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Kenny Rogers Roasters Hainanese Chicken & Frozen Yoghurt – Healthy Choices for Healthy Lives

Last week, April 19th, I was invited to join Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Bloggers Night at their Katipunan branch. They were launching their new products and introducing us to their brand ambassadors.

Kenny Rogers slogan for their healthy line of new dishes for us -

I’ve been an avid Kenny Rogers Roasters diner for years. In fact, one of our homemade recipes here on our food blog is our own version of their Cheese and Garlic Potato side dish which I love, love, love! I also super enjoy the flavors of their roasted chicken and recently, their Burger Steak, which I still have to blog about.

Since my bro and I are starting to eat healthier, it was just the right timing for us to be invited to this event. The slogan of Kenny Rogers Roasters campaign to healthier eating is so timely. I agree with them. If you want to live a healthy life, it’s all about healthy CHOICES.

They also want to change the perception that if you want to be healthy, you need to sacrifice a lot when it comes to food. Kenny Rogers Roasters wants us to know that there are healthy options that are delicious, too.

Kenny Rogers new Hainanese Chicken -

In line with this campaign, we were introduced that night to their latest offering, Hainanese Chicken. It’s a very popular dish in Singapore where the chicken is poached, paired with Hainanese rice and complemented with 3 different sauces. Kenny Rogers changed it up a bit with their own twist, adding some Pinoy flavor to it by topping the rice with garlic chips, which I know a lot of us Filipinos love.

Kenny Rogers' Hainanese Chicken with ginger, chili, and dark sweet soy sauces -

That’s my plate of Hainanese Chicken. For  Php 185.00, you get a quarter (1/4) chicken, Hainanese rice, chicken broth/soup, and the 3 sauces. I enjoyed this dish, especially with the combination of the chili and sweet soy sauces mixed with the very tender chicken.

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