YOUR Guilty Pleasures : Thank You for Sharing!

You told us about YOUR guilty pleasures, now let us share with you our favorites and the TWO (2) WINNERS who we unanimously voted as the ones with the BEST ANSWERS. To read the entries of the other participants, go here.

Guilty Pleasures

Most of you told us about your love for chocolates, pastries and anything sweet. But, there were some who shared their unique (read: weird) guilty pleasures…

And there were a few who shared how some of their favorite or guilty pleasures now remind them of a loved one…

or someone from the past, like an ex (yeah, I can relate)…

We loved reading all your answers, which made it damn hard for us to pick 2. In the end, Ken and I agreed on the 2 winners. We picked them because of how they described their favorite food, almost to a point where we wanted to close our eyes and imagine what they were saying.  Boy, you made our tummies grumble! 😀



Without further ado, here are the BEST ANSWERS to our GUILTY PLEASURES giveaway:

Winner #2 – You had us at  “nagsiswimming na ang chicken sa gravy” ’cause that’s how Ken likes it. 😀

And Winner #1 shared rather vividly his favorite food and why he loves it – lechon baboy. Seriously, after reading this, I was craving for some crispy lechon! 😀

Kenji and Jay Arcy, you just won special prizes from us. It’ll be a surprise, but there’s a clue on this post and on our guilty pleasures post on what you guys would get. We’ll send you an email this week. You’ll just receive them in the mail. No, they’re not a whole lechon baboy or everything you listed. :D Basta!

Thank you everyone for joining and for sharing your own favorite food with us. We hope you’ll continue coming back here to follow our food adventures. We promise to let you in every chance we get.

And, oh, we already have a registration/survey up on The Burp Society. If you’re interested in joining us in our foodie meet-ups soon, please fill up the form. 🙂

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