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Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

Topping the list of my comfort food is definitely pizza. I love the combination of carbo I get from the pizza crust and all the goodness of my favorite toppings. That’s why when we got invited to Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria’s Bloggers Taste Test in  RFM Corporate Center in Pioneer Street to try the new items on their menu, Ken and I were both excited and were looking forward to adding them to our list of pizza places we’d be frequenting.

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria at Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong -

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria is a very casual restaurant that now boasts of their contemporary Italian-American menu, with a li’l sweet twist to satisfy the Pinoy taste. They have recently re-enhanced their image from a Mafia style menu. Even their menu design is more vibrant in colors, using more photos to encourage customers to try out other items on their menu other than the usual and familiar.

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria's menu is now more bursting with vibrant colors -

We loved the interiors of Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria, obviously inspired by New York City. We were personally attracted to their custom-made lights. And I love the colors, well, mainly because they used black and red.

Inside Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria in Pioneer Street -

Some may be taken aback to see Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria’s menu and find that their prices are very affordable (check here). They may look like a very high-end restaurant, but you can enjoy their food without worrying too much about paying a premium, one of the reasons why we are recommending them to fellow foodies.

They recently added seven (7) items on their menu – 4 pizza flavors, 2 appetizers and a lunch meal. With their pizzas, they decided to stick with thin crust and just come up with varying toppings. Their dough is made with a secret ingredient and the toppings are made fresh everyday, too. Expect no pre-baking of ingredients in the Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria Kitchen, especially at their RFM Corporate Center branch in Pioneer Street as it’s the home of their commissary.

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria's own blend of hot sauce -

Now, on to their latest menu additions. The first dish that was served to us was their Baked Cheesy Fries, a plate of russet fries combined with their house special meat sauce and overloaded with chili flakes, white onion, cheddar and cheese sauce. We both loved the saltiness. And being cheese lovers, we had to force ourselves to stop eating this ‘cause we’ve got more food coming. 😀

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria Baked Cheesy Fries -

Next was their Shrimp Fresh Salad, a plate of Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed with honey mustard dressing, topped with shrimps, croutons and parmesan cheese. The saltiness of the cheese was a perfect combination to the sweet and sour taste of the dressing. Definitely something we’d order more of next time.

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria Shrimp Fresh Salad -

We were then served Joey Pepperoni’s Barbecue Chicken Wings. The chicken wings are deep-fried to goodness then tossed with their very own special barbecue mixture.

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria Barbecue Chicken Wings rice meal -

After having a taste of this barbecue chicken, we wanted more! The chicken meat was very tender. I actually had doubts I’d enjoy it ‘cause I’m not really fond of barbecue flavored anything. But, the barbecue flavor wasn’t as overpowering as the ones I’ve tried. It was really good that it whet our appetite. Will definitely go back for these! I can finish 12 pieces without sharing. 😀

We didn’t eat the rice part of the Barbecue Chicken Wings meal because we know what’s coming – 4 new pizza flavors of Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria! 😀

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Merienda at The French Baker

Last month, after our lunch at Bigby’s Restaurant and some window-shopping and strolling at SM Mall of Asia, we headed to The French Baker for some merienda or light snack. Well, that light merienda turned to a very fulfilling meal at 4PM.

The French Baker at SM Mall of Asia -

I’ve been to French Baker a couple of times before because my mother loves their breads and I enjoy their pasta so much. Mai haven’t been there yet so we decided to order some familiar food on their menu.

The French Baker Iced Mocca and Four Seasons -

First, our drinks. I ordered a tall glass of French Baker’s Iced Mocca (Php 52) and Mai chose the Four Seasons (Php 48). Nothing new or surprising with the flavors as expected, but we enjoyed how refreshing and ice-cold they were when served.

The French Baker Potato Salad -

We were then served our starter (yep, we ordered a salad for merienda time *LOL*) – Potato Salad topped with crispy bacon bits. It was served cold and really tasty. I love that the chunky slices of potatoes give you a li’l bite or crunch. I also loved the simple presentation.

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