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Dinner at Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant at SM The Block

Exactly a month ago (yes, another late post), right after grocery-shopping, my nanay and I were on the lookout for a new restaurant to try out. And, just right outside SM Hypermarket was Bubble Tea, one of the popular places in the Metro where you can enjoy milk teas. I’ve read about them from fellow foodies so I was looking forward to our dinner at Bubble Tea.

Bubble Tea Tokyo Milk Tea at SM The Block North Edsa -

We weren’t sure what to order yet ’cause I’m on a low carb diet. But, everything on their menu looked tempting so I said “forget about it” (in Italian mafia accent). I think it took us almost 10 minutes before we finally decided on what to order.

My mother posing while looking over Bubble Tea's menu -

First, we ordered drinks. I chose Bubble Tea’s Taro Milk Tea (large, Php 125). I picked the Passion Fruit Black Tea (Php 95, cold, large) for my mom. After tasting both drinks, she wanted my Taro Milk Tea. She found the passion fruit too citrusy/sour for her taste. I enjoyed it though.

Bubble Tea - Taro Milk Tea and Passion Fruit Black Tea -

If you look at the photo, the glasses don’t look that tall. But, they were. I still think it’s a bit pricey. 😀

By the way, you are given options of less sugar and the size of tapioca pearls (“bubbles”) you want in your drink. You can go for big pearls, small or a combination of both. We forgot to mention I preferred bigger pearls so we both ended up with the other choice.

Now, on to our main orders. My nanay wanted to have fish for dinner so we ordered this for her – Bubble Tea’s Fish Katsudon (Php 195), breaded fish cutlet with cheese filling, egg and tonkatsu sauce.

Bubble Tea Fish Katsudon Php 195 -

It was a bit bland for our taste. I loved the crunch you get from each bite of the Fish cutlet though and that the egg was perfectly cooked sunny side up. 🙂 The serving was big enough for my mom. She, again, preferred the one I ordered.

I picked the Chicken Teriyaki Doria (Php 245), grilled boneless chicken on top of baked rice with melted cheese. I enjoyed it. I kinda expected it to be a li’l salty ’cause of the cheese, but it wasn’t. The cheese didn’t overpower the chicken. The thickness of the baked rice with cheese mixed well with the chicken and the sauce. The serving was a li’l big for my appetite that night so I had to share it with my mom.

Bubble Tea Chicken Teriyaki Doria - Php 245 - CertifiedFoodies.comPardon my photos. I took them using my Nokia 5230’s phone camera only. 😀

My mom wanted to try their sushi. We kinda were going back and forth with what to order, so we decided to ask one of their staff. The lady suggested we order this:

Bubble Tea Nippon Ebi - Php 285 -

That’s Bubble Tea’s Nippon Ebi (Php 285), Panko breaded prawns rolled in sushi rice, topped with mango on melted mozzarella cheese. The description alone should make your mouth water. And it didn’t fail my expectations! I loved it that I almost ate everything! 😀 Yeah, diet my *bleep*. 😀

The sweetness of the mango complemented well with the prawn and cheese. Again, kinda a heavy dish to eat with my baked rice with cheese. 😀 I was REALLY full with all the rice and cheese I ate at our dinner at Bubble Tea. Just look at the spread we had for dinner.

Our dinner at Bubble Tea in SM The Block -

I am giving Bubble Tea in SM The Block a rating of 4 stars. The Nippon Ebi and Taro Milk Tea was the stars of our dinner and I can’t wait to try the other items on their menu.

Bubble Tea Restaurant

LG/F SM North Edsa, The Block, Quezon City
Open on Sunday to Thursday at 10am-10pm, Friday to Saturday at 10am-11pm


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  • Brownpinay

    Hi sis,

    Mine is up at FTF #38

    parehas us panorth, I am from Morning breeze, caloocan (near mcu) kaya most resto na pinupuntahan mo for your food trip is within our area…kaya mas malaki ang possibility for me to try it out 🙂

    BTW, what camera are using to capture the pics…I know I read in here tips to capture food in picture…Hope you dont mind to send me the link thanks sis..
    its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay
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  • lee

    i want to try nippon ebi…mouthwatering! nagutom tuloy ako…

  • Shopannies

    the food and drink both look delicious

  • chikay

    that looks KINDA delish! LOL

  • chubskulit

    That looks sumptuous!

    Spice Up Your Life, have a safe and happy weekend.

  • Tina

    Wow looking at the dishes makes me want to eat again even if we just finished our dinner.

  • Eihdra

    Well, well..well.. (oops I used it thrice,lol) What can I say, hub is still preparing dinner ehehe.. now I’m kinda getting hungry looking at nanay’s katsudon weehh 🙂

  • Ang tagal na since nung lat na nakakain ako sa Bubble tea..but I love their drinks!

    • i loved the drinks we ordered! nanay ko ang korni eh, inagawan ako ng taro milk tea eh yun nga yung gusto ko. hehehe. pero sarap din yung passion fruit. i should’ve tried it with green tea though.

      matagal na pala ang bubble tea?

  • Joy

    wow! i think we kinda try that resto 🙂

    • hahahaha yeah, you KINDA hafta to try it.

      oh, i used “hafta” instead of “have to”… lolz

  • everything looks delicious…yummy! thanks for giving us tip about specific resto or place each time! PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a great weekend! 🙂

  • Maria

    Hello there. it’s my first time to read your blog and i was turned off with your repetitive use of the filler ‘kinda’. in this whole write up, it was used thrice! each time i read it it was like an irritating bell going off in my mind. i know it’s your blog and you’re allowed to write whatever you like and i don’t have to read it if i don’t like it. but hey, we can all use some constructive criticism right? i don’t think your frequent use of the word ‘kinda’ would be approved by most decent english language teachers. so i say try and drop it. or replace it with more exact and descriptive adjectives. 🙂

    • Wow, thanks! I KINDA like the way I write ’cause I don’t think too much about what’s appropriate or acceptable by, oh, English language teachers. Are we being graded for this? I KINDA didn’t know.

      Oh, and if you get to read my previous posts, you’d know I don’t use KINDA as much as you think. So, don’t go all preachy about me not using “decent” English. And, oh, THRICE. That’s BAD. Really.

      Thanks for dropping by anyway and for the ‘constructive criticism’.

    • mr.2012

      KINDA insecure much?

  • Luna Miranda

    the sushi looks delish! the taro milk tea sounds delicious, too.

  • FoodTripFriday

    The fish Katsudon look so yummy but it also look so small in serving.

  • momgen

    Wow those are really looks yummy. happy FTF!

  • ooohhhhh! been seeing that store everytime we pass by T. Morato (and bugging hubby and family that we should eat there one of these days)…now I have an idea what to expect! 🙂
    everything looks good…me hungry! 😀