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Our New Yummy Favorites from Jollibee

Jollibee has been a part of our lives since we were really young kids. I know we’re not alone in this. Throughout the years, their menu has evolved and almost every year, we get to taste their new offerings that have proven to tickle the Pinoy’s fancy, young and adult alike. We love their Chickenjoy,  Jolly Hotdog and spaghetti, but let us share with you the most recent additions to our Jollibee favorites:

Jollibee's Hash Brown Burger

The Jollibee Hash Brown Burger is the ultimate comfort food. Potatoes and the tasty beef patty Jollibee is known for – it’s like a complete meal rolled into one. 🙂

Jollibee Sour Cream and Cheesy Fries

The Jolly Crispy Fries that come in Cheese and Sour Cream flavors. Ken prefers the latter, while I like the salty-sweetness of the cheesy fries.

Jollibee Chicken Pasta

Jollibee Chicken and Mushroom Pasta – I swear, when I found out about this new pasta offering from them, I couldn’t wait to try it. My nanay and I share a common liking for it. 🙂

Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins Milo Blast

Of course, the Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins MILO Blast. Every spoonful brings us right back to our childhood when we used to drink Milo daily before going to school and while doing our homework.

And, finally, the latest additions are Jollibee’s Choco and Coffee floats.

Jollibee Chocolate and Coffee Floats - new ways to beat the heat

Ever since I started working from home, I see myself preparing iced coffee and tea most of the time to keep me up and about just before my shift starts at night. So, you can only imagine how delighted I was to find out about Jollibee’s Coffee float. What I love about this is the combination of their vanilla soft-serve and chocolate swirls on top of iced coffee. Bittersweet goodness! 🙂

One of my best friends, Jasmin, with her Jollibee Coffee Float - she loves coffee too!

One of my best friends, Jasmin, also prefers their coffee float. On the right is a photo of her when we met up a couple of weeks ago. She just got engaged, by the way! 😉 And we were chattering ’til the wee hours of the morning, along with Ken and my long-time best friend Tina, so it was the perfect time for Jollibee’s Coffee Float. 🙂

Since Ken has sworn off coffee almost completely after his long run drinking every ounce of caffeinated drink there was when he was studying for NCLEX (yes, he is a licensed Nurse! 😉 ), he LOVES Jollibee Choco Float for its straightforward sweet chocolatey goodness.

The Jollibee Floats were originally offered only ’til April, but they’re still available for us to enjoy. You can order solo or upgrade your Jollibee Value Meal drink to any of these floats. You can order online through or call their delivery hotline 8-7000.

Jollibee Chocolate Float

Follow them: Jollibee Philippines on Facebook, Jollibee Online Delivery on Facebook and @iwantJollibee on Twitter.

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Michelle (aka Mhel / blankPixels) is a social media nerd and works as a Digital Marketing Lead for one of the top online companies in the Philippines. On her free time, she travels, goes on food trip and loves to take photos. She's the main editor of this food blog.



  • Annalyn

    I will be ordering chicken spaghetti, fries and cheese burger!yummy!;-)

  • Rachel Anne Del Rosario

    I’ll be ordering first my son’s fave burger steak and fries. For me my all time favorite spag and burger together with peach mango pie and pineapple drink and sundae cone. 😉

  • erlin

    A bucket of Chicken Joy and burger

  • Jam

    Chicken Joy in a blink of an eye!! 😉

  • Yummy Chicken Spaghetti and Peach Mango Pie!

  • Ligaya Zarraga

    if i win i will use my gift certificate a gift to my two kids…

  • Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto

    I love spaghetti, french fries, burger & chicken joy!

  • m4nil


  • Masarap na spaghetti at chicken joy

  • kienes

    chicken joy and spaghetti

  • Jolly Hotdog, Chickenjoy & Choco float with Crisscut Fries

  • Jeniffer Gangan

    I’d definitely order lots of floats and sundae mix ins and fries! My nephew and sisters would kiss me for this! Hope to win:) More power to your gastronomic blog:) yum yum!

