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J.CO Donuts Jolly Merry Treats

When you’re at the mall and you see this long queue of people at a store, you’re most likely looking at a J.CO Donuts & Coffee store. People can’t help but love their donuts, and we completely understand all the hype.

J.CO offers a wide variety of flavor choices for donut lovers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this holiday season for your favorite foodie, falling in line at a J.CO store for a box of their Jolly Merry Treats might just do the trick.

J.CO Donuts Jolly Merry Treats

Tip: Their branch along Roxas Blvd. doesn’t seem to draw in that many people. 😉

With the wide variety of flavor choices, J.CO offers something for every palate. It’ll take you a couple of return trips to J.CO to taste everything. Or you can go for their J.Pops which are small yet packs a punch when it comes to flavor. But if you prefer to share, then their regular-sized donuts are perfect.

It’s pretty hard to pick one favorite, but I’ll say that I particularly like their Avocado Dicaprio. The filling has this cake frosting texture that makes me wanna let it sit on my tongue a li’l longer. 😀 The avocado flavor wasn’t that pronounced, but it had this subtle bitterness you’d expect from that fruit.

J.CO's Avocado Dicaprio donut

Of course, as a green tea drinker, I have dibs on their Green Tease donut everytime. 😀 And one of the new flavors that I got to try was their Blueberry More. It had that mouth-puckering sour flavor and sweetness that was so delightful!

What's your favorite J.CO Donut

Ken can’t get enough of their Alcapone, with the generous topping of almond slivers.

J.CO Donuts and Coffee - Take your pick!

Thanks for the donuts, J.CO! It was a very nice surprise! 🙂

What’s your favorite J.CO donut flavor?


J.CO Donuts & Coffee

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