Magnum White Chocolate Almond ‪- Let’s #CelebrateWhite‬!

Imagine this: thick white Belgian chocolate coating with bits and pieces of almond that beautifully cracks as you bite into it, revealing a rich, creamy vanilla ice cream inside. Mmmm.. mouth-watering. We’re describing the newest indulgence that we just discovered: Magnum White Chocolate Almond.

Magnum White Chocolate Almond - with white Belgian chocolate coating with almond pieces, and vanilla ice cream inside

We already fell in love with all the flavors of Magnum. Ken and I can’t get enough of Magnum Almond. I was speechless on my first taste of the Magnum Gold. Our nanay’s favorite would have to be the Magnum Classic. See, there’s a Magnum flavor for everyone. 🙂

Now, white chocolate lovers would definitely revel in this newest Belgian chocolate creation from Magnum. They revealed this flavor last September 30, and if you’re like us who can’t wait to get a first taste of this indulgent Magnum White Chocolate Almond, you’ll be delighted to know that they’re taking over the malls around the metro on Sunday, October 4. #CelebrateWhite as you take a bite into this new Magnum ice cream flavor, along with your favorite Magnum ambassadors and dance to the beats of the hottest DJs in town. Follow @MagnumCelebrateWhite on Instagram to know more about this party!

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Magnum Ice Cream and the Thin Line Between Love and Hate

We may not be the pickiest eaters in the world, but we are somehow slightly cynical when it comes to trying out something we think has been done before. We are more adventurous now though and we’d try anything once. If something’s overpriced and it didn’t wow us, there’s no way we’re coming back to try it the second time. With all that said, we don’t easily fall for products that get all hyped online or even through traditional media. We’ve been seeing and hearing a ton of raves about this Magnum Ice Cream that when Ken and I were at the grocery last week, we finally decided to try it. The verdict? Read on.

Magnum Ice Cream - Vanilla ice cream coated with Belgian chocolate

We really thought it’s one of those overhyped or overrated ice cream products, but we were pleasantly surprised when we took our first bite of this new frozen delight. We agree with someone who said it’s the poor man’s Haagen Dazs. 😀

For Php 50 (at SM Hypermarket), you get a generous filling of creamy and rich vanilla ice cream, lovingly coated with lusciously good Belgian chocolate. Two of our favorites combined!

Magnum Ice Cream Classic variant

There are currently three (3) variants – Classic (bittersweet), with Almonds, and Chocolate Truffle. We have yet to try the last one, but Ken and I already have our favorites – mine’s the classic, Ken loved the almonds because of the combination of nuts and milk chocolate. I also heard there were other flavors available in other countries like Mochaccino, Dark, White and Mint. Those, I gotta try! 😉 And I’m sure Ken will drag me to S&R in a few days since it’s the only place where we heard the Double Caramel flavor is available. 😉

Social Climber Ice cream - seriously

By the way, Ken saw a photo circulating saying this is the social climber’s ice cream. Seriously? For Php 50-60, you call that social climbing? 😀 Just like what Ken said, if he’s to “social climb”, he’s going to buy one of those Haagen Dazs stick bars, keep the wrapper and iwawagayway nya pa while inside the jeep or while strolling at the mall. 😀

We buy ice cream here at least once a week because of the humidity these past 2 months. We get much more flavor, satisfaction and goodness from this ice cream than the regular ones being sold at Php 21-45 here at our area in Malabon. So, no, we don’t think this is overpriced.

Magnum Ice Cream is coated with Belgian chocolate

I honestly don’t understand why a lot of people are hating on this, saying it’s overpriced Pinipig Crunch, or it tastes “normal”. For us, no, it’s not your regular ice cream stick. Well, if you’re used to eating Cadbury or Belgian chocolate, and creamy vanilla ice cream at least 3 times a week, it may be normal to you.  😀 Just saying. 😉

For us regular peeps, Magnum Ice Cream is a very affordable high quality ice cream and we won’t mind paying Php 50 for it. Magnum is more of a luxury indulgence for people on a budget. 🙂

The amount of haters this product now has could be a result of all the hype it received online that started a few weeks ago. And you know what happens when something gets that much buzz online – it produces a wave of positive and negative reactions from everyone. I’m not to argue that many participated just to be “in” (and those who blatantly say they hate it are also part of this, if you ask me 😉 ). Curiosity got the best of us when we finally gave in and bought it at the grocery, and I believe that majority of those who did try the product was bit by the bug.

I hear a lot of people saying it’s not worth all the raves it’s been getting. If it was advertised or promoted the regular way, I think people’s reactions will be completely different. But, kudos to their marketing strategy because it did keep everyone intrigued. Admit it or not, all that somehow persuaded you into finally tasting it (or if you haven’t, how you badly want to see for yourself what the buzz is all about). 😉 Some even blogged about it just to say how much they hate this new ice cream and that they’re never buying it again. To that we say to each his own. 🙂

Magnum Ice Cream Almond variant

Again, it was all a very effective marketing strategy. You may hate all the buzz this ice cream is getting, but if you were vocal about it, again, you played a part in promoting this product. 😉 I say GET OVER IT. It’s a yummy ice cream, PERIOD.

By the way, I’m not a big fan of the name “Magnum”. Nonetheless, it’s one of our favorite ice cream products now. It’s so accessible and a great addition to our usual comfort food. It might not be the best ice cream out there, but for its price, we think it’s way above average. Yet, we still have to try those Korean ice cream someone suggested (Melona, etc). 🙂

Oh, and lastly, Magnum ice cream was originally a brand from Denmark. It’s now distributed by one of the top ice cream brands in the country, Selecta in partnership with Unilever and RFM. We wonder how long this hype will last or if they can maintain it.

Magnum ice cream Classic variant - priced at Php 50 at Landmark

When we posted a photo of Magnum Ice Cream on Facebook, we got a lot of mixed reactions and a couple of recommendations too. We’re now on the lookout for more high quality ice cream. Keep posted for more cold delights features here that’s just so timely. You can use the comments section to suggest your favorites. 🙂

Disclosure: Nothing to disclose since this isn’t sponsored. We just love it. 🙂