  • Jovhelle

    Choco float, Coffee float and CHAMP!!

  • I will order spaghetti and coke float !

  • Chicken Joy which is always on the go when I’m in Jollibee! So Yummy ….

  • Bibilhan ko ang aking mga apo ng chicken joy , siguradong mag-eenjoy akong panoorin sila na sarap na sarap na kumain sa Jollibee. Marami ang ma-oorder namin kapag isa ako sa mga papalarin na manalo ng 500 GC.

  • I will try the new crisscut fries savory bbq and also Spagheti KIDDIE MEAL for my 2 kids !

  • I want to order the new criss cut fries and spaghetti for my daughter. We will enjoy Jollibee Chicken Joy and Floats !

  • Joyce netsie Aguinaldo

    yummy chicken joy!

  • Rochelle Mauricio

    chicken joy! FOREVER FAVORITE KO YAN lalo na pag spicy <3 YUMMY

  • sammy tan

    We will be ordering the spaghetti/chickenjoy combo, chocolate float, french fries and jolly hotdog meal 🙂

  • i will be ordering everything my daughter wants! 🙂  she loves Jollibee so much!

  • dickvincedorry

    jolly fries.. my son’s fave

  • Jolly Hotdog, Chickenjoy, Choco float.

  • I want to order floats and criss cut fries. 

  • Bagel

    chicken joy!!! 

  • nishbluesky

    me and my son gian and daughter gene will be ordering a strawberry floats , XL fries, Chicken Burger and also Spagheti KIDDIE MEAL for two to get a free toys for my childrens. Then Bring House a Chicken Joy Bucket for papa…

  • i want sundae, coke float,fries,hamburger,spaghetti and chicken joy..

  • I’ll order the 2pc chicken, burger meal,more more fries and chocolate float:)

  • I’ll buy supermeal for me and my husband with coke float, burger, fries and sundae. hahaha kung kasya pa..

  • gerlie

    If i win I’ll order the 2-piece chicken joy meal, the hotdog and egg breakfast meal and spaghetti.

  • the chicken joy and fries combi is always a winner for my hubby! i on the other love the chicken and mushroom pasta…the latest coffee and choco float are both yummy coolers….

  • redamethyst

    If I win, I would order chicken, spaghetti, choco float as I haven’t tried it and of course crisscut fries! 

  • i WILL buy my baby her fave fries, and for me and my wife will be spag, chicken, float, burger, fries, etc..

  • lizzie seven

    i will buy my kids all their fave jollibee treats! its going to be a burgersteak, milo blast, fries and chicken joy fiesta!

  • Karla

    i will order spag and chicken .. 

  • xokaeceeox

    Will order spag and chicken 🙂

  • victoria jose

    Will order spaghetti. champ and chicken joy

  • FranzzeG

    Chicken and Mushroom Pasta + Sundae Mix-ins MILO Blast + extra rice for three please.. I would love to share it with my sissy and lil bro..

  • john

    Champ, spaghetti, peach mango pie, Sundae, Criss cut fries, 
     Coke float , and another Champ.

  • bea

    choco float, chicken joy, spag, french fries, peach mango pie 

  • jane

    spag, sundae, french fries , float, chicken and champ:)

  • Burger Ice Cream French Fries Spaghetti Chicken and so on…..

  • zyra anne perez

    be ordering french fries and palabok

  • Julie Gonzales

    Ill order Chicken joy and yetti spaghetti!

  • angie

    If I win, i’ll order my favorite jollibee cheese burger and chicken joy and coke float. can’t wait. craving. haha

  • Beia


  • If I win, I’ll be ordering my favorite “K2”. It means 2 pcs burger steak :), chicken nugget crunchers and husband’s gusto – 2 pcs chickenjoy and 2 chocolate float for dessert! 

