FIC Introduces their Yogurt Ice Cream

It may not be the perfect weather for something cold, but I find myself craving for Fruits in Ice Cream’s Yogurt Ice Cream. No, it’s not frozen yogurt. I mean, it’s not just frozen yogurt. It’s yogurt ice cream.

The Ice Cream Bar flavors by FIC at the Rockwell Center -

Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC) recently introduced their new product – Yogurt Ice Cream. This is in response to those who would love to take home the same health benefits from pro-biotics we get from a serving of soft-served frozen yogurt, and the creamy goodness of ice cream.

During the launch at The Ice Cream Bar in Rockwell, we all got a taste of their Lemon Crumble Yogurt Ice Cream, their first flavor for this new creation.

My serving of FIC Lemon Crumble Yogurt Ice Cream -

I enjoyed my serving of this yogurt ice cream and I was glad we got to take home 2 pints of it. All of us at home loved it! Very creamy and the lemon flavor added this citrusy delight that really had me craving for more.

My 2 pints of FIC Lemon Crumble Yogurt Ice Cream -

I love frozen yogurt and we’ve been scouring the Metro for more froyo stores. Now, I can buy FIC Yogurt Ice Cream and take them home for my family to enjoy.

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Have you joined our giveaway?

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Join’s First Anniversary Giveaway

There are minor updates, including the following:

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Yakimix Eat All You Can Smokeless Grill Restaurant, Trinoma

We love eat-all-you-can or buffet style restaurants. I mean, who doesn’t?! You get to pick the food you want on your plate and you get to try different dishes all on a fixed price. This is why we are scouring the Metro for all these restaurants so we can try them and post a feature or review here. First up is Yakimix in Trinoma.

YakiMix Sushi Smokeless Grill Restaurant in Trinoma -

We’ve heard of Yakimix from friends and they were 99% raves. I wasn’t really convinced before ‘cause of the price tag. But, I’ll try anything once.

We’ve actually been to Yakimix twice for the past 3 months. For our first visit, we had to wait for over an hour to get a table. That’s why we strongly suggest you call them for reservations or be there really early.

They only have 2 buffet schedules you can choose from. Lunch is served at 11am to 2:30pm everyday, while dinner starts at 5:30pm to 10:30pm Mondays to Fridays and starts 15 minutes earlier on the weekends. Lunch and dinner schedules at the Trioma branch of YakiMix -

The lunch buffet on weekdays costs Php 499 per head; Php 580 on weekends, which is also the same price for dinner every night of the week. A little expensive, but considering the amount of food choices you get compared with other eat-all-you-can restaurants we’ve tried so far, I say it’s worth it. 🙂

For children below feet, they offer a special rate of Php 380. Their bottomless drinks cost Php 65. And in case you have leftovers (a no-no when you’re at eat-all-you-can restaurants), they charge Php 699 per head.

Though we had to wait for a long time on our first time there, I observed that their crew are organized and quick in taking care of customers, cleaning up tables, and are generally accommodating.

By the way, the second time we went there with our parents, we actually had a table reserved a few days before. But, my mom said they can’t find my name so they just had their names listed at the reservations desk. Since they were early, they got a table right away and were already stuffing their mouths full when we arrived 30 minutes after. 😀

The pretty lady at the reservations desk of YakiMix in Trinoma with Ken and Jhay - CertifiedFoodies.comThis pretty lady, Dimple, was the one at the reservations desk.
She’s very organized and friendly, too, obviously, as she willingly posed for us. 😀

Note: Make sure you get your name listed at the reservations table / booth located right outside the restaurant’s door. We saw a couple of customers lining up thinking there was really a queue without having their names listed first and were disappointed to know they were waiting in vain.

Oh, by the way, you can also come by and reserve a table for a future date. Or you can just call them. Their branches and contact numbers can be found at the bottom of this post.

I love the color scheme inside Yakimix Trinoma. They used brown and black on their furniture and walls. The tables are also very spacious so you can place multiple plates on it. Just look at ours. 😀

Our second time at YakiMix in Trinoma -

On each table at YakiMix is a smokeless grill. As soon as you settle in, a crew member will fire up the grill for you. And, yes, the grill is smokeless, so no worries about smelling like everything you had for lunch or dinner when you leave the restaurant.

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Philips Air Fryer Introduces the New Way to Fry Food – Air as the New Oil!

Fried chicken. Pork chops. French fries. Bagnet. Lechon Kawali. Fried tilapia. Buffalo wings.

Homestyle Buffalo Wings with Cheesy Garlic Dip -

Those are just six of our favorite comfort food here in our home. They’re good and easy to prepare. We can come up with our own sauces, marinades, etc.. However, we wish there’s a way to enjoy these delicious dishes without the guilt of eating anything oily.

That’s why when we were invited to the launch of Philips Air Fryer, we were both really curious to know how the dishes cooked in it would compare against real fried food.

