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Thank You So Much, Fellow Foodies!

I know this post has been delayed for weeks, but this is just in time because we’ve got a lot to be thankful for today, including our home in Dampalit, Malabon being spared from complete destruction from Pedring.

When we joined the run for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011, Ken and I did not expect the amount of support we got from our fellow bloggers, foodies and friends. So, when we found out we got a record-breaking 100+ votes, we were in shock. We landed in #1 after the votes were tallied.

Thank you to the Pinay Mommies Community for the love and support, especially from Mommy Rubz who welcomed me to the group even in my single-blessedness.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us. I haven’t collated your names and links yet, but as soon as I do, we’ll give you a link back on this post. 🙂

As Cielo of Brown Pinay, a dear blogger friend, commented, “Taon nyo talaga ang 2011.”, and we couldn’t agree more. I mean, we are overwhelmed by the fact that right after emerging as #1 in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011, we also got in the Top 10 of’s 2011 Best Food Blogger. Ken and I can think of a hundred and million reasons why people voted for us, most of them are pretty funny, but we still appreciate the love and support so much. 🙂

There were hundreds of food blogs that were nominated, but our fellow Pinoys and friends rallied to keep us in the Top 10! We’re the only Pinoy food blog on the list so we are so grateful for the love and support. *BIG HUGS*

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My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

It’s that time again when new emerging and influential blogs are recognized by the blogging community.

This year, choosing my list of emerging blogs for 2011 has been easy. My votes go to my blogger friends and some that I completely support.

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

Without further ado, here are my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011:



Vote for Certified Foodies for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 -

Of course, on top of my list is our food blog, this blog, Certified Foodies. I believe that our food blog deserve a spot in the Top 10 this year because of what we have accomplished in a year of this blog’s existence. We may go on about our blog’s traffic stats and the number of readers and comments we get daily, but really, this blog is about how we affect other people.

When we started this blog last year, our main goal was to share our own recipes and to convince people that cooking can really be fun. In our family, food and cooking have played a big part in drawing us closer together. And we wanted to share that love and passion for food with our dear friends and readers.

We also share our foodie adventures here. And if you’ve been reading our posts, you’d get to read about some awkward and funny moments that we experience while we discover new things. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about – it’s part of the fun and adventure. 😀

We're closer than ever before -

My bro, Kenneth, and I have become closer than ever because of this food blog. We enjoy going on food trips, and now, we get to discover new cuisines and flavors together. And we know that you all agree that nothing beats bonding with your closest friends and loved ones with something delicious to share with them, may it be a home-cooked meal or even a sandwich to make it special. 🙂

I believe that our food blog has received votes from numerous bloggers, a lot of them have known us up-close, because they’ve seen the bond between me and my brother. We only realized that when people started complimenting us about it – how close we are. I bet when they get to meet my whole family, especially our nanay, or even live in our home for even a day or two, they’d understand why we’re so close. Everyone here at home loves food and enjoys cooking.

Our family now enjoy dining out more than before - CertifiedFoodies.comOur family enjoys dining out more than ever. We get to try out new restaurants together. 🙂
Sorry, we don’t usually smile in our photos but we really had fun when we all went out for movie day. 😀


And I know you’d agree that in every occasion or every emotion you feel, there’s a dish or food that will suit the moment. May it be a tub of vanilla ice cream to ease a broken heart, a fiesta of kare-kare and all sorts of Pinoy dishes to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, glasses of wine or shots of tequila as you bond and drink with friends you haven’t seen for awhile, a home-cooked meal during the weekend when your family’s together, or a romantic meal before you propose to the love of your life.

This is why we enjoy food blogging as much as you, our dear friends and readers, enjoy reading and sharing your own foodie stories on our posts. And because of this, we’ll continue on spreading the LOVE, not just for food, but for our family and friends, and for each other as siblings. 🙂

Finally, now that my brother Kenneth is studying to become a full-fledged chef soon, expect us to share more tips, recipes and discoveries as he venture onwards to fulfill his culinary journey. 🙂

Soon to be Chef Kenneth -

To everyone who voted for us already, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We truly appreciate your votes, especially those that came from people who’ve been following our foodie stories and adventures for months now. You’re a major part of why we’re enjoying this! 🙂

(Okay, I’m getting a li’l teary-eyed here. 😀 Only my closest friends know exactly why.)

The rest of my Top 10 after the jump.

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