    Hahaha.. I can imagine! It makes me hungry 😀

  • a bucket meal will be great!! i will set aside my diet stuff once i had this! haha!
    i smell chicken!! mouthwatering <3

  • mmm yummy..i think i’m feeling hungry..

  • kristina_168

     If I win, I want to order a bucket of chickenjoy and champ! One of my favorite! 😀

  • Carmen Watkins

    hubby loves the fries and crispy and juicy chicken joy along with the coffee float, while i love the new chicken and mushroom pasta;) YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Feather Mist


  • I will treat myself to a  2pcs Chicken Joy 🙂

  • Dhio00000000

    A bucket of Chicken Joy and Peach Mango Pie

  • Kit

    a bucket of Chicken Joy!!!!

  • Chicken and fries coz these are my son’s favorites!

  • Naelsomar

    i bucket of chicken joy and fries

  • maryleen santor

    coffe float ♥♥ and chickenjoy and fries!!!!
    i dadate ko si hubby ^^

  • Carmen Watkins

    the coffee float is a refreshing alternate to the usual soda, and of course a must would be the crispylicious chicken joy and the chicken and mushroom pasta!!

  • Lovely Go

    I’ll order some B1, Choco Float, Chicken Joy, Spaghetti, Sundae! <3

  • Rai

    if i win, i’ll order jolly hotdog, champ and cokefloat! yum. <3

  • Nobodys_girl_17

    Champ and Chicken Joy!

  • I want jollibee! @mrtwothumbsup:twitter 

  • Miya Piyaya

    Jollibee Champ and Peach Mango Pies!<3

  • Meilanie830

    hashbrown burger and fries!!

  • chicken bucket and chocolate + coffee float! 🙂

  • gonna buy large fries, spaghetti and jollibee float:) yummy

  • Bheshi_chibi25

    I want fries for my self,burger for my son and chicken joy for my husband!

  • camille

    lots of chicken joy, sundae, spaghetti and sour cream fries! 🙂

  • Trixie

    If I won the Jollibee GCs of course I will be ordering everybody’s favorite Chicken Joy! 🙂

  • Edna Dela Carsada

    If I win, I will be ordering hashbrown burger, chicken spaghetti meal, mushroom pasta meal, cheese fries and milo blast from Jollibee with the Php 500 worth of gift certificates for me and my son. =)

  • Malou Custodio Ramirez-Cuevas

    If I’ll win this GC worth of 500 pesos from Jollibee I will order/buy champ burger,spaghetti,chickenjoy,sundae,and so on…langhap sarap talaga:))

  • Annie Egalin

    If I have a chance to win this GC from jollibee, I will order large fries, sundae, their new choco float and coffee float, of course the jolly spag and milo blast!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Coffee floats!!!! Adik eh!

  • sharmaine arellano

    If I’ll win this giveaway I will order my favorite spaghetti with chicken, french fries, sundae and chocolate float.

  • Nina Llagono

    If I win I’ ll order a bucket of chicken for my family and french fries for my little brother.

  • I will order coffee float, chix joy with spag, milo blast and of course lots and lots of french fries!

  • I’ll treat my mom and brother for a choco float and mushroom pasta meal coz they don’t listen to me when I say that Jolibee float is yummy. 🙂

  • Maridelterrado

    If I win , I’LL order from Jollibee is Bucket Meal

  • Kima Cunanan

    Lots of fries, sundae and champ!!

