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Twinings Diamond Jubilee Tea Blend : A Taste of Royalty

As one grow older, it’s expected that many aspects of ourselves – personality, outlook in life and even our palate – mature as we come of age. In my case, last year, when I decided to shift from drinking coffee everyday to enjoying tea instead, I found myself wanting to taste all sorts of tea out there aside from the tea bags I’m so used to. So, when Twinings sent over this Diamond Jubilee Loose Leaf Tea Blend in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign, I didn’t waste any time to have a taste of royalty at the comforts of our home.

Twinings Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Blend

Twinings has been the official tea of the British Royal Family since 1837. In fact, they were granted the Royal Warrant for tea by Queen Victoria 175 years ago and has been marking very important celebration in the royal family with new blends, tin cases, caddies, etc.

This Twinings Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Blend is as special as the significant event it’s celebrating. The limited edition tin case itself is already worth buying this.

Twinings Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Blend - green

The tin case is designed around the heritage of Britain and the English lifestyle.

An elegant tin can design, fit for royalty

There’s the image of a royal horse carriage at the center. You’ll also find the red deer, the national animal of England. I also saw a bag, hat and crown.

The back of the Twinings Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Blend tin case

This commemorative tin comes in 3 elegant colors – pink, green and blue.

Twinings Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Blend tin cases come in green, blue and pink

Now, about the loose tea leaves inside the tin. They’re actually a combination of 2 black teas – Assam tea from the Brahmaputra Valley in North Eastern Assam, and Yunnan tea from South Western China.

The loose Assam and Yunnan tea leaves of Twinings Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Blend

Assam tea is known to be strong, rich and malty. But, when I finally tried this blend, I was pleased by how the Yunnan tea gives it a very smooth finish. I prepared the tea with no honey, milk or sugar, and I absolutely loved it. My nanay even commented that it tasted a little sweet.

Twinings Diamond Jubilee Loose Leaf Tea Blend

Odd you might think considering the flavors of Assam, but I also got a hint of sweetness in my palate when I took the last sip of my first cup. Overall, it was a memorable tea experience that I will continue to relish ’til there’s not one loose tea leaf in the tin can. 😉

If you want to get a taste of the Twinings Diamond Jubilee Loose Leaf Tea Blend (100 grams) in these limited edition commemorative tin cans, head on over to any Santi’s outlet. Suggested retail price is Php 580.00.

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