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Cronuts from Le Coeur de France, Krispy Kreme and Anybody Coffee

We were supposed to scour the Metro to find out which local cronut version is the best. However, after having a taste of 4 different cronut knockoffs, we finally called it quits. 😀 Though we’ve had one very yummy croughnut experience (Dolcelatte), we think we need more variety on the pastries we eat.

Local cronuts from Krispy Kreme, Le Coeur de France and Anybody Coffee

So, we decided to put all the other 3 local cronuts we’ve tried into just one post. Behold Le Coeur de France Croughnuts, Krispy Kreme Krispy Kroissant and Anybody Coffee Cronutz.


Krispy Kreme Krispy Kroissant Kroissant

Let’s start with Krispy Kreme’s Krispy Kroissant. Too bad, Chatime beat them to naming theirs Kronuts, the name would’ve suited their cronuts better.

Krispy Kreme Kroissant

Anyway, when I first saw their Kroissant, I expected to be disappointed. First, it was completely sliced in half and the cream ‘filling’ was just spread on top of the lower half. It’s like a lazy version of cronuts, I think. 😛

Krispy Kreme Kroissant's cream 'filling'

When I first tried it, I didn’t like it. I initially tasted the Vanilla Cream flavor, by the way. We bought a piece of each of the 4 flavors they were offering – Chocolate, Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon and the Vanilla Cream. People were raving about the Apple Cinnamon, and I would agree that it was the best of the 4. They sell this for Php 75 each.

Krispy Kreme Kroissant Apple Cinnamon flavor

When we arrived home and I reheated these in the microwave oven, somehow, I started to like them. Or maybe I’m just hungry, I’m not sure. 😀

Krispy Kreme Kroissant had layers

However, I wouldn’t go back to Krispy Kreme for these Kroissants. I think I’ll stick with their Original Glazed, thank you very much. 😉 But, hey, I couldn’t wait to try their new Premium Chocolate creations, especially the Maltesers doughnut. 🙂



Le Coeur de France Croughnuts

When I first saw their version of the cronut, I thought they were too pale. After checking why, I learned they bake these, so technically, they’re not ‘cronuts’ because they didn’t follow the original preparation of the well-known croissant-donut hybrid.

Le Coeur de France croughnuts

They have 3 flavors available – Mixed Berries with Cream Cheese, Parmesan Cheese and Double Belgian Chocolate – and they were selling them at Php 89 per piece. I wasn’t really looking forward to finally tasting these croughnuts from Le Coeur de France because they were pale and gave me this impression of a lousy preparation.

Le Coeur de France croughnuts in 3 flavors

Ken and I were surprised! The flavors were straightforward, not much fuss compared to Dolcelatte’s (but we love their croughnuts, don’t get me wrong!). We enjoyed the Parmesan Cheese the most!

Le Coeur de France Parmesan Cheese croughnut

The Mixed Berries with Cream Cheese was also yummy. The chocolate variant though didn’t taste like Belgian chocolate was actually used. I should’ve bought more of the Parmesan Cheese croughnut ’cause Ken gobbled that one piece like there’s no tomorrow. 😀

Le Coeur de France croughnuts are baked, not fried



Anybody Coffee Cronutz

Their Cronutz intrigued me ’cause they were selling these at Php 95 each. I thought, if they’re offering them at that price, it has to be somehow yummier than Le Coeur de France’s, right?

Anybody Coffee's Cronutz

Well, guess what – it was a complete rip-off if you ask me. First, I didn’t sense any flakiness and it didn’t even look like a decent imitation of the much-crazed cronut. Flavor-wise, it was quite bland for our taste. My nanay and I can’t even finish that one piece we bought- their Dark Chocolate cronutz . Good thing my good judgment came over me and decided to only buy one.