  • Carmen Watkins

    i love the new chicken and mushroom pasta, while my hubby(an Englishman) would definitely enjoy crispylicious Chicken Joy and fries:)!!!!!!!!!!!!! the choco and coffee float would be a good way to wash it all off;)

  • Marizza Domingo

    If  I win, I’ll try the Hash Brown Burger and the Coffee Float. I’ll also order my all-time favorites Jollibee  Chicken Joy, Crispy Fries, and Spaghetti. 🙂

  • Yssa Maunay

    If I win, I will order Spag w Chicken + regular fries + Milo Sundae for me and Chicken joy meal + Sundae for my boyfie! 🙂 Yayyy! <3

  • If  i  Win .,., i will order my alltime  favorite  Jollibee Spaghetti with Chicken, a Jolli Crispy Fries for my baby and a new Jolli Choco Float or a Coffee Float .,, 


  • Kirk

    Fries and Float!!!! 😀

  • Jerski_jarzen

    i will use my gift certificate to eat jollibee hotdog by myself

  • velinzech

    Cheese Fries and Coffee Float =) plus Spaghetti as in lots of Spaghetti =)

  • Lala Sadie

    Sundaes and Fries! 😀

  • Mirzi Sarte

    Jolly Bucket and Fries 😀

  • mary grace reyes

    I want to try the hash brown burger, chicken, float, and spaghetti!

  • Carmen Watkins11

    hubby loves chicken joy for being crispy and juicylicious…fries is a must and the chicken mushroom pasta is a new fixation of mine;)

  • Jill

    I’ll order a lot of French fries & coffee float.

  • Jc Asis

    tons of milo blast ice cream!!!^_^

  • Airahpineda04

    I hope I’ll win. I will give this to my dad. HOPING! 

  • Catherine sayson

    if i will win.., i will treat my family the new Coffee Float,  Jollibee Chicken and mushroom pasta and 
    Jollibee Fries for our youngest special child brother.., he really loves fries a lot! hoping to win them <3

  • JaniceQue

    Gonna buy Coffee float, crispy fries and hash brown! Yum! <3

  • Jenny C. Diano

    i want choco float and fries…

  • Pauline flores

    jollibee bucket for my family 🙂

  • humandoll

    TLC with Choco float! 🙂 Will order it double with my boyfriend! 😀 

  • Carmen Watkins11

    delectable chicken joy and  the choco float:)

  • myla forones arao

    FRIES!!!! 🙂

  • Rengie Bahia

    Lotsa coffee float!! 🙂 And hash-burger to boot!

  • If I’ll win, I’ll order a bucket of Chicken Joy for my family to share. 😀

  • Choco float and have it with my kids

  • Erlhyn

    Jolly hotdog and  chicken bucket

  • Katrine Lao

    Jolli Spghetti and Burger Yum are my favorites!! Hungry now! 🙂

  • AnalynAlonsagay

    Peach mango Pie. 😉

  • I will treat my friends with Jollibee 39ers! 😉

  • aneria

    chicken joy for me and my family:)

  • Leikaori

    I’ll will order a Bucket of chickenjoy, french fries and sundae :)!

  • Chickenjoy and Spaghetti. 4-Cheese Fries. Coffee float.

  • Nicole Cambal

    i want burger steak! D:

  • veta

    I’ll order jolly spaghetti, chicken joy, french fries, and sundae. they are my favorite.

  • hash brown, chicken joy with jolly spaghetti !! 😀

    – @angelislove:twitter 

  • hash brown burger and milo blast.  haven’t tried those 🙂

  • Elinor Semira

    Chicken, spaghetti, coke float with large fries! 🙂

  • Evangeline Matillano

    Coffee Float and Chickenjoy w/ Jolly Spaghetti…YUm!! YUm!!! 

  • Spaghetti meal, french fries and coffee float.

  • rachel canales

    Fries spicy chicken and FLOAT 🙂

  • Mark_jeuel

    i will order a bucket of fried chicken + choco float

  • Dhadha Alcantara

    I will order Chickenjoy Bucket for my family. Perfect for the upcoming Birthday of my lola! 🙂 

  • I will order my favorite jolly crispy fries cheese flavor and jolly spaghetti + jolly coke float! yummy♥♥♥

  • I will order Chickenjoy bucket meal for my family!! its my babies favorite…. Hope i win this!

