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Go Bananas over Sugar Stop’s Minion Cupcakes!

The sold-out stock of collectible toy versions of these cuties, the nonstop posts from people who can’t seem to get enough of them and the thousands who lined up on the first week of Despicable Me 2‘s screening are clear indications of the minion mania here in the Philippines. Adults and kids alike LOVE them and couldn’t resist their cuteness, so it was just inevitable that edible versions of these minions will soon take over our newsfeed. On our top favorites are definitely Sugar Stop’s Minion Cupcakes.

Sugar Stop Minion Cupcakes - so darn cute!!

If you’ve watched Despicable Me 1 and 2, you’d see how much more screen time the minions got in the sequel. Universal Pictures knew it, we all fell in love with the multi-lingual minions (yes, we paid attention 😀 ), so much so that people are now demanding for a movie featuring only the minions. Well, we think that’s a crazy idea, but let’s get back to the Minion Cupcakes by Sugar Stop.

We found out about them through Twitter. They sent us a tweet telling us to check out their minion cupcakes. Ken and I are both in love with these minions, so when I saw the photo, the first thought that came to me was, “How can anyone eat them?!?! They’re too darn cute!!”.

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Giveaway Alert: Win Tickets to The King and I from Kit Kat!

If there’s one valuable lesson we learned from studying and working hard all our lives, especially the past few months, it would have to be the importance of taking breaks. It’s not only good for your body, but taking even a 15-minute break from work, studying or whatever you’re doing is vital for your mental and emotional health. This is why we’re joining Kit Kat’s The Break Movement. We believe in the BREAK and you should too!

Kit Kat

A simple 15-minute break can make all the difference to your productivity, trust me! We know you’ve had your own Kit Kat break moments where you enjoyed the crunchy and chocolatey delight of these Kit Kat bars. It’s a simple yet comforting piece of heaven. 😉 We can’t wait to try all their flavors! 🙂
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Asia Food Expo, Food and Drinks Asia 2012 : Win FREE Tickets Here!

This September is looking like a very eventful month for foodies, food businesses and new entrepreneurs alike. I guess everyone is getting ready for the coming holidays, and we’re as excited as you are. Among the many events, the Asia Food Expo 2012 and the Food and Drinks Asia 2012  are the food expos we’re looking forward to the most. And, together with Breakfast Magazine, we’re giving away TEN (10) tickets to these 2 events, so read on. 🙂

Win FREE tickets to Asia Food Expo 2012 and Food and Drinks Asia 2012

If you are planning on opening up a business or you’re thinking about expanding a current one, then, you’d be glad to know that these 2 events are specially focused on different sectors of the food industry.

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YOUR Guilty Pleasures : Thank You for Sharing!

You told us about YOUR guilty pleasures, now let us share with you our favorites and the TWO (2) WINNERS who we unanimously voted as the ones with the BEST ANSWERS. To read the entries of the other participants, go here.

Guilty Pleasures

Most of you told us about your love for chocolates, pastries and anything sweet. But, there were some who shared their unique (read: weird) guilty pleasures…

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