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To help us maintain the blog (front and back ends), we do accept advertisements or sponsored features here (you can read our full disclaimer and disclosure policy).

We only accept advertisement or partnership offers from brands, products or companies we believe in simply because we believe that we have a responsibility to our readers. We have our credibility to protect, which we know everyone understands.

With that said, since we receive invites to complimentary meals and sample products from various brands, please note that the decision to write about them is solely at our discretion. If it’s for good reason, we may follow a certain timeline in posting about the product or restaurant (launch, promotions, etc). We have full-time jobs aside from our blog, so we cannot guarantee a certain time frame for our blog features.

If you are interested in placing an advertisement or partnering with us for a giveaway on our blog, kindly read the following.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Ken currently resides in our home in Malabon City, North of Metro Manila, while I (Mhel) live in Ortigas, Pasig. Since we have a busy schedule, we can only accommodate sample products that will be delivered to us. Thanks! 🙂


We accept the following kinds of advertisements on our food blog:

  • Banner advertisement: They can be placed on our sidebar (maximum width: 280px), footer (leaderboard), or our header (right between the header and contents; leaderboard only). Images should be provided by you.
  • Blog post feature: If you have a promo or new product/service, we can write a feature about it on our blog.

Please note that banner advertisements and blog post features can come hand-in-hand with giveaway partnerships with us. So, for more information, fill out the contact form below this post and we’ll answer your questions / inquiries through email.



We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hosting giveaways for our fellow foodie readers, so we welcome partnerships with brands or companies who would like to give away free stuff to our readers.

A few things about giveaways on our food blog:

  • If you’re not sure about how to host or handle a giveaway, fill out the form below and tell us so. We’ll be glad to come up with mechanics for your giveaway to help deliver your message and ensure we meet your goals.
  • We will prioritize giveaways where the prizes will be delivered to the winners. Exceptions for this is if the prize is of high value or is not suitable for delivery.
  • Shipment of prizes to the winners should be your company’s responsibility (or you provide us a budget to handle that on our end). It’s not FREE if we ask the winners to pay for shipment, right? This is why we prefer giveaways where prizes will be delivered to the winners.

If you’re ready, email us with the subject “Blog Advertisement” or “Blog Partnership”:

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