F Restaurant : A Flavorful Feast at BGC

It was the first day of December last year (sounded like a really long time ago eh?), we were headed to Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. It was a very familiar place to me since I used to work there at ePLDT Ventus so now, I always look forward to any opportunity that brings me to this same place where I spent two years working. This time though, the whole BGC is populated with more establishments everywhere you look and it’ll take some time before we can try all the restaurants here.

Best Western Premier F1 Hotel at The Fort, Taguig

The reason why we were at BGC : we were invited to dine at F Restaurant on the fifth floor of Best Western Premier F1 Hotel, the first hotel in the area and is located (strategically perhaps) in front of St. Luke’s Medical Center. Just by the sound of the name of the hotel where the resto is located, you’d know our expectations were set high. 🙂

As soon as we entered, we were welcomed with a very festive scene – beside two tall Christmas trees is this house made of candies, marshmallows, and other goodies. I began to understand Hansel and Gretel. 😉

House made up of candies, marshmallows and other goodies

The interiors of F Restaurant was very inviting. I say it’s perfect for those days you’d want to take someone special or a long-lost friend out for lunch or dinner. But even with the modern classy look of the interiors of the restaurant, it’s also a wonderful venue for family gatherings or to enjoy a buffet spread with your barkada, especially if you work anywhere within the vicinity (I wish they were already here when I was still working at The Fort!).

Our dinner table at F Cafe

And if you go outside, at the pool deck, here’s what you’ll see:

Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee or cocktails at the pool deck at F1 hotel, right outside F Cafe

I can only imagine myself relaxing here while enjoying a cup of tea and reading on an iPad or Kindle. 🙂

Going back to the F Restaurant buffet, the first things we saw were the dessert tables. But, we’ll tease you a little by showing you the appetizers first.

Manchego, Gouda, Brie, Camembert cheeses that you can pair with the available bite-sized servings of prunes, dates, cantaloupe (?), etc. We didn’t get to try any of them though ‘cause we went straight to the main dishes. The photo-taking we did all over the restaurant made us really hungry. 😀

Manchego, Gouda, Brie, Camembert cheeses with pairings

You can start your meals with breads and their featured soups. When we were there, they had Miso Soup and Seafood Chowder Soup.

Soups and breads you can enjoy as appetizers

We didn’t get to taste everything since we were phasing ourselves so we’ll have enough room for desserts. But, I think we managed to taste about 90% of all the dishes they were serving that night. 😀 Here are some of them for your viewing pleasure (WARNING: food porn ahead!)

Steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes

Steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes


Mix Seafood Au Gratin at the F Cafe in F1 Hotel

Mix Seafood Au Gratin at the F Cafe in F1 Hotel


Garlic and Ginger Squid, and Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce

Garlic and Ginger Squid, and Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce


Mixed Seafoods in Chilli Garlic and Baby Back Ribs

Mixed Seafoods in Chilli Garlic and Baby Back Ribs


Shrimp Szechuan Sauce and Sweet and Sour Pork

Shrimp Szechuan Sauce and Sweet and Sour Pork


Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs, and Salt and Pepper Squid

Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs, and Salt and Pepper Squid


Tempura, Pork Asado and Lechon Macau

Tempura, Pork Asado and Lechon Macau

They also have a pasta station where you can choose your preferred ingredients and you can ask the chefs to prepare them for you.

Chinese Soup and Dimsum Station

They have a Chinese soup and dimsum area where you’d find Chinese kangkong, siopao, siomai, and fried mantao.

Fried Mantao

For your bite-sized pleasure, they have assorted canapes, salads and fruit servings close to the sushi station and cold cuts.

Canapes and fruits station

Fruits and fruit shots - don't you just love the burst of colors!

F Restaurant has a wide spread of sushi and sashimi. I think I had too much of their sashimi. 😀

Sushi station!

They also have a display of cold seafood for you. You can have them prepare it to a hot dish instead if you prefer it that way, just like these crabs and prawns.

Cold crabs were cooked to a hot dish per customer request

Garlic Prawns

The most remarkable offerings by F Restaurant are the premium meat dishes they serve tableside.

Jamon Serrano that you can only find at F Cafe

Jamon Serrano served in thin slices as it’s packed with flavor.
You can only find this here at F Restaurant.

 Peking Duck cut table side then wrapped

Peking Duck cut, and wrapped tableside

 US Angus Prime Rib cut table side and then served

US Angus Prime Rib sliced tableside and then served. This was so good, I can still remember how the meat felt in my mouth while I savor its flavor and smokiness.


Now, on to desserts! We were drawn instantly to this table of sweet delights. There’s the chocolate fountain with cookies, fruits, marshmallows and candies you can sprinkle or dip on it. 🙂

The chocolate fountain and fondue section of the buffet - Ken's favorite!

Can you imagine how Ken, like a kid, got all excited when he saw this?
Yep, he LOVES his choco fondue!


We tried the cheesecakes (our current addiction), Chocolate Mousse, Tiramisu, and Pandan Panacotta.

Desserts section at F Cafe

A couple of foodies at our table ordered crepes with their ice cream.

Ice cream with their crepe made fresh for you

For some unknown reason, I don’t have a solo photo of my servings of ice cream from F Restaurant’s desserts section so I’ll make do with the one below, showing you the many desserts in front of me (wait, those on the left are Ken’s!! And we were sharing the ones I got. Defensive?! 😀 ). We couldn’t stop singing praises over their Bitter Sweet Amaretto, most especially because we’re fans of dark chocolate. Though I know we can still have more servings of it, I couldn’t help but let each scoop linger in my mouth. I think I even closed my eyes at one time. 😀

Our servings of desserts! LOL

We’ve got this one weird (?) habit. Ken and I usually do this when our palates are seriously enjoying what we’re eating. We’d both say, “Hmmmm…. sarapppp” (delicious) almost in unison. 😀 And all throughout our dinner, while different flavors flow through our taste buds, I think we did that on almost every dish we had a serving of. 😀 So, yes, we highly recommend you try the food here at F Restaurant at Best Western Premier F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. It’s worth every peso, a definite Five Star dining experience if you ask me. 🙂

F Restaurant offers buffet for lunch and dinner for only Php 1,088 nett for a limited time. They also have a breakfast buffet for Php 788 nett. I suggest you call them first for reservations.

F Restaurant
5th floor Amenity Level, Best Western Premier F1 Hotel
32nd Street Bonifacio Global City (right across St. Luke’s Medical Center)
Contact #: (02) 928-9888
Email: experiencef@bwpf1hotel.com

A photo with the fabulous foodies we had dinner with at F at F1 Hotel. 😉

The lovely foodies who we enjoyed dinner with at the F cafe at Best Western Premier F1 Hotel

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  1. Wow!  We ate there before.  I recognize some of the same dishes. =)  But, they’ve improved there selections na like sa soup and sa seafood. =)

  2. Wow! How were you able to munch on all that? 😉 It is really posh and the welcoming marshmallow/candy house says that you’ll definitely have a great time ahead

    1. We’re more budget-conscious foodies, but considering the quality of food here at F restaurant, I say this is a perfect venue for intimate family celebrations. I’m thinking of bringing my family here on my mother’s birthday or baka on Mother’s day na lang. 🙂

  3. I looove the pool deck! I Should really stop visiting your site, I promised I will be on strict diet this year 😉 I hope that food is as good as they look in the pictures. 😉

    Look at that group pic! Love it! 🙂

    1. When we saw the pool deck, I imagined enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while smoking. Sheesh. Oh wait, I’ve quit smoking again. LOL

      And, yes, everything was delicious! 🙂

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