  • I’ll order a bucket of fried chicken 🙂

  • if i win, i would love to order chicken joy, Yum! w/ TLC, sundae mix-ins (milo blast),  coffee float, and my childhood favorite food… Jollibee spaghetti :)) sooo Yummmmy! ^_^

  • Jenny C. Diano

    i will order a BUCKET MEAL for my 2kids, and i want CHOCO FLOAT! love it! 🙂

  • Ning Mumbing ❤

    Been a sundae-lover, definitely I will buy lots of sundaes when I win this gift cert. ☺♥

  • I’ll order coffee float, chicken joy, champ and peach mango pie. 

  • Aphrilross0479

    as my usual order to any jollibee outlet,, peach mango pie for me, yummy cheese burger with large fries and large sprite for my son,, tuna pie for my partner and spaghetti and burger for papa..

  • Shane Estavillo

    I’ll order French Fries, Hash Brown Burger, French Fries, Choco Float, French Fries.. Uhm.. Did I mention French Fries?  LOL I really love fries.. 🙂 

  • I will order at Jollibee Store Chicken Joy as well as the Yummy burger as always ~

  • zhiel

    i will order chickenjoy, spaghetti and coffee float… lovvveee their coffee float

  • Issa

    I will order bucket meal for the family especially for my son!  Plus I wanna try the coffee float too! 🙂

  • grace

    I’d order choco float, milo blast sundae mix-in, chicken mushoroom pasta, chicken joy for the family.

  • Mcute_mecha

    If I win I will be ordering a bucket meal and overflowing fries and I would love to share it with my family and say that its a free birthday blowout for my mom

  • If i win, I’ll be ordering burger steak, 2 pcs! a bucket of chicken  and share it win my love ones!

  • tinaelainer

    I’ll spend the GCs on chicken spaghetti meals, cheeseburgers and fries if I win. 🙂

  • Jhen Ny

    If i win the GC’s , i will order a bucket of Chicken Joy and Choco/Coffee Floats 🙂

  • gaily

    bucket of Chicken Joy and Coffee Float :))

  • apple mercado

    Burgers and coffee floats for my Husband and I, Sundae for my Kid! 🙂

  • If I win the GCs, I’ll buy a bucket of their crispy chicken, french fries and spaghetti meals.

  • Vvaguilar2003

    I’ll order Chicken Joy and Spaghetti Meal with French Fries.

  • Gigi Ramos Mesina

    if i will win the GC…i will order my kid’s favorite, CHICKEN JOY!

  • if i win in certifiedfoodies contest giveaway 3 I will buy palabok fiesta, french fries, yum burger with cheese and ofcourse chicken joy and everything that my stomach want

  • Myrns Roman

    If I win I’ll use the GC to have my fave Jollibee Sundae Jollibee Choco and Coffee Float, Hash Brown Butter and Jollibee Chicken and Mushroom Pasta , and more!  🙂 

  • AineGarcia

    TLC, spag, chicken joy, burger steak, sundae!!! and palabok  too! ^_^

  • If I win I’m gonna buy spaghetti, large fries, YUM with TLC, choco float, chicken joy, macaroni soup, and Jolly hotdog.

  • Kim Gacita

    I’ll surely buy Chocolate float!

  • lhornsky

    i will order the CHAMP upzise with Pineapple juice and LArge fries and Sundae 🙂

  • Josephine Soliman Gregorio

    Chicken Joy, JOlly Spaghetti, French Fries, Sundae! 

  • Nicole Ann Valladolid

    I’ll be ordering my all-time favorite Burger Steak. Plus, Chickenjoy with Palabok Fiesta (C4) 🙂 and also the new Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins MILO Blast. I’ve tasted it once and it’s very delicious because I love MILO and the sundae of Jollibee 🙂 Thanks to Jollibee <3 Hoping to win .. fingers crossed 😀

  • Carmen Watkins11

    my hubby’s British but he loves Jollibee’s Chicken Joy..the new coffee and chocolate floats are fab too and so are the chicken sphagetti just right not so too sweet!!!!

