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4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, Philippines

When I was in Singapore last year, my housemates, Rey and Cindy, took me out for dinner at 4 Fingers, which is a small food joint in ION Orchard that they said serves the best crispy chicken in the city.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is now in the Philippines, at SM North Edsa!

My friends were right. The crispy fried chickens were so delicious and crispy that I just had to come back for more. And I honestly felt sad when it was time for me to return to the Philippines, thinking I’ll never have those scrumptious chickens ever again.

4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken in Singapore

But after almost a year since having my last piece of 4 Fingers’ Crispy Chicken, imagine my surprise when my sister, Mhel, and I found a newly opened 4 Fingers store by accident in SM City North EDSA, Quezon City. We quickly found ourselves a table, settled down, and ordered our food.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken store in SM North Edsa

While waiting for our orders to arrive, my sister took the liberty of taking photos of the store.

Welcome to 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

From outside, the store seems very inviting, since it’s not too upscale-looking that it would intimidate people from coming in, nor is it too simple one would think not much thought was put into designing the place.

The interiors of 4 Finges is inspired by New York subways

The interior is obviously inspired by the bustling New York subways, with the white tiled walls, pale yellow lights, and various hanging signs with arrows pointing to the wash area and service station.

They're here in the Philippines!

Our drinks were first to arrive. Ate Mhel ordered their large Iced Tea (Php 45.00), while I went for a large Coke (Php 45.00).

Even the design of their cups are consistent with the interiors of 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

A few moments later, our waiter returned with our crispy chicken. These Korean-style fried chickens are fried twice. The first frying is to cook the chicken, and the second is to render the fat out of the skin, making it less greasy than your usual fried chicken.

Our 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken orders

I ordered the two-piece Drumstick Rice Box for Php 129.00. They have two available sauces for their chicken: soy garlic and hot & spicy. I wanted to try both, so I got one of each flavors. And of course, the hot & spicy flavor appealed more to my liking.

4 Fingers 2-piece Drumstick Rice Box

Their chickens were so tender and moist inside, unlike its competitor offering the same Korean-style fried chicken, where the chicken are dry and the flavor is only skin-deep (you might already know which one we’re referring to 😉 ).

Ate Mhel had already taken her lunch at home, so she did not order a combo meal with rice and opted for the 6-piece 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken for Php 189.00, which is a mix of wings and drumettes, hand-painted with the sauce of your choice: soy garlic, hot & spicy, or mixed.

Our 6-piece plus 2 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

They were so delicious and addicting that I returned a week later and brought my classmates from culinary school let them try the chickens themselves. They enjoyed it a lot. Two of them actually bought another batch for take out. The next day at school, one of them told me they had it for breakfast. Even it was left in the fridge overnight, when she reheated it in the microwave, the chicken was still crunchy and as delicious as when she had in the store. 🙂

We seem to have a never-ending craving for 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken (we just had them for takeout yesterday!). But, since their first store is located in SM North Edsa, expect us to dine here as often as we can. 😀

Our order of 6-piece 4Fingers Crispy Chicken -

Definitely, 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken deserves a MUST-TRY rating. We highly recommend you give their chicken a try and we promise you’d love it too. 🙂

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

G/F SM City North EDSA, Quezon City ( Located next to National Bookstore, before Papa John’s and Yakimix )
G/F Entertainment Mall – SM Mall of Asia
SM Aura Premier – Food court

Twitter: @4FCCPhilippines
Facebook Page
Official Website

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  • Ann

    They have a new branch at SM Aura Premier, The Fort (Foodcourt) and in SM MOA. Just opened their branches recently.

    • Thanks for the update! We added their new branches. 🙂

  • Have u tried their kimchi salad? Is itgood?

  • Shyllah_42

    Definitely better than Bon chon! :))

  • richiez168

    I got invited to this too but I wasn’t able to make it cuz of work.. looks really yummy though! I might give the burgers a try as well 😀

    • Oh, this wasn’t at the grand opening. We stumbled upon them a week before the grand opening. I think that’s how they invited us… ’cause we gave them our card (we usually do this when we loved the resto, product or food joint).

      Ken loved the burger nung grand opening. Didn’t get to try it though. And since we’re both meat lovers, I think you’d like it too. 🙂

      Sayang, we got to meet na sana. We didn’t know anyone there, puro ata trad media. Hehehe.

  • I wanna go here sometime when I’m in Manila .. 🙂

  • I have yet to try it.. and it has to be good 😀 I am quite loyal with KFC 😀 and even Bon Chon didn’t impress me. 😀 Or probably, I should try it with beer the way they usually do it.

