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Asia Food Expo, Food and Drinks Asia 2012 : Win FREE Tickets Here!

This September is looking like a very eventful month for foodies, food businesses and new entrepreneurs alike. I guess everyone is getting ready for the coming holidays, and we’re as excited as you are. Among the many events, the Asia Food Expo 2012 and the Food and Drinks Asia 2012  are the food expos we’re looking forward to the most. And, together with Breakfast Magazine, we’re giving away TEN (10) tickets to these 2 events, so read on. 🙂

Win FREE tickets to Asia Food Expo 2012 and Food and Drinks Asia 2012

If you are planning on opening up a business or you’re thinking about expanding a current one, then, you’d be glad to know that these 2 events are specially focused on different sectors of the food industry.

Asia Food Expo 2012

It’s the 21st International Exposition on Food Processing, Packaging and Handling Machinery, Equipment and Technology. This expo is specifically focused on the technical and industrial side of managing a food business or the food industry in general.

This event will feature or focus on information on raw materials, processing, manufacturing and production, packaging, food handling, transport and food safety. If you’re looking to discover new ideas, hardware and software, solutions, and other technologies and innovations, you’ll definitely wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.

AFEX 2012 will also be hosting the following events:

  • Bakery Asia 2012 – The 3rd International Exposition on Bakery & Confectionery Systems, Supplies and Equipment
  • FoodServ Asia 2012 – 13th International Exposition on Food Service, catering Systems, Supplies, Equipment and Technology
  • EVENT HIGHLIGHT: The 6th Philippine Grand Barista Cup by the Phil. Bartenders League and Allegro Beverage Corp.

AFEX 2012 will be happening at the World Trade Center on September 12 to 15, 2012. Please take note of the schedule below:

  • Trade Business Visitors only:
    September 12: 11am – 7pm
    September 13-14: 10am – 7pm
  • Open to Non-Trade Visitors:
    September 15: 10am – 6pm

For more details about AFEX 2012, please visit their website.

Asia Food Expo 2012 - Happening on September 12 to 15, 2012


Food and Drinks Asia 2012

Food and Drink Asia 2012Planning on buying a franchise of an already established food and/or beverage business? Looking to grow your current food and beverage business? Or you’re just seeking ideas to formulate your own products in the food industry? Then, the Food and Drinks Asia 2012 expo is for you!

It’s the 16th International Exposition on Specialty Foods, Confectionery, Beverages, Beers, Wines and Spirits.

This is happening on September 6 to 9, 2012 at the World Trade Center. Between this and AFEX 2012, we’re most excited about Food and Drinks Asia expo because we’re planning on starting a small food business soon. 🙂

The Food and Drinks Asia 2012 expo will feature the following:

  • Grocery Asia 2012 – 2nd International Expo on Supermarket, Grocery and Convenience Stores Supplies, Systems, Business Solutions and Technology
  • Food Franchising 2012 – 16th International Food Franchising and Business Systems Exposition

As you can see, if you’re planning on opening up your own small convenience or grocery store or you’re looking to finding more about this business, you wouldn’t miss this expo too.

For more information on this expo, visit their website.


Free Tickets: Food & Drinks Asia and AFEX 2012

We’re giving away 3 sets of free tickets to these 2 expos, so follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. We’re only doing this until TOMORROW, September 3rd, so you only have less than 2 days to join.

Winners will be announced on September 4th and we’ll have your tickets shipped out to you right away (which is why we already asked for the shipping info).

Since the expo is here in Manila, we will only ship to a Metro Manila address. Good luck! 🙂


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