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Filipino Food Festival at Fresh Restaurant in Solaire Resort and Casino

It’s about time Filipino food got its well-deserved spotlight in the international culinary scene. More and more countries and word-famous chefs are getting interested with our diverse and rich cuisine. Fresh Restaurant at Solaire Resort & Casino has decided to grab this golden opportunity to highlight our culinary heritage by launching their month-long Filipino Food Festival with Chef Sau del Rosario.

Chef Sau del Rosario for the Filipino Food Festival at Fresh Restaurant Solaire Resor and Casino


Chef Sau del Rosario x 20 Years of Love & Cooking Book

You’re not a true Filipino foodie if you are not familiar with Chef Sau del Rosario. He’s practically everywhere – from TV shows, magazine covers, newspapers, and even online. Coming from four generations of native Kapampangan chefs, it’s no surprise Chef Sau pursued a culinary career as well. And by ‘pursued,’ we mean fattening his resume with local and international stints and working with Michelin star chefs like Christian Plumail, Jacque Divellec, and Bruno Loubet. He delves deeper into his 20 years of culinary experience in his recently launched book, “20 Years of Love & Cooking.” If you happen to visit Fresh Restaurant during Sunday brunches, they’re selling copies of his book, which Chef Sau would be more than happy to sign for you!

20 Years of Love and Cooking Book by Chef Sau del Rosario


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Celebrate the Best of Filipino Cuisine at Corniche of Diamond Hotel

There are but a few world class hotels in the Philippines that celebrate the culinary heritage of their host country. Diamond Hotel is one of those few, and they promote our rich cuisine by launching an annual Filipino Food Festival. This year, they have asked 3 of Manila’s most celebrated chefs to come aboard and showcase their prowess by reinventing all-time Pinoy favorites at The Best of Filipino Cuisine lunch and dinner buffet in Corniche Restaurant from May 13–23, 2014.

Corniche The Best of Filipino Cuisine - Diamond Hotel



Filipino celebrity chefs Bruce Lim, Sau del Rosario and JP Anglo join Diamond Hotel’s Executive Chef Marko Rankel in celebrating the flavors of Filipino cuisine. We loved every twist they added to the dishes they prepared for this food festival. 🙂

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Breakfast Magazine : Uniquely Fresh, Satisfyingly Delicious

There is no doubt about it, my love for food can be traced back to my younger years when I first learned how to cook with my nanay‘s guidance. Since then, my thirst to learn more about food continued to grow and I enjoyed reading about everything related to food, may it be on a magazine, book, or a website. I lived vicariously through the writers’ stories of their latest food discoveries, how they travelled different parts of the country and the world to satisfy their curiosity (and tummy). And I share this passion for food with my brother Ken, one of the major reasons why we get along well. Little did we know that this year, 2012, after almost two years of writing for this blog, we’d be given an opportunity to write for a food magazine – Breakfast Magazine.

Breakfast Magazine - the freshest food magazine in the country to-date!

Breakfast Magazine is a bi-monthly publication. Their maiden issue was released last February 2012. I can describe the magazine as fresh and young, just like the team behind it led by Editor-in-Chief Alexis “Kim” Cuizon.

The Breakfast Magazine team and the amazing chefs

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Breakfast Magazine” is it’s going to be all about the most important meal of the day. But, they’re more than that. They aim to acquaint us with the people, where the ingredients come from and the stories behind the food, the restaurants, the products. Just like this blog, Breakfast Magazine is more personal. They take on a unique angle in their feature stories and theme in every issue. Heck, even the covers are so fabulous. 🙂

Breakfast Magazine first 3 issues

You’d probably expect a food magazine to have photos of delectable dishes on their cover, right? But, no. Breakfast Magazine’s first 3 issues feature people on the cover as they’re as interesting as the stories they have to tell. First was Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. Second is the lovely Iza Calzado. Followed by Pokwang – unlikely and unexpected, right? But, just look at how fab she looked at the front cover of the latest issue. I say the whole Breakfast Magazine team did an AWESOME job. I seriously can’t stop looking at that glamorous photo of Pokwang. 😉

Breakfast Magazine first 3 issues for 2012

And we’ve said it before, food triggers memories that we most likely have forgotten already. It can bring people together. It can heal us and comfort us on those very stressful days. What we eat, our relationship with food can somehow reveal something about us, what we’ve been through, our personality. And Breakfast Magazine puts focus on that. 🙂

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Philips Air Fryer Introduces the New Way to Fry Food – Air as the New Oil!

Fried chicken. Pork chops. French fries. Bagnet. Lechon Kawali. Fried tilapia. Buffalo wings.

Homestyle Buffalo Wings with Cheesy Garlic Dip -

Those are just six of our favorite comfort food here in our home. They’re good and easy to prepare. We can come up with our own sauces, marinades, etc.. However, we wish there’s a way to enjoy these delicious dishes without the guilt of eating anything oily.

That’s why when we were invited to the launch of Philips Air Fryer, we were both really curious to know how the dishes cooked in it would compare against real fried food.

Philips Air Fryer launch was held at Simply Thai in Greenbelt -

We headed to Simply Thai in Greenbelt 5 last July 12th for the launch of this new innovation from Philips. At the event was Divine Lee with her fierce followers who won invites from her blog. She hosted the launch and was very entertaining. 😀

Host Divine Lee with her fierce followers who were invited to the launch -

Green chef himself, Chef Sau del Rosario, also graced the event as the ambassador of healthy eating and Philips MyKitchen. He truly is one of the most sought-after chefs in the country to-date. We’ve seen him like four times already in the span of 3 months. That only shows how much impact he has in the culinary and food industry here.

Air is the New Oil. That’s the theme of the night. We had doubts, really, ‘til we were served with these delicious appetizers that were all “air-fried” using the Philips AirFryer.

All these are air-fried by the Philips Air Fryer -

We actually took a bite of the spicy chicken lollipop first before the server told us they were all air-fried. Yes, everything you see on that plate – spring rolls, dumplings/wantons and the chicken lollipops – were all fried using air. 🙂

We were pretty amazed and started wishing they’d raffle off some units during the launch ‘cause we really wanted to have one. 😀 Well, they raffled off 2 and we didn’t win. 🙁 But, we’d love to get our hands on one! 🙂

As much as we love fried food, the whole frying task can be a bit rough, especially when you’re frying pork. You’d need something to protect you from all the oil that’ll splatter from the pan. This can truly be a hassle, especially when you’re entertaining friends at home. Plus, all the smoke from the cooking will stick on you the whole day. And unless you’re using a non-stick pan, clean-up can be tiring, too. 😐

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