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One year.

We can’t believe that this food blog, Certified Foodies, has been in existence for over a year now.

We started this humble blog in May 2010 with the purpose of sharing our own recipes of dishes that we Pinoys usually don’t prepare at home. It may be because they seem complicated or too messy to cook. We wanted to show people that noob cooks (Mhel) or better skilled ones (Kenneth) can experiment and add their own twists to different recipes and flavors.

Since then, we’ve aimed to hopefully encourage people that cooking is fun. Our very own Nanay (yes, we’re siblings! :D) has shown us how much you can enjoy cooking at home. That’s why the kitchen is our favorite area in our home. We get to cook whatever we want, whenever we prefer. And she willingly (:D) tastes them, compliments or criticizes us accordingly and in a very amusing way. 😀

She’s even very supportive of our food blog. Whenever we’re dining out, she’ll always recommend we try something new. Why? ‘Cause she’s seen the development of this blog and is actually enjoying being part of all this.

A lot has happened in the past year, including our discovery of new flavor combinations and cuisines that we usually would be scared to taste. Our palates have matured and we now are looking forward to more foodie adventures. 🙂

Mhel and Ken - We're siblings who love to cook and go on food trips - CertifiedFoodies.comFierce-fierce-an 😀

We honestly can’t believe the amount of support we’re getting from our fellow foodies. From moms who have tried our recipes and added their own twists to it (definitely a win for us!) to fellow food lovers who finally worked up the courage to try something new just because of our recommendations, ahhh… for that, WE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts… and bellies :D, especially those who find the time to visit our blog and comment.

By the way, we hope you’d consider this food blog for your list of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. For all those who have already voted for us, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂


Why is this giveaway launching today, July 12, 2011?

Today, Kenneth, one of the authors of this blog, will be starting his journey towards fulfilling his culinary dreams. So, it was just fitting to start our giveaway on a very remarkable day in our lives.

Very soon, he’ll be sharing his new recipes, and tips and techniques that he learned from culinary school. So, make sure you stay tuned for that!



Alright, enough introduction. Let’s get on to our FIRST ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY. But, we hope you did read the paragraphs here. You’ll know why later. 😉

Join's First Anniversary Giveaway



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Michelle (aka Mhel / blankPixels) is a social media nerd and works as a Digital Marketing Lead for one of the top online companies in the Philippines. On her free time, she travels, goes on food trip and loves to take photos. She's the main editor of this food blog.



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