centrale to get a taste of Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins Milo Blast, a new sweet treat from Jollibee that anyone can enjoy. The temperature was scorching hot that day and so it was just good timing to cool down with a cup of this sundae.

Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins MILO Blast at Mercato Centrale

If you’ve been to Mercato Centrale, you’re probably familiar with the crowd there. It’s a mix of young and old, and groups of friends and families, so we expected the crowd lining up at the Jollibee booth to showcase that as well.

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You’re Invited: Taste the Goodness of Jollibee MILO Sundae Mix-Ins this Saturday at Mercato Centrale

We recently featured the Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins MILO Blast. We know a lot of you got excited to try this because of the yummy combination of their soft-serve, Milo powder and Milo breakfast cereal. My friends who have kids already were especially delighted about this news. Milo has been one of our favorite drinks when we were growing up so we are well aware of this energy drink’s health benefits. So, pairing it with Jollibee’s soft-serve sundae just makes it double the fun, double the goodness! 🙂

If you haven’t tasted this yet, here’s your chance to try it for FREE! This Saturday, Ken and I will be at Mercato Centrale where Jollibee will have a free sampling of this new dessert.

Come with your kids or friends, especially those active young to teen ones, and you might get a chance to win special prizes from Jollibee when you’re seen and photographed by us and other foodie bloggers who’ll be there. If your photo enjoying the Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins MILO Blast is chosen as the winner, you will get gift certificates and possibly other surprise prizes.

Here are the details of the sampling event:

When: March 17, 2012 – Saturday – We’ll be there by 9am, but Jollibee’s sampling starts at 7am and ends at 2pm.

Where: Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City

We hope to see you on Saturday! Watch out for me and Ken. 😀 Now, here’s a yummy teaser….

Our cups of Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins Milo Blast -