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Kenny Rogers Roasters Hainanese Chicken & Frozen Yoghurt – Healthy Choices for Healthy Lives

Last week, April 19th, I was invited to join Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Bloggers Night at their Katipunan branch. They were launching their new products and introducing us to their brand ambassadors.

Kenny Rogers slogan for their healthy line of new dishes for us -

I’ve been an avid Kenny Rogers Roasters diner for years. In fact, one of our homemade recipes here on our food blog is our own version of their Cheese and Garlic Potato side dish which I love, love, love! I also super enjoy the flavors of their roasted chicken and recently, their Burger Steak, which I still have to blog about.

Since my bro and I are starting to eat healthier, it was just the right timing for us to be invited to this event. The slogan of Kenny Rogers Roasters campaign to healthier eating is so timely. I agree with them. If you want to live a healthy life, it’s all about healthy CHOICES.

They also want to change the perception that if you want to be healthy, you need to sacrifice a lot when it comes to food. Kenny Rogers Roasters wants us to know that there are healthy options that are delicious, too.

Kenny Rogers new Hainanese Chicken -

In line with this campaign, we were introduced that night to their latest offering, Hainanese Chicken. It’s a very popular dish in Singapore where the chicken is poached, paired with Hainanese rice and complemented with 3 different sauces. Kenny Rogers changed it up a bit with their own twist, adding some Pinoy flavor to it by topping the rice with garlic chips, which I know a lot of us Filipinos love.

Kenny Rogers' Hainanese Chicken with ginger, chili, and dark sweet soy sauces -

That’s my plate of Hainanese Chicken. For  Php 185.00, you get a quarter (1/4) chicken, Hainanese rice, chicken broth/soup, and the 3 sauces. I enjoyed this dish, especially with the combination of the chili and sweet soy sauces mixed with the very tender chicken.

It’s truly very healthful and you won’t have to worry about indulging yourself too much since the chicken is poached. No need to worry about having to use Dermagist or something like it since the chicken is not fried. I’m actually going to try preparing my own version of this at home, making sure it doesn’t end up tasting more like my nanay’s Tinola.

For dessert, Kenny Rogers Roasters had a surprise in store for us – their own Frozen Yoghurt! I was pretty excited about this news. If you’ve been following this food blog, you probably already know I’ve been trying out different frozen yoghurt stores to compare them with the rest I’ve already enjoyed. Yes, I’m addicted to frozen yoghurt (or yogurt, froyo, whatever you wanna call it).

Kenny Rogers staff bringing in cups of Frozen Yoghurt with different toppings -

I’m so glad to hear that Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) now has froyo on their menu. That means I won’t have to go to a froyo store after my meal at KRR. I can enjoy a cup of froyo right there and then. It’s a healthy dessert and very affordable, too. A small cup of their frozen yoghurt is priced at Php 35, while the larger cup, like the ones we got, are priced at only Php 55.

Kenny Rogers' Frozen Yoghurt with various toppings -

The photo above shows some of the toppings available for you to choose from. My favorites are the brownies, mango bits and crushed graham. With that amount of frozen yoghurt and toppings, the price of Php 55 is really a great deal!

Here’s me and Ken with our own cups of Kenny Rogers Roasters Frozen Yoghurt. We loved the creaminess and subtle tanginess of it. All I can say is it’s now on top of our faves list. 🙂

Me and my cup of Kenny Rogers Roasters' Frozen Yoghurt with mangoes - CertifiedFoodies.comKen enjoying his KRR Frozen Yoghurt with brownies and mangoes -
Ken’s photo, courtesy of Kenny Rogers Roasters

After our meals, we were then introduced to Kenny Rogers Roasters new brand ambassadors namely Phil and James Younghusband of our Azkals football team, pro surfer Lorraine Lapus, and pro tri-athlete Mica Tantuico. They all reflect what Kenny Rogers Roasters is aiming for – healthy lifestyle, healthy choices.

Kenny Rogers new brand ambassadors pro-surfer Lorraine Lapus and James Younghusband of the Azkals - CertifiedFoodies.comKenny Rogers new brand ambassadors pro-tri-athlete Mica Tantuico and Phil Younghusband of the Azkals -

Only Phil and Mica were at the event though. Their photo above doesn’t do them justice! Mica is so much prettier in person, and Phil, well, he’s way cuter, too.

When asked why they agreed to be the brand ambassadors of Kenny Rogers Roasters, Mica answered it’s because they are giving healthy choices for their diners. Phil, on the other hand, replied by saying that as an endorser, he wants to have a partnership with a brand that represents his lifestyle or how he lives his life. Good answers, eh?

Here’s me and my bro with Phil and Mica, photo courtesy of Kenny Rogers again.

Me and Ken with Phil and Mica -

All in all, I had a great time at the event. I’m so glad to be part of the bloggers night of one of my favorite restaurants, Kenny Rogers Roasters. Thank you, Tina, Marco and to the rest of the KRR family for the invite and warm accommodation.

Bloggers who attended the event, with Phil and Mica - CertifiedFoodies.comBloggers who joined Kenny Rogers Roasters bloggers night, with Phil and Mica.


Here are some more photos at the event. The rest of our photos are posted on Certified Foodies’ Facebook page.

Marco of Kenny Rogers introducing us to the new products of Kenny Rogers -

Marco of Kenny Rogers Roasters telling us more about what they’re aiming to accomplish as a brand towards healthier options and choices for their patrons.

Fellow bloggers who were at the event -

Bloggers and attendees of Kenny Rogers Bloggers Night -

The spell HAINANESE game winners, with our limited edition KRR tumblers -

We played a game where we need to spell out HAINANESE using letters found under our tables. We were the first group to finish and were awarded with limited edition Kenny Rogers Roasters tumblers.
Thanks letter H for joining us! 😀

Me with fellow bloggers Ruth, Jeman, Edel and Nice -

The bloggers at my table – Ruth, Jeman, Edel and Nice. Ken took this photo on Nice’s camera.

I highly recommend you also try Kenny Rogers Roasters Hainanese Chicken and Frozen Yoghurt. Let me know what you think. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy them like how we did. 🙂

Join Kenny Roger’s Facebook page or check out their website for more information on their healthy options.


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  • Cecile

    wahhh, miss ko na Kenny Rogers food…..bakit kaya dito sa U.S. wala nyan…to think na taga dito naman si KR?

  • we love kenny rogers too…nice to know that they are introducing different menus every now and then! have a great weekend!

  • FoodTripFriday

    Yum! I think tha tonly food I remember from kenny is their famous Muffin! lol!

  • Gengen

    Oh boy miss to eat there too. I like it…Yummy…Happy FTF!

  • Kat

    pogi ni Phil..pero mas kainin yong pagkain dyan…miss ko na ang KR’s…wala kasi dito sa Davao.

  • I love froyo, but I have yet to try Kenny’s!

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    Much ♥,
    Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews

  • Dorothy

    gwapo ni phil! hehe anyway miss ko na kumain sa Kenny. Will ask hubby to eat there this Saturday and will try their hainanese chicken. 🙂

  • u8mypinkcookies

    wow i wanna try the froyo.. ang mura naman:D

  • i saw their advertisements for Hainanese Chicken a while back and i was really tempted! kaso we haven’t had the chance to dine at Kenny Roger’s Roasters since then…buti nalang you blogged about it! gusto ko ma-try! …and also their yoghurt! hehehe, takaw,’no? 😛