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Cheesy Tuna Pasta made with UFC Spaghetti Sauce with Century Tuna

Though Ken and I will pick meat over seafood any time, the Lenten season is that time of the year when we enjoy a variety of delicious seafood dishes. And last week, we got to try UFC Spaghetti Sauce with Century Tuna and Cheese.

UFC Spaghetti Sauce with real Century Tuna and Cheese, a Lenten Special

I love tuna in sandwich spreads and pasta sauces, so I was looking forward to finding out if I’ll like this ready-made spaghetti sauce from UFC. It’s pretty convenient since you don’t have to get all messy in the kitchen. All you need is to cook up some pasta, then heat up the UFC Spaghetti Sauce in a pan. Perfect for those lazy nights, like the one I was having when I decided to cook this up. 😀

Heat up the UFC spaghetti sauce

You’ll see the tuna flakes in the sauce. They’re using Century Tuna, which is what we also use for our tuna pasta dishes. I’m using an induction stove, so it only took me 15 seconds to heat the sauce. And, voila! And yes, I like mixing up the sauce and the pasta when serving so everyone gets a fair amount of sauce. 😀

Tuna Pasta made with UFC spaghetti sauce with real Century Tuna and Cheese

What I particularly enjoyed about the sauce is its tangy flavor. That’s how I love my tomato-based sauces. I brought most of the pasta at work for my friends, and they all liked it too. I would personally like more cheese and tuna flakes in it because I usually make chunky, meaty sauces, but I think the UFC Spaghetti Sauce with Century Tuna and Cheese is tasty and rich, and you can really savor the tuna flavor.

UFC offered the spaghetti sauce for a limited time only for the Lenten season, but if you’re curious, you might still spot this in your favorite grocery store. 😀 If you’ve had a chance to also try the sauce, let us know what you think in the comments. 🙂

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