How Anybody Coffee's Cronutz looks like sliced

A fellow blogger and friend of mine told me when he first tried them – he got to taste a lot more flavors – they were too sweet for his taste. So maybe, we just got a bland batch. Still, for Php 95, I expected something better. Anybody Coffee’s Cronutz was actually one of the reasons why we decided to stop our hunt for the best cronuts in the Metro.


We decided to stop our cronut hunt mainly because we realized we needed more variety, especially considering the amount you pay for each cronut. Various pastry shops and restaurants sell their own versions from Php 75 to Php 120, which is quite expensive for a piece of pastry. We understand the amount of effort put in preparing them, but we just didn’t think they’re worth every cent, especially when there are places that take advantage of the hype to overprice a piece of cronut knockoff. Just my two cents.


TIP: If you are determined to have a taste of your very first croughnut, I say go to Dolcelatte. I can attest to their croughnuts. At Php 110, you’d have a way better cronut experience and more flavors to choose from. I also think they’ve put a lot more effort into their croughnuts. 🙂

Dolcelatte Raspberry Creamcheese croughnut

I’m still dead set in trying Wildflour’s and Yamato Bakery’s, but I’m not really in a hurry. 😉

How about you? Share with us your local cronut experience! 🙂

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  • misshannamargherita

    I love Le Ceour De France’s version! Especially the Belgian Chocolate ones! Love that it’s baked and not fried–or maybe because I’m not into greasy dessert stuff. HAHA! Overall, I like Wildflour’s Dulce de Leche Cronuts, then Le Ceour de France’s Belgian Chocolate. I’ve yet to try Bronuts, though. 😀

  • mmym

    Where is Yamato Bakery?

    • mmym

      Also, I’ve tried Wildflour and Cafe France’s versions of this infamous cronuts. Wasn’t impressed. People at home liked Wildflour though when I brought a box home. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not a fan of the stuff. Can’t find anything special about them.

      • Yeah, we still prefer the regular croissant and donuts over them, especially because we feel they’re overpriced.

        We’re impressed by it though because it’s not easy to make the dough and keep them together when frying. Other than that, flavor-wise, nothing special.

    • Ayi Esguerra

      It is located in Jupiter Street, Makati.

  • Ayi Esguerra

    I tried croughnut in L’Cafe in L’Fisher Hotel in Bacolod City. It’s just enough to satisfy my hunger but I would not buy it again from them. Well, I just like that they served it hot and that’s all.

    • Awww did you take photos? Do they look like cronuts talaga? And how much was it?

      • Ayi Esguerra

        This is their basic flavor. They have chocolate and another one but I forgot what flavor. It’s around P80 each if I remember it right. They cook it in front of you.

        • Oooh interesting that they let you see how they cook them! At least that looked like a cronut.

          Thanks for the photo, Ayi. 🙂

          • Ayi Esguerra

            It’s not actually for viewing but since they have a glass-window in their kitchen we were able to see how they cooked it. 🙂

            I am still open to try Yamato, Dolce Latte and Wildflour. And there’s a new one, Bronut in Rockwell.

            • Ahhh okay. 🙂
              We want to try Bronuts din! We might be at Podium or Rockwell this weekend so might as well drop by Wildflour or try Bronuts. 🙂

  • cheekeegirl

    cronuts fever I mean…

  • cheekeegirl

    Thanks for the reviews Mhel!! hooray for the cornets fever!!! haven’t taste any one yet…

    • I thought you were being sarcastic when you said ‘cornets’. 😀

      Try Dolcelatte’s!! ^_^

  • Lady In Pink

    Hi Mhel, I’d still stick to Wildflour’s Cronuts. It’s perfectly made. My next choice would be the cronuts of Maple. then i’d go for Le Couer because they are soft. Kind of different from the other cronuts 😀

    • Okay then, we’ll check out Wildflour’s. 😀 Have you tried Dolcelatte’s too?

      Oh, Maple already have their own cronuts. We stopped listing all the places that offer their own version ’cause there are just too many of them already. 😀