    The  interior reminds me Yellow Cab Pizza 😀

  • Oh, we’ve tried every other major joint that offers korean style fried chicken. 
    Charlie chicken and Bon chon. We haven’t tried this one though.    I can’t remember if Charlie also had a dip to go with the chicken but I remember Charlie being more expensive than Bon Chon. Bon Chon naman is good but it depends on which branch you’re getting your chicken from.  Trinoma hindi ok.  Il Terrazo is better but the branch in SM megamall is perhaps the best.  Bon Chon is not consistent kse.  Kailangan siguro nila ng quality control.

    Thanks for this post.  Gonna try this one soon. =)

  • Oh my.. I’ve heard about 4 Fingers before but seeing these pics makes me really wanna drop by there! I will definitely go and eat there next time. 🙂 And YES, I kinda know the “other Korean-style Fried Chicken” that you are referring to. Hehehe. So glad that their store is at SM North. Will be checking it out asap. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!

  • Helen Blas

    Oh wow! SM North is near our place, and I’d try this soon! 🙂

  • tgf

    I tried the competitor’s chicken, and my husband and I liked it. Since you said this is so much better, then we’d love to try this, too. Hope they open a branch in Ortigas. Hope you can visit back: 

  • Oh wow these are making me hungry! I don’t live in Manila but I’ll be going back to Singapore at the end of February…I’ll try them there 🙂

  • I want to try these, hopefully they open up a store near us since North Edsa is far

  • I was just at SM North edsa yesterday =( Now its too late for the promo.  I hope they open a branch here in manila too

  • Oh gosh! I love chicken. But is this better with Bonchon? What do you think? Will try this, this weekends. Thanks for the post. Ciao!

    • Yes, we like them way more than Bonchon’s. 🙂

  • Jinkee Umali

    wow, love to try this one even eating chicken is not allowed for me bec of skin asthma. anyway, have dose of meds to intake after eating…

  • hmmm.. the price is not bad at all..

  • sarap naman,  especially if spicy nom nom. naglalaway na ako hehehe.

  • the foods look yummy, hope they’ll have a branch here in davao.  exclusive sm, right? Yahweh bless. 

  • Ryan Ferdinand De Ocampo

    Their place looks a lot like a Yellow Cab store 🙂  will try the chicken soon.

  • Carmel

    Looks good!!  I hope they open other branches soon!

  • It reminds me of Bon Chon :p Which do you prefer though?

    🙂 Erika

  • My saliva is dripping!  I tasted their chicken in Singapore before and I am really glad they’re now here in Manila! Yehey!

  • Wow! I’m always in SM North but I wasn’t able to spot this. Maybe I spend too much time in Skygarden.. XD Will be checking this next week and hopefully I get to take home a batch of the 6 + 2 promo 🙂

  • Violy

    yung interior nya parang yellow cab pati serving ng food! Hope to try this place soon! I’ve been to SG a lot of time but I have not seen their place. At least meron na sa pinas! yey!  😉

  • Interesting. Will try this soon. Good thing, SM North lang it. MIght try this one later or tomorrow. Looks good. 

  • we will try this very soon.. buti na lag malapit sya.. reminds me of bonchon..

  • Pehpot

     a must try! actually I never tried the restaurant that offers has the same way of cooking as it is too crowded for my taste.. I think this one, I might give in, the interiors reminds me so much of yellow cab 🙂

  • The fact remains that many cultures world wide love fried chicken! Now im craving 

  • I’m not so sure, but I think I’ve seen a similar restaurant back in Banawe (in Quezon City) that sold chicken which were cooked in this same way–crunchy and all. I just forgot the name. Haha! I hope I’d remember..

    And oh, hi, I stumbled in to your blog and I’m glad that I have!

    I also run a food blog by the way, if you have time, I hope you can check it out. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, Aileen! Thanks for stumbling upon our blog. 🙂
      And I’m loving your food blog! Nice to meet yah! 🙂

      The chicken from Banawe, were you referring to Chicken Charlie? We have’t tried that yet, but yeah, I think they have the same way of cooking.

      • Oh yes! That’s it! Haha, I remember eating there once and the chicken was divine! :>
        But I’ll try this 4fingers myself to know if they’re the same talaga. Haha XD

        • We haven’t been there yet. We wanna try their chicken din! And then Manang’s. Then Wingman. 😀

          • Hahaha! Now there’s a list! Hoping we could all try these restaurants soon :))

            • Hahahaha. Just thought about all the famous chicken places we haven’t been to. :))

  • Katrinacautivo

    sounds yum! wanna try it na to see if its really better than bonchon 😉

  • Yummy!

  • Looks good! 🙂

  • Ikyachuck

    can’t wait to try this! looks yummy!