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FIC Belgian Chocolate Frozen Dessert : A Luscious, Guilt Free Indulgence

With the scorching heat we’re already experiencing the past weeks, there’s nothing better to beat the heat than a tub of ice cream. For the health-conscious, it may not be one of their options to chill, but we’ve got a delightful news for you – Fruits in Ice Cream’s Belgian Chocolate Frozen Dessert.

FIC Belgian Chocolate Frozen Dessert is 95 percent fat-free and no sugar added -

We have loved FIC’s ice cream because of the unmistakable fact that they use only high quality ingredients, resulting to a creamy, luscious ice cream experience. So, when we found out they had a Belgian Chocolate Frozen Dessert that’s 95% fat-free, we couldn’t wait to get a taste of it.

Two tubs of FIC Belgian Chocolate frozen desserts -

When these 2 tubs were delivered to us, I had to hurry taking photos ’cause of the anticipation. 😀 Ken and I are big fans of chocolate. I LOVE it dark or bittersweet. So just imagine how much I held back to get these photos taken while Ken was already devouring one of the tubs (check the photo below). 😀

FIC Belgian Chocolate Frozen Dessert creamy, chocolatey goodness -

We honestly thought that it’s not going to be as good as regular chocolate-flavored ice cream because it’s fat-free and there’s no sugar added. We were pleasantly surprised to say the least. It was THAT good.

Yes, it wasn’t overly sweet, but the chocolate goodness was there. We also noticed that, unlike the regular version of this frozen delight, the ice cream didn’t leave a thick, thirsty feeling on our throats, which makes this perfect for this weather we’re experiencing lately. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. This FIC ice cream variant is made of 100% Callebaut chocolate (couverture) and the creamiest dairy ingredients. They didn’t skimp on this flavor-wise, and we bet you would agree once you get a taste of this yummy ice cream.

What a luscious way to beat the heat -

FIC Belgian Chocolate Frozen Dessert is available in leading supermarkets in Metro Manila, in Fruits in Ice Cream scooping stations, ice cream bars and home distributors. You can also visit their website,, to know where to buy OR follow them on Facebook.

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  • Anu bayan!!!! Sana gumaling na tummy ko ng makatikim naman nito… huhuhu…

  • When I read Belgian chocolate, for a second I thought I wouldn’t like it coz it would be too sweet. Good to know that isn’t the case. 🙂

  • I love FIC! And seeing that picture of the ice cream scoops… aaah, I’m definitely craving for some.

  • Marco


  • U8mypinkcookies

    oh myyyyy!!!! i love their raspberry rapture flavor! this one’s a must-try.