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Bizu Patisserie’s Christmas 2013 Collection

We may be weeks away from Christmas 2013 and New Year’s Eve, but you can still feel the holiday because of the cold weather we’re experiencing the past few days. And there’s Chinese New Year coming up. If you’re still in the mood for some foodie gift-giving, Bizu Patisserie’s Christmas 2013 collection of treats are still available for you and your loved ones.

Bizu Cheese Tarts

Bizu is well-known for their delectable pastries and their yearly holiday goodies. We blogged about them here and here. They usually have a theme, and for 2013, it’s Tchaikovsky’s Land of the Sweets (from The Nutcracker). You can check the list of their 2013 holiday collection below this post. Most of them are still sold at your favorite Bizu store, so make sure to inquire if there’s something you fancy.

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Macaron Day at Bizu : FREE Macarons!

Calling all French macaron lovers out there! April 20th is Macaron Day. To celebrate, on Saturday, Bizu Patisserie will be giving a FREE MACARON to every diner/patron who visit their branches (see below this post for the list). We’ve had a taste of their macarons and we loved them! 🙂


Commonly mistaken for the pastry with 2 Os (yes, I mean macaroons), a macaron is a light French almond meringue cookie with that nice, subtle crisp on the outside and a filling of crème ganache in the middle. Macarons have become a favorite because of the many flavors and twists you can do with them to suit anyone’s palate.

In case you didn’t know, these cute pastries were first introduced by Bizu here in the Philippines back in 2001. Now, they’re serving 13 macaron varieties, all with less sugar and more almonds. Yum!

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2012 Holiday Buffet and Specials from Metro Manila Restaurants

We were supposed to post this a week ago, but we had to attend to many important things, including the first meet-up of The Burp Society (Yes! We finally did it!). Anyway, you still have three (3) days to call for reservations or order to-go specials from these Metro Manila restaurants for your Noche Buena or Media Noche.

Happy Holidays from Mhel and Ken of Certified Foodies

Bizu Patisserie has a Savoury Holiday Traditions and Land of Sweets spread that you can order to-go – Le Picnique Party Tray – for your Noche Buena. See our post about Bizu’s holiday offerings.

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Bizu Patisserie Delighftul Holiday Gift Sets

It’s that time of the year again when people are specially sweet and giving towards others. For many, finding the perfect holiday gift may be an issue. But, with Bizu Patisserie holiday gift sets, you can’t go wrong. 🙂

Bizu Patisserie Holiday gift set

Bizu Patisserie is a French-inspired pastry shop where one can indulge in exquisite breads, pastries and even savory treats. We’ve written about them before when they celebrated their tenth year, and have visited them a couple of times after and we can attest to how they live up to their motto, “A taste of Joie de Vivre” (joy of living).

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