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KFC Chili Lime Chicken : New, Exciting Flavors!

We were invited to the launch of KFC’s new chicken flavor last week, but, unfortunately, we weren’t able to join. Aside from food bloggers, KFC also invited some of their Facebook fans who sent in the most creative guesses on what their new chicken flavor is. Ken guessed “Chicken Tocino“. That would’ve been good, too, right? He’s a tocino addict, FYI. *LOL*

After the event in Blue Leaf Events Pavillion in McKinley Hill Village in Taguig, I found out what their new chicken flavor is – KFC Chili Lime Chicken.

KFC's new Chili Lime Chicken flavor -

I was pretty excited to try this new chicken flavor. I’m a HUGE fan of KFC, especially their Hot and Crispy chicken, California Maki Twister and their fries. So, their Chili Lime Chicken was really something I looked forward to tasting.

Last weekend, we finally got a taste of KFC’s Chili Lime Chicken at their branch near Gilmore. And, all I can say is the combination of chili and lime is really interesting.

A taste of KFC Chili Lime Chicken -

First off, I just wanted to say this – I don’t like sprinkled flavor powder on anything. So, I didn’t particularly enjoy the flavor powder on my Chili Lime chicken. BUT, I loved how these 2 flavors – chili and lime – gave KFC’s chicken a new twist.

They say that the Chili Lime Chicken is marinated in special Chili Lime spices. That part, I really love. The chicken meat really bursts with flavor. And, I’m pretty happy that the chicken meal we ordered was still very warm so you can really taste and enjoy the chili lime flavors.

I’ve read some comments from KFC fans who didn’t particularly like the Chili Lime chicken. They say it tastes weird. I say, it’s new and interesting. The first time I bit into my Chili Lime chicken, I immediately tasted the lime flavor. I love limes on anything so I really enjoyed it. The chili or spicy flavor of the chicken, though, got a li’l overpowered by the zestiness of the lime flavor. I can only taste the spiciness on the chicken skin. I guess I was looking for a li’l more chili flavor on the chicken itself.

However, I still enjoyed my KFC Chili Lime chicken because it was something new. I love the flavors combined with KFC’s tender chicken meat and, of course, their famous gravy (soup to other people *LOL*). I’m actually thinking of trying preparing chicken here at home using these 2 flavors to see how it’ll turn out.

2 piece KFC Chili Lime Chicken meal -

By the way, we ordered the 2-piece KFC Chili Lime chicken meal. I didn’t know that you can actually choose from the 3 flavors for ANY KFC chicken meal. If I did, I would’ve ordered their Fully Loaded Twister meal instead with Chili Lime-flavored chicken. Kien and I had to order 2 separate California Maki Twisters *LOL* I know, we’re on a diet, but when we’re in KFC, we just can’t help but go on a food trip. We don’t need the best multivitamin to boost our appetite when it comes to KFC. We just love their food! ^_^

Have you tried KFC’s Chili Lime Chicken?
How did you find the combination of the tangy lime flavor and spiciness?

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  • Dj Marinas

    i have been bugging hubby to try this new kfc chicken variant…

  • My curiosity was piqued. I’ll have to try it and see if I like it. 🙂
    Spinning Lovely Days

  • Mumsified

    i’d love to try that. sana lang meron yan dito. kaso pati gravy wala hehehe!

  • Guest

    I was craving for KFC this morning but when we went there, the place was still close and we never went back, hopefully this weekend I can satisfy my cravings.

  • lani

    Looks delicious! I don’t know if they have it here. Would you believe KFC here doesn’t have any gravy. Taiwanese perhaps not fun of eating chicken with gravy 🙂

    Happy Weekend!

  • Noobfoodie

    i have to try this new KFC special..sarap

  • vernz

    parang di kaya ng powers ko ito … di talaga ako maanghang

    My Food Trip Friday here

    • Sis, it’s not that maanghang. You’d barely taste it. Mas maanghang talaga yung Hot and Crispy nila.

  • Luna Miranda

    i bought a bucket from KFC last weekend. too bad i didn’t notice the chili lime chicken–i would like to try it.

  • watched their advertisement a few days ago and it got me interested…will try this real soon!

  • Cheerful

    wish they have that here in phnom penh, and it taste as good as that! oh, all of my pinay friends here have bad experience with kfc here, i wish they are as good as the kfc we have back home! happy ftf! 🙂

  • must try, kfc is known to have the best chicken for me!

  • Jean

    It has got to be tastier than the black pepper ones =)