  • Maria Christina Paigna

    I will use the GC to buy Jollibee Chicken Bucket Meal as treat for my family 😀

  • Chicken Joy! 

  • Emiliana

    I’ll buy a bucket of Chicken Joy

  • Kany Vic Perez

    Isa pa, isa pang chicken joy with matching spaghetti and French fries!

  • I’ll be ordering burger steak and french fries for my little kids, they always ask for it as pasalubong whenever I go out, and better yet, I’ll take them to Jollibee!!! Tsaka chickenjoy!!!

  • Laurence08

    Champ for me and spaghetti plus fries for my family… hope I win.

  • Mr. RM

    If I win, I’ll be ordering  Spaghetti with Chicken and a Champ! Yum! 

  • Mr. RM

    Love this! Hope to win! 🙂

  • missbisckt2002

    i really really wanted to try the coffee float! and ofcourse the FRIES!!! 😀

  • abi

    my favorite sphagetti and chicken joy

  • ShazGepana

    if i’ll win, i’ll treat my family and friends! i’ll order burgers, spag, chicken, pie, hashbrown and fries *.*

  • Shanebeltran

    i will spend it with my sick grandmother, confined in the hospital. she will definitely enjoy it…

  • If I win , I’ll treat my family to a yummy  jollibee lunch or dinner esp with Jollibee COFFEE FLOAT included! 

  • Itaniegra

    If i win, i’ll be ordering chicken joy, fries , burgers and choco float. 

  • My kids really loves Jollibee spaghetti,coke float chicken & fries also burger

  • Hi, my kids love Jollibee! Will order their all-time favorites: Chicken Joy, Spaghetti, Jolly Hotdog and Fries. 😉 

  • palabok, chicken joy, peach mango pie!

  • peach mango pie!

  • AiDiSan

    Hi, I just joined your Jollibee contest ‘coz I super love their coffee float. I work on GY shift and I usually buy coffee float before heading to the office, it actually helps keep me awake.

  • Maricel

    2 pcs hash brown burgers with coffee float for dadi,  spag & reg jolly hotdog 
    for baby jacobe, palabok, choco float & cheese flavored fries for me;)

  • saxon o

    value meal,fries,spagetti,coke float

  • 4 1 piece chickenjoy’s for the family!

  • I’ll definitely have the chickenjoy with spaghetti and choco float. Additional large fries with extra gravy 🙂

  • Kimberly Camille Tiu

    fries fries and more fries!
    chicken joy
    peach mango pie
    burger steak

  • Teresa

    i will order spaghetti and chicken joy.

  • wilfred

    my favorite coke float spaghetti and chicken joy

  • Zeychelle

    i will order spaghetti chicken joy

  • Cheyzerr

    i will order chicken joy, peach mango pie and choco float

  • For a start, i’ll order Jollibee’s Hash Brown Burger partnered with Jollibee Coffee Float! YUM YUM! And then, if there’s still a small place left in my stomach, then i’ll order the rest. : )

  • john michell

    chicken joy, spaghetti,  choco float

  • Rainbowkiss25

    I will order Everything in your menu! 😀

  • 6pcs chicken joy bucket, jolly crispy fries and choco float

  • Hash brown, coffeefloat and fries!

  • jj0505

    To answer the question ”
    If you win, what will you be ordering from Jollibee with the Php 500 worth of gift certificates? “: I will order my all time favorite palabok fiesta super meal, jolly hotdog, coffee float, and Spaghetti-Chicken Joy meal 🙂

  • I’ll be ordering a 6pc. Bucket, Fries and Choco Float! 😀

  • lots of fries and floats 😀

  • Alston Cue

    I’d definitely try that hash brown burger and the flavored fries.

