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Raku Hokkaido Ramen House at NAIA Terminal 3

When Kenneth flew to Singapore for a “vacation” in January, our family decided to have like a goodbye lunch at NAIA Terminal 3. I suggested we do that instead of going to a restaurant we’d pass by on our way to the airport since there are food places in NAIA Terminal 3 that I wanted to check out.

So, there. As soon as Ken checked in his baggage, we went up and saw Raku Hokkaido Ramen House by Ministop.

Raku Hokkaido Ramen House at NAIA 3 - CertifiedFoodies.comPhoto credit: Kat’s Musings

First off, we ordered drinks. I wanted to try their Apple Nectar, but Php 145 is just too expensive for me. So, I decided to order Raku’s Japanese Ocha for all us, at Php 29 each. At that price, I expected it to be bland. Well, it met my expectations. 😀

Japanese Ocha from Raku in NAIA 3 -

Though we wanted to try their Ramen, we opted to order their Bento meals since we haven’t had anything yet for breakfast or lunch.

Before I tell you about what we ordered, I wanted to mention that I was completely disappointed with their service. By the time our orders arrived, we were all very hungry. And they weren’t served like a few minutes after each other or at the same time. We had to wait like 5-10 minutes for each of our orders to arrive. My dad’s order came last while we were already in the middle of finishing off ours. We had to follow up 4 times on our orders. It was that bad. It wasn’t that hectic when we were there. People only started coming in while we were already eating so I don’t understand why it took them that long to serve our food.

First off, my bro ordered their Chicken Teriyaki Bento, Php 145. As you can see, there’s a generous serving of rice topped with sesame seeds and veggie side dishes on all their bento meals. But, I would’ve wanted more pieces of chicken. I got to taste it and the chicken meat were tender. My bro enjoyed it.

Raku's Chicken Teriyaki Bento, Php 145 -

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