Jollibee Champion Meal Ad is a Hoax!

I just heard from a friend on Facebook that she overheard someone trying to order the rumored Jollibee Champion Meal, supposedly Jollibee’s competing new product against KFC’s Double Down, which I haven’t tried yet, by the way.

When I first saw this ad, I literally laughed out loud. I’m like, “Are they serious?!” I checked Jollibee’s Facebook page and I saw no announcement whatsoever about this new product. So, I knew it was fake. But, apparently, a couple of people thought it was true.

The fake Jollibee Champion Meal ad -

Well, it if was true, I’d be one of the first people to try it. I love Jollibee’s chicken! But, I didn’t like that the patties were mostly made of chicken skin. Hahaha.

Anyway, here are posts from Jollibee’s Facebook page and Twitter account announcing that the Jollibee Champion Meal ad is a hoax:

Official word from Jollibee on Facebook -

Official word from Jollibee on Twitter -

It was a pretty cool hoax though. Whoever made the ad was crazy… in a good way. Hahaha. Or is this Jollibee’s viral marketing coming into play? I guess we’ll never know, right? Hehehe. A lot of people are requesting Jollibee to make this Jollibee Champion Meal a reality. Not sure if they’ll take heed. ^_^



For the Love of Jollibee…

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