  • A bucket of Chicken Joy for my family!

  • Mistyalpuerto

    Given a chance to win here,I want to buy a bucket meal for my family… thanks!

  •  chocolate float, spaghetti,jolly hotdog,chicken joy…i love jollibee:)

  • maricel villanueva

    chiclen for my kids

  • U8mypinkcookies

    Jolly Spaghetti, Peach mango pie and Jolly hotdog!! Yummm 😀 and i wanna try the coffee float too.

  • lots of hash browns, fries and floats!!!!

  • Cherry puno

    If i win i will order chicken and spaghetti meals, Fries and floats! )

  • Elmer Sotana

    I’ll order my favorites. Jolly Spaghetti, chicken joy, cheeseburger and i will try their new Choco and Coffee floats, haven’t tried it yet. 

  • Kristine Joy de Vera

     Lahat ng magkakasya sa 500! spaghetti and jolly hotdog! lots of em 🙂

  • I will order Jolly Spaghetti, Cheeseburger, Chicken Joy and Fries!!!

  • I’ll order Php 500 worth of my family’s favorites – Burger Steak, Yum w/ TLC and Spaghetti with Chicken  

  • Kat Andres-Paz

    Whatever my little boy wants – Chicken Joy, Yumburger, Jolly Fries … and what the big boy (my husband) wants – Champ!

  • I will order jolly hotdog, spaghetti, and cheeseburger. 🙂

  • Lea

    I will order spaghetti, hotdogs, hash brown burgers fries, mushroom pasta, and coffee floats 🙂

  • Mary_reana

    If ever, i will order po 6pcs bucket meal plus the Add-on B (3 rice and 3 drinks  and 3 sundae)+palabok..Yummy!!!tnx.

  • Will definitely order a bucket meal, large fries, large fries and large fries.

  • christine batiller

    I will bring my son to our fave Jollibee branch and I will order his fave chickenjoy meal with creamy macaroni soup and sundae.  I will get TLC for myself, spaghetti and coke float.  For my dada, i’ll get a champ and a large pineapple juice.  

  • Bucket meal for my family.=)

  • Allanoreyes

    I’ll definitely try the Hash brown burger,crispy fries and the coffee float.

  • Fritzielyn Palmiery

    If  ever I win, I will order a Bucket meal, large fries and cookies and cream sundae.:)

  • Definitely order Tuna Pie, Chicken Joy, B1 in Double go Large and will try the new choco floats/ coffee floats.

  • RubySalazarPapio

    If i will win i will order Jolibee spaghetti and mix in’s milo blast with me and my kids!

  • Jollibee burger (classic) and Jollibee floats!

  • I always order their fries and burger steak! Would also love to order coffee float and the peach mango pie! 😀 Yum! Now I’m hungry.. :p

  • christine loraine riveta

    I will definitely be ordering Chicken meal, fries and fries and choco floats!!! :))

  • Janna Joshelle Parel

    Will definitely be ordering C2s, French Fries (original) & probably Coffee Floats. 😀 

  • I’m beginning to love their hashbrown burger, so that’s one of the food I’ll be ordering. Chocolate Float, fries and a lot more!

  • yay! spaghetti, sundae, fries, pies and  floats!! :))

  • NinMonster

    I would definitely order spaghetti, choco float, peach mango pie, chicken joy and milo blast! – Janine Monasterial

  • i cant like the post tlga. dunno why.. 🙁

  • bucket of chicken, fries and drinks

  • Emiatsarona

    I will be ordering all! 🙂 especially their spaghetti! I just couldn’t get enough of it! 😀

  • noemi dela cruz

    chicken joy, fries, spaghetti, cokefloat for my family

  • kate sinaon

    For the 500 GC, I think I’ll be ordering the Jollibee Hash Brown Burgers, Jolly Crispy Fries (cheese) and the Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins MILO Blast. Mmmmm….it’s gonna be one great meal! Jolly yummy goodness!! ^_^

  • Fe M.

