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Dimsum Break : Finally in SM North Edsa!

Update: Dimsum Break at SM North Edsa Annex is FINALLY open! Read our review here.

One thing most of you don’t know about me is that I lived in Cebu for about a year. Sure, there are many dishes and food places that anyone traveling there shouldn’t miss like Taboan (best place to buy pasalubong like danggit and dried squid) and Sutukil near the Mactan Shrine (Dampa-style restaurants). But, there’s one specific dish that I have been longing to have a taste of again and that’s Steamed Rice, Cebu style. So, I was frantic when I learned that Dimsum Break from Cebu is opening a branch here in Manila – at SM North Edsa! 😀

Dimsum Break in SM North Edsa is opening in October 2012

(Photo from Dimsum Break’s Facebook page)

When I moved back here, I have been longing for another taste of their Steamed Rice. In a desperate move, I begged Mai, one of the contributors in this food blog, a pure Cebuana, to come up and share a recipe for Cebu style Steamed Rice that she made here at home. The flavors are close to the actual dish from Cebu, but there’s something missing. Still, the recipe did satisfy our craving.

Cebu Style Steamed Rice -

You might be wondering what the heck this Steamed Rice dish is. Don’t take it literally. It’s not just plain steamed rice. It’s a mix of many ingredients and with just one small bowl, it can fill you up because of the combination of the rice, the sauce, peas, the shrimp and pork (or beef). It’s so good that it’s one of the things I deeply miss about Cebu. 😀 If you’d like to try making at home, check out Mai’s Steamed Rice recipe.

Harbour City Dimsum House from Cebu

Anyway, going back to Cebu. There are 2 popular restaurants there where you can order Steamed Rice. One is Harbour City Dimsum House, which is my favorite spot. Here’s a REALLY OLD and LOUSY photo of our lunch there one weekend (taken back in 2008, I think, and I didn’t know better 😀 ):

Steamed Rice and dimsum from Harbour City - photos from 2008

When you dine in at Harbour City, you’ll see their staff rolling dimsum carts around the restaurant, enticing you into ordering more food. I love their dimsum so much and when I was there, it’s like Harbour City was our go-to place when we’re hungry and we’re at the mall.

Harbour City staff roll dimsum carts, ready for your orders

Dimsum Break comes in at close second. They’re a self-service, fast food type of dimsum restaurant, also under Harbour City Dimsum House.

For a very long time (I came back to Manila in 2009), I’ve craved for Steamed Rice and my foodie wish has been fulfilled! Dimsum Break is opening a branch in SM North Edsa this October 2012!

Dimsum Break opens 1st Manila branch in SM North Edsa

I mean, seriously. It doesn’t get any better than that. SM North Edsa is the closest mall from our place. I think we’ve already covered all the restaurants there (we haven’t posted about them yet, but we’re trying to play catch up on our backlogs), so it’s the BEST place (for us) for the first Dimsum Break branch.  I am crossing my fingers that when they finally open and I take a spoonful of their Steamed Rice, it will cure that longing in me. 😉 Me about to eat steamed chicken feet from Harbour City

As soon as I get word that they’re open, forget about my no-rice diet – I’m ordering at least 2 bowls of Steamed Rice, a serving of steamed chicken feet (see photo on the left – I used to dread them, but I miss it!), and my favorite dimsum – bacon and quail egg shao mai, fried shrimp balls, stuffed taro, shao mai mushrooms, and more. Argh. This post is making me damn hungry. 😀

Are you as excited as I am about Dimsum Break opening here in Manila?! Let me know at the comments section! 🙂

Harbour City Dimsum House

Way to go with the watermark, by the way. Hehehe. 😉

Read our review of Dimsum Break.

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  • TheSoulExplorer


  • been craving for this since sinulog! steamed rice+ chicken feet and empress roll :/

  • waiting for it to open….food lover as me always read your blog but it was my first time to comment ehehe

    • Will I see you on opening day? Hahaha!
      Thank you for visiting and reading, and for finally leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Seems like SM North will soon have everything!!!

    • Yes!! I heard it’s part of their re-imaging. I also heard there’ll be like a new strip of high-end stores. I hope Yabu opens there too. 🙂

  • Just went to Cebu last month, and Harbour City got me! 🙂 It was soooo good my friend and I went there twice during our stay there! 😉

    • They’re the best dimsum place I’ve ever been to, so I can’t wait for their first store here. Weeehh ^_^