I Miss A&W Root Beer and Float, too!

I remember, everytime we go to SM North Edsa in Quezon City, I never miss going to the A&W store at the Annex. Their root beer float is the best I’ve had and I so love their root beer, too.

Too bad that all the A&W stores here in the Philippines closed 6 years ago, in 2004. I so miss their root beer and their float, served in their heavy mugs, topped with vanilla ice cream scoops that complements A&W’s root beer so well.

Okay, I may be a li’l exaggerating here, but A&W root beer is the BEST I’ve tried. Well, I’ve only tried 4 brands of root beer – Mug, A&W, Zest-o and this other brand we bought from a duty-free shop in Subic, I forgot the name. And if you love root beer, too, you’d completely agree with me that A&W is THE best in making them.

A&W Root Beer Float - CertifiedFoodies.com

It’s been years since I last had a taste of A&W’s root beer. I tried to make my own root beer float at home using Zest-o’s root beer and my favorite vanilla ice cream, but the taste is just not the same. Even the fizz and the froth were different.

Root beer float using Zest-o and Nestle Vanilla Ice Cream - CertifiedFoodies.com

So, I was really glad when I found these A&W root beer in cans the last time we were at SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia. I was too excited to have a taste of their root beer again that I put one can in the freezer so it’ll be ice-cold quickly.

MY Ice-cold A&W Root Beer in can - CertifiedFoodies.com

And, when I pop-opened the can, the aroma of A&W’s root beer brought back sweet memories when I used to dine at their old store in SM. I really missed those times when I used to meet my friends (or boyfriend) in SM. It’s like whenever I’m near any A&W store, I can’t help but crave for a mug-full of their root beer float.

The A&W root beer in cans though aren’t as good as the ones they had in their stores, coming out of their taps in their serving area. It was different. But, still, I’m just happy I can still enjoy my favorite root beer.

A&W Root Beer in Cans - CertifiedFoodies.com

I remember a couple of my fellow foodie bloggers talking about A&W and why they closed their stores here in the Philippines. Some said they weren’t able to catch on to the Filipinos’ taste. But, I think we’re more mature now as a nation to appreciate A&W’s food. Just look at all the food bloggers and foodies out there who are now into trying out different things. I know a lot of us miss A&W’s root beer. I just wish they’ll open stores here again.

Enjoying my A&W Root Beer - CertifiedFoodies.com

For now, I’m just going to enjoy my A&W root beer in cans. ♥♥♥


For the Love of Root Beer…

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21 thoughts on “I Miss A&W Root Beer and Float, too!”

  1. i never like root beer (or A & W for that matter :p). to my taste buds, root beer tastes like bubble gum soaked in moth ball-flavored iced tea. LOL
    there was an A & W near my office in Makati more than a decade ago, and one of my ofcmates complained that the burger looked so sad, lanta ang gulay, at zero sa overall presentation—sobrang layo sa katakam-takam na litrato sa taas ng counter. she wanted her burger to look just like the one in the picture. LOL

    1. Hahaha. I understand. Marami ring hindi gusto ang root beer talaga. Ako kasi, I enjoyed it’s unique taste. Saka mas bagay talaga ang root beer sa float. Hehehe.

      Their branch in SM Annex, okay naman yung burgers. I enjoyed them with the root beer float! 😀

  2. i like rootbeer float at some point, i am not so sure but there’s a&w around ayala when i was in highschool kaya i had it tasted, nde ko na nga lang masyado maalala how it taste like (poor me!) but i love mcdonalds coke float! 🙂 happy weekend!

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