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McDonald’s Eat All You Can Promo is TRUE!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you check the date on the coupon below and when this post was published, you’ll see this is from 2012, not 2014. Thanks.

Earlier today, I saw someone tweeting about McDonald’s eat-all-you-can promo. My first thought was, “Are they crazy?!”. We’re also fans of McDonald’s and so just the thought of an unlimited offering of items on their menu drove me wild. Is it true?

McDonald's Baguio eat all you can buffet on March 26, 2012

Brian (The Philippines and Beyond), the guy who tweeted about it, shared with me the above photo that’s been spreading like wildfire. Upon further research, I learned it was posted on 9gag. Knowing the site, you’d think twice about believing anything posted there.

So, I posted the photo on our Facebook page and on my wall. I got a ton of responses (’cause I said walang KJ 😀 ) when I asked what item off McDo’s menu they’d want to get unlimited of, and we thought it was all a gag.

The sign clearly shows it’s McDonald’s branch in Baguio, along Session Road. Fortunately, someone from Baguio (shoutout to Clar!) replied to the thread saying it’s true, that she even has tickets to the buffet / eat-all-you-can happening on March 26, 2012. I requested for a photo and here it is:

McDonald's Baguio eat all you can buffet tickets 2012Credits to Baguio Food Adventures – Thank you Clar! 🙂

Not sure if they’re still selling tickets or they’re sold out. If you have any idea, let me know so we can update this.

Update: From Marianne Cristine: Not all the items on their menu are part of the promo. Since they’re only selling limited tickets, I think this is okay. If you’ll be there, we’d appreciate it if you’d share photos so we can post it here, with credits to you, of course. 🙂

Let’s set aside the health concerns and what-nots for now. No mentioning of having to request for a free quote for health reasons. Basta! ALL FOR FUN. I know a lot of you who aren’t from Baguio are also jealous that they have this promo there.

So, again, let me ask you a question: Which item off McDonald’s menu would you eat if you happen to get your hands on one of the eat-all-you-can buffet tickets?

I know Ken and I will have the same answers: fries and caramel sundae! 😀

Free McCafe Premium Roast Coffee at McDonald’s – August 8-12 Only!

For all my fellow coffee lovers out there, you can now enjoy a good cup of McCafe Premium Roast Coffee for FREE at any McDonald’s breakfast store nationwide. All you need to do is present your “FREE COFFEE” coupon from 4:00am up to 10:30am starting August 8th until the 12th.

Free McCafe Premium Roast Coffee only at McDonald's -

This is definitely good news for those who need their dose of caffeine in the morning and can’t find a cafe that’s open really early in the morning. There are McDonald’s stores nationwide that are open 24/7 that you can visit from August 8-12 to experience the goodness of 100% Arabica coffee from McCafe.

The McCafe Premium Roast Coffee is made from 100% pure Arabica beans, which they claim are hand-picked from the best coffee-producing regions globally. It’s roasted and blended perfectly to give you that classic aroma and great brewed coffee flavor. You can add this to your breakfast meal or solo for only Php 25.00.

Wondering how you’d get your hands on a coupon? Well, they started giving away free coupons in offices, transportation terminals, colleges, universities and McDonald’s stores yesterday. For the complete mechanics or to find out where they’re handing out these coupons, check McDonald’s on Facebook.