Philips Air Fryer launch was held at Simply Thai in Greenbelt -

We headed to Simply Thai in Greenbelt 5 last July 12th for the launch of this new innovation from Philips. At the event was Divine Lee with her fierce followers who won invites from her blog. She hosted the launch and was very entertaining. 😀

Host Divine Lee with her fierce followers who were invited to the launch -

Green chef himself, Chef Sau del Rosario, also graced the event as the ambassador of healthy eating and Philips MyKitchen. He truly is one of the most sought-after chefs in the country to-date. We’ve seen him like four times already in the span of 3 months. That only shows how much impact he has in the culinary and food industry here.

Air is the New Oil. That’s the theme of the night. We had doubts, really, ‘til we were served with these delicious appetizers that were all “air-fried” using the Philips AirFryer.

All these are air-fried by the Philips Air Fryer -

We actually took a bite of the spicy chicken lollipop first before the server told us they were all air-fried. Yes, everything you see on that plate – spring rolls, dumplings/wantons and the chicken lollipops – were all fried using air. 🙂

We were pretty amazed and started wishing they’d raffle off some units during the launch ‘cause we really wanted to have one. 😀 Well, they raffled off 2 and we didn’t win. 🙁 But, we’d love to get our hands on one! 🙂

As much as we love fried food, the whole frying task can be a bit rough, especially when you’re frying pork. You’d need something to protect you from all the oil that’ll splatter from the pan. This can truly be a hassle, especially when you’re entertaining friends at home. Plus, all the smoke from the cooking will stick on you the whole day. And unless you’re using a non-stick pan, clean-up can be tiring, too. 😐

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Food Trip! Manila’s Biggest Food Fest at Manila Ocean Park

Here’s another event foodies like us shouldn’t miss – Food Trip! Manila’s Biggest Food Fest, presented by Manila Ocean Park, the only themed resort destination in our country to-date.

Food Trip! Manila's Biggest Food Fest at Manila Ocean Park -

This food fest will be happening on September 16 to 18, 2011, at the Manila Ocean Park designated event areas, specifically at the driveway and north parking area.

What we’re excited about Food Trip! Manila’s Biggest Food Fest is the Food Warrior Eating Challenge. We haven’t seen something like it so it’ll be interesting to watch. I wonder what they’ll be stuffing their mouths with. 😀

Of course, we’re also looking forward to the competitions on flair tending and mocktails, and the pastry and cake / cupcake decorating competitions.

Here’s the schedule of activities for your reference:

September 16 (Friday)

  • 4pm: Opening ceremonies (Marching bands, HIgantes Parade, MOP Mascot Parade, ribbon cutting ceremony, Palarong Pinoy / games, Food bazaar, Cooking demos)
  • 7pm: Flair tending / Mocktails Competition Grand Championship & Awarding
  • 8pm: Mini Concert


September 17 (Saturday)

  • 10am: Opening ceremonies (Marching bands, HIgantes Parade, MOP Mascot Parade, ribbon cutting ceremony, Palarong Pinoy / games, Food bazaar, Cooking demos)
  • 2pm: Food Warrior Eating Challenge
  • 6pm: Battle of the Bands Grand Championship
  • 8pm: Food Warrior Eating Challenge & Awarding
  • 9pm: MIni Concert


September 18 (Sunday)

  • 10am: Opening ceremonies (Marching bands, HIgantes Parade, MOP Mascot Parade, ribbon cutting ceremony, Palarong Pinoy / games, Food bazaar, Cooking demos)
  • 3pm: Cupcake Decorating Contest & Awarding
  • 6pm: Mini Concert


By the way, when you purchase your tickets for only Php 200, you get to enjoy the following:

  • free meal
  • free beer or softdrink
  • free Funchum
  • 20% discount on all attractions
  • mini concert
  • freebies


You can purchase your tickets to Food Trip! Manila’s Biggest Food Fest at the Manila Ocean Park reservations office and ticket counters. You can come in in whatever you prefer, may it be hip hop clothing or something fit for the weather. 🙂

For booth reservations and sponsorship inquiries:

Succulent Chicken Goodness from World Chicken

World Chicken - Be good to your heart... eat grilled! -

Whenever my bro and I see a World Chicken stall, may it be in Trinoma, Gateway Mall or in Glorietta, we can’t help but wrestle with the idea of ordering their oh-so tender grilled chicken. If not for our hunger for something new to feature on this blog, we would’ve eaten there every time (I guess that’s something we’re actually thankful for :D). In fact, my bro loved them so much that they were the inspiration behind his Creamy Pesto Pasta and Grilled Chicken recipe.

Creamy Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken on the side - CertifiedFoodies.comKen’s pesto pasta is WAY more delicious than World Chicken’s,
but the ingredients are a li’l on the expensive side.

What is it about World Chicken that makes it one of our favorites? That’s a question that’s pretty easy to answer – it’s the tenderness of the flame-grilled boneless chicken they serve that’s very moist, and the wide variety of options for sauces, carbohydrates, and side dishes, PLUS affordability.

Reasons why you should choose  World Chicken, too -

We got this flier from their Gateway Mall branch, explaining why a lot of people are flocking their branches in Glorietta and Trinoma.

  • Fresh tomatoes used on their pasta sauces.
  • Real potatoes with bacon bits on their potato salad, based on the photo.
  • 9 different sauces to choose from.
  • Freshly flame-grilled boneless chicken.

