Casinos with Good Restaurants

If you have never visited an actual casino before then the first time you really do it will be a great shock to you just how lively and exciting the places really are, as you walk in the atmosphere will overcome you and you will notice all the happy people enjoying their games and hopefully winning some money. This is not the only thing they can do at a casino. Most people seem to think a casino meal means playing at a casino online with a takeaway. If you’re visiting a world-famous casino, often times there will be a restaurant that is just as good as the casino itself.

Dining at casinos

The Venetian casino in Las Vegas is a great example of this as, not only does it have won great restaurant, it actually has two and both are highly recommended by everybody who visits them. The first of the two restaurants is an Italian restaurant that goes by the name of Valentino and offers the most authentic Italian food possible without being in actual Italy. No matter what you like from the Italian palette, they will surely serve it and along with this they also have an award-winning wine cellar so you can match each dish perfectly with a wine to top the whole experience. The second restaurant within the Venetian casino is a Tex-Mex restaurant called Star Canyon. What makes this restaurant so special is that the usual peasant food of Tex-Mex has been changed into a gourmet experience for everybody to enjoy unlike anywhere else in the world.

The Venetian in Las Vegas

Far away in the world of Europe there are many casinos however probably the most famous one is the Casino de Montecarlo in Monaco. This casino also has a world-famous restaurant in it named Les Privés, and here you can get incredible quality food while having a view of the entire bay to enjoy while you eat.

Casino de Montecarlo in Monaco