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J.CO Donuts : Now in SM Mall of Asia


J.CO Donuts Green Tease surrounded by chocolate flavors

Oh, you know how much we love J.CO Donuts. We’ve blogged about them here before the opening of J.CO’s first branch in the Philippines. We also featured their J.Pop bite-sized donuts, which we absolutely adore. They’re definitely one of our top favorites from the past year. :)

Closer look at these J.Pops by J.CO Donuts and Coffee -

Their first branch is in SM Megamall at The Strip. This Thursday, May 24th, (update!) On May 28th, Monday next week, J.CO Donuts & Coffee is opening their SECOND branch in SM Mall of Asia! We know that’s definitely good news for all you foodies who are from the South or Manila area. :)

J.CO Donuts now in SM Mall of Asia!

With the wide variety of uniquely delicious flavors that J.CO Donuts offers, we bet you’d have trouble deciding which one you’d order. I personally recommend Green Tease if you’re into matcha too.

Ken LOVES Heaven Berry. And, of course, we both love, love, love Al Capone, a donut generously covered with almond slivers. Yum! :)

J.CO Donuts Al Capone with almond slivers!

But, you can’t go wrong with anything with chocolate. Seriously, though, there’s not one donut flavor we tasted from J.CO Donuts that we didn’t like. So, we strongly recommend you get a box of J.Pops for that chance to try more flavors without overwhelming yourself. Ken almost finished one box all by himself. 😀

J.CO baby donuts named J.Pops - Love it -

Free Glazzy donut for any J.Coffee purchaseIf you visit any of J.CO Donuts’ stores, by the way, you can get a FREE Glazzy donut for every cup of J.Coffee. This promo runs until the end of the month, May 31st.

We’re sincerely hoping J.CO Donuts will open a store closer to us North peeps. Trinoma or SM North Edsa? 😉

J.CO Donuts & Coffee
– G/F Megastrip B, SM Megamall
– G/F Unit #106 North Parking Bldg, Pacific Drive, SM Mall of Asia
Facebook page:

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    hi! cool blog. now you can avoid the hassle of falling in line in their stores – here’s how – phone order >> all their branch numbers here >>

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