    Spaghetti and Chicken for the kids and Champ for hubby =)

  • Janice Pinto

    Champ, Chicken Joy, Fries, Jolly Hotdog, Milo Blast and Choco Float! =)

  • Magnet972

    4 orders of 2pc chicken joy meal , for me and hubby and the two kids. will be a Jolly happy feast for the whole fam. 🙂

  • Reisha Davadilla

    Jollibee Chicken and Spaghetti and lotsa fries! 🙂

  • Francis Falucho

    Im going to order 3 xtra large cheese fries, 3 mushroom pasta, 3 CHAMP Burger, 3 milo blast

  • Guest

    chicken joy, harsh brown & coffee float

  • Rachelle Therese Gonzales

    Chicken Joy, spaghetti, hash brown burger and a lot more

  • sheine deanna ramos

    chickenjoy + palabok + coffee float 

  • Jalysa Reyes

    Hash Browm burger and Choco float

    • Jalysa Reyes


  • i will be ordering chicken joy with spaghetti meal. this will be a perfect treat for me and my friends on my birthday this coming june24 🙂

  • Lots of Jollibee Chicken & Mushroom Pasta 🙂

  • Margaret Chan

    8 pc bucket of Chicken join and some Milo blaster Hmmm Yummy!!!

  • Eloesita Valderama

    If i win, i’ll bring my daughter and my mother and we’ll enjoy our chicken joy, spaghetti, french fries, coke float and my daughter’s fave rocky road sundae.. 🙂 

  • Fides F. Placido

    Bucket of Chicken Joy, Coke Float and Milo Blast for a hearty meal shared with my family 🙂

  • Kristine Concepcion

    burger steak, hash brown burger, chicken and mushroom pasta!!! 😀

  • katriane018

    Choco Float, Spag, TLC and Chicken joy of course!

  • Ryan Ferdinand De Ocampo

    Will order their chicken joy bucket, a couple of hashbrowns, peach mango pie and a spag for Sky! 🙂

  • A combo of Champ, Chocolate Float, and Sour-and-Cream French Fries will satiate my hunger for the day! 

  • Rhozallino Ramones

    If i win, i will ordering  Chicken spaghetti, Chocolate float, fries and Burger.

  • If I win, I will order chickenjoy bucket for my family or jolly spaghetti for my niece, sundae for my siblings and hash brown and french fries for my lovely parents!

  • if i win, i will order hash brown burger, chicken + mushroom pasta with chicken on the side, crispy fries, + a couple of coffee float for me + the little man! 

  • Mike De Guzman

    if i win, i’ll get me some chicken joy! 

  • seth

    I will order any breakfast meal and chocolate sundae for my hubby, son and I. 🙂

  • Dorothy

    If I win, I’ll order chicken joy, palabok, burger steak and try out their choco float. 🙂

  • Merry Jane Ocol

    I will buy a champ for me and my daughter!!!

  • Crystal Cruz

    If i win, I will buy 1pcs chicken for my daughter.palabok for my hubby and beef mushroom for me. at may sobra pa.I will have a pasalubong to my nanay B1 (regular yum) and strawberry sundae. O lalala
    so delicious Jollibeelicious. 🙂

  • Simplysweet0624

    If i will win, i will be ordering from Jollibee with the Php 500 worth of gift certificates a bucket of chicken joy and XL jollibee french fries to enjoy by my kids… It’s their favorite! 🙂

  • If I win, I would like to order the Jollibee Hash Brown Burger, Coffee Float and best of all the Jollibee Chicken.  Can’t get enough of the Chicken . . .  and the gravy too  ;p

  • chicken joy, palabok, fries and sundae

  • Will be buying sundae, spag, 2 piece chichen, fries, and large PJ.

  • Mei Santiago

    If I win, definitely bucket meals so I can share my blessings to my family ^_^