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Beat the Heat with Dairy Queen Blizzards

Can you believe how hot it’s been this summer?! I can’t stay anywhere without an electric fan or the AC cooling me down. And even when we have a water dispenser that provides us cold water everytime, I always have to add ice to it. I just can’t take the heat!

That’s why a few weeks ago when Kenneth and I were at Glorietta in Makati, we both had this craving for Dairy Queen’s Blizzard. He’s a li’l addicted to to their Caramel Cashew flavor.

Dairy Queen's branch at Glorietta, just across the cinemas -

The Dairy Queen store at Glorietta 4 is just across the cinemas, beside Timezone.

Of course, my bro ordered the usual. He urged me to try their new flavor, Dairy Queen’s Mango Cheesecake Blizzard.

DQ Blizzards - tons of flavors to choose from! -

They have a ton of other Blizzard flavors including Banana Split, Double Dutch, Brownie Temptation (ooohh, too sinful!), Chocolate Truffle and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Extra toppings for DQ Blizzard and their other products - waffle sandwiches! -

You can also add extra toppings to your Blizzard, Just add Php 29 and you can choose from caramel fudge, Butterfinger, Kitkat, etc.

Ohh, I gotta try their waffle sandwiches next time, too. Reminds me of Tivoli Funwich that I got so addicted to back when I was a kid. ^_^

Cup sizes for Dairy Queen's Blizzard - it should be served upside down or it's free -

There are 4 sizes of Blizzard serving cups to choose from. Since we were really craving for something sweet and cold, we thought, the heck with it, and just ordered 16-oz… EACH! 😀

Our DQ Blizzards - 16oz each! Waddup!! LOL -

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