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Kido Manga Burger Cafe at Robinson’s Place, Manila

A few months ago, my brother Kien and I went out to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at Robinson’s Place in Manila. When we bought our tickets, we were left with just about an hour to order food we could bring in while we enjoy the movie. So, we decided on just ordering burger and fries.

I was getting desperate quickly deciding where to order that I almost ended up dragging him to McDonald’s. 😀 Good thing we saw Kido Manga Burger Cafe just around the corner, near the cinemas. Kien wanted to try something new so I agreed.

Kido Manga Burger Cafe in Robinson's Place, Manila -

When we saw Kido Manga, I was a bit skeptical because there were no people dining at their burger joint. But, the photos on their menu got me interested. I wasn’t feeling adventurous at that time so I only chose items on their menu that I’m familiar with.

Kido Manga's Japanese burgers - Will try their Ebi Katsu Burger next time -

Kido Manga's Rice Meals -

Kien wanted to try their Takoyaki, but we just didn’t have enough time to wait and eat it before heading out to the cinema. It’ll be a mess if we bring it inside so I said we’ll just save it for next time. Besides, we don’t know yet if we’d be satisfied with the taste of Kido Manga’s burgers.

Kido Manga's other food choices, including Takoyaki -

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