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Power of Pen 3: Food Writing Workshop – Learn from the Experts!

Are you aspiring to be a food or travel writer? Yes? Then, here’s your chance to learn from the experts. Join Power of Pen 3: Food Writing Workshop, happening on July 28-29 (8am-5pm) at the Philippine Stock Exchange Auditorium.

Power of Pen 3 - A Food and Travel Writing Workshop with the Icons -

As a food blogger, this is one workshop I wish I could attend. Just look at the panel of experts who’ll be teaching you their own techniques and styles in writing, photography, food styling, blogging, and even how to draw in an audience.

Registration fee is Php 6,720 per head; refreshments, lunch and the workshop kit included.

Update: I was just notified that they have a buy 1, take 1 promo this week only so hurry! 🙂

To register or to inquire about the Power of Pen 3: Food Writing Workshop, please call 352-3187 or 927-6206.

CLOSED: Certified Foodies First Anniversary Giveaway

One year.

We can’t believe that this food blog, Certified Foodies, has been in existence for over a year now.

We started this humble blog in May 2010 with the purpose of sharing our own recipes of dishes that we Pinoys usually don’t prepare at home. It may be because they seem complicated or too messy to cook. We wanted to show people that noob cooks (Mhel) or better skilled ones (Kenneth) can experiment and add their own twists to different recipes and flavors.

Since then, we’ve aimed to hopefully encourage people that cooking is fun. Our very own Nanay (yes, we’re siblings! :D) has shown us how much you can enjoy cooking at home. That’s why the kitchen is our favorite area in our home. We get to cook whatever we want, whenever we prefer. And she willingly (:D) tastes them, compliments or criticizes us accordingly and in a very amusing way. 😀

She’s even very supportive of our food blog. Whenever we’re dining out, she’ll always recommend we try something new. Why? ‘Cause she’s seen the development of this blog and is actually enjoying being part of all this.

A lot has happened in the past year, including our discovery of new flavor combinations and cuisines that we usually would be scared to taste. Our palates have matured and we now are looking forward to more foodie adventures. 🙂

Mhel and Ken - We're siblings who love to cook and go on food trips - CertifiedFoodies.comFierce-fierce-an 😀

We honestly can’t believe the amount of support we’re getting from our fellow foodies. From moms who have tried our recipes and added their own twists to it (definitely a win for us!) to fellow food lovers who finally worked up the courage to try something new just because of our recommendations, ahhh… for that, WE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts… and bellies :D, especially those who find the time to visit our blog and comment.

By the way, we hope you’d consider this food blog for your list of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. For all those who have already voted for us, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂


Why is this giveaway launching today, July 12, 2011?

Today, Kenneth, one of the authors of this blog, will be starting his journey towards fulfilling his culinary dreams. So, it was just fitting to start our giveaway on a very remarkable day in our lives.

Very soon, he’ll be sharing his new recipes, and tips and techniques that he learned from culinary school. So, make sure you stay tuned for that!



Alright, enough introduction. Let’s get on to our FIRST ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY. But, we hope you did read the paragraphs here. You’ll know why later. 😉

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GSM Blueniversity and Flair Idol 2011

A few weeks ago, we were invited to attend a GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar exclusively for bloggers. Being social drinkers, it was truly something we were looking forward to. We enjoy mixing our own cocktails and punches at home when we host parties for friends or relatives. And GSM Blue has been a big part of why our mixes were well liked during those occasions.

GSM Blue's Blueniversity aims to educate, not intoxicate -

GSM Blue has this very smooth flavor which makes it perfect for blending your own cocktails. You can keep it light or strong, however you and your friends prefer it. The subtle sweetness masks the alcoholic smell and taste that most light drinkers hate. Plus, based on our experience, you won’t suffer from nasty hangovers when you use it for your own alcoholic concoctions. Truly, it’s “Masarap makihalo” with GSM Blue. 🙂

GSM Blueniversity, just to give you a brief background, is a program where you can learn how to mix drinks and flair-tend in a leisurely and fun-filled environment. You’ll be trained by no less than flair-tending experts and professionals themselves. Most of your “classmates” here are HRM students, future bartenders, and bartenders-at-heart. You won’t just be trained how to mix cocktails and bartend, but also they’ll help you develop the confidence you’d need to be an awesome flair-tender in the future. 🙂

Our GSM Blueniversity Dean that night, Jayce Perlas -

Going back to the Mixology Seminar, we were entertained and educated by our GSM Blueniversity Dean for the night, Jayce Perlas, and well-known flair-tenders Derick de Borja and Erwyn Unigo.

Derick de Borja tells us more about GSM Blue's Flair Idol -

Derick explained to us that GSM Blueniversity aims “to educate, not intoxicate”, which we completely support. He continued on telling us more about the different products of Ginebra San Miguel such as their gin products, Antonov Vodka, Don Enrique Mixkila, St. George Premium Whisky, Tondena Manila Rum, and Mixx. We’ve only tried, so far, the MIxkila, Vodka and MIxx.

Some of Ginebra San Miguel's alcoholic products -

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