KFC Double Down Sandwich. Yes, I’m Guilty!

KFC's new poster for their Double Down Sandwich - CertifiedFoodies.comAfter weeks of craving for KFC Double Down sandwich, I finally got to try it! I’ve tried ordering at one of their branches a few days after they launched this new item on their menu and as early as 1pm, the KFC branches were usually out of KFC Double Down sandwiches.

I honestly think it was a marketing strategy by KFC to viral market their new product. And, I can tell you it worked ’cause I think the Double Down was one of the most talked about new fast food products since it was launched. It was like they were playing hard-to-get, increasing the curiosity and eagerness of people to finally get to try it.

Anyway, when I called for delivery, it was around 5pm and the agent on the other line told me they are now required to offer their KFC Double Down sandwiches. I guess that means the hype has finally died down. OR, their viral marketing has already ended. What do you think? Hehehe.

About KFC’s Double Down, if you haven’t seen the commercial or poster yet, it’s the “shamelessly meaty” and sinful new sandwich by KFC. It’s filled with bacon, cheese and mayonnaise, sandwiched between two KFC chicken fillets. If that’s not meaty for you yet, you’re crazy!! *LOL*

My KFC Double Down sandwich - bacon, mayonnaise, cheese and 2 chicken fillets - CertifiedFoodies.com

I’ve read about people saying it was too salty for them so I decided to order Garden Salad (Php 49.50) along with it. I ordered two, one for my parents to share, the other for me and my bro.

KFC Garden Salad - helped in making the Double Down less sinful - CertifiedFoodies.com

I ordered a total of 4 KFC Double Down sandwiches, each cost Php 110.00.

My KFC Double Down sandwich - CertifiedFoodies.com

At first, I thought KFC Double Down wasn’t salty. I was enjoying it a lot. It’s really good, especially because of the KFC chicken fillets. I love KFC’s chicken!

My family has a slightly higher tolerance for salty food because we eat fish, and use bagoong (shrimp paste) and patis (fish sauce) often. But, when I got to the middle part of this sinful meaty sandwich, I was taken aback by how salty it was. The combination of mayonnaise, bacon, cheese and KFC’s chicken was just way too salty.

The saltiness starts on my KFC Double Down sandwich - CertifiedFoodies.com

For every bite I took, I made sure it was matched with a forkful of the veggies salad I ordered. That’s how guilty I was for eating KFC Double Down. *LOL*

This made me wonder why KFC and other food companies here in our country are coming up with these really unhealthy and sinful new products. Pizza Hut’s Lechon Pizza is one of them. I mean, c’mon! Pizza can already be too oily. Topping it with crispy lechon pieces is just overkill. It’s like you’d need to consult a term life insurance company after enjoying a slice or two of it. BUT, I would still try it just because I’m really curious.

By the way, I won Php 1,500 gift certificates from the Pizza Hut Lechon Pizza promo. I’m going to use it for my barkada’s post-Christmas get-together. We’re going to order one small Lechon Pizza so I could finally try it.

I guess they’re coming up with these new products because they know us Pinoys love eating really meaty food and we enjoy eating lots of food when we’re with friends and families. I just hope though that they’d come up with something not as sinful or unhealthy as these new products.

Going back to KFC’s Double Down, it’s REALLY good. If the combination of all the parts of the sandwich wasn’t just too salty, I would’ve enjoyed it… a lot. I would still order it, but I’d always make sure I order a Garden Salad with it.

My brother's KFC Double Down sandwich - CertifiedFoodies.com

I’m giving KFC Double Down sandwich 4 smileys. It should’ve been 5, but I just can’t get over the saltiness.



Have you tried KFC’s Double Down sandwich? What do you think? Too salty or just sinfully good?



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2 thoughts on “KFC Double Down Sandwich. Yes, I’m Guilty!”

  1. ooooh! i think i will like the double down! i love salt! ^_^ hihihi

    i cant wait to try it! maybe ill eat it with rice! ^_^ lolz ^_^ and lots of gravy? or maybe ill team it up with my pesto pasta ^_^ i cant decide….too much excitement! ^_^

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