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Why You Should Stay at Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

In the first week of March, we were invited to go to Baguio by Mario’s restaurant in celebration of their 40th year. We were quite excited about it because it was the best way to escape the early summer heat here in Manila, especially after we found out that we were staying for 2 nights at the very luxurious Hotel Elizabeth.

Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio

Hotel Elizabeth Baguio, awarded as Baguio’s Hotel of the Year for 3 years, is managed by Fersal Hotel Group, the umbrella company that established Fersal Hotels here in Manila. Just by these facts alone, you’d expect a very memorable stay at the hotel. And that’s exactly what we got.

We arrived just in time for dinner at Hotel Elizabeth on a Friday night, March 9th. This was the day that they were also celebrating their 7th year as one of the top hotels in Baguio. We joined in the celebration and it was a truly fun night.

Hotel Elizabeth Baguio celebrates their 7th year

By the way, as soon as we made it to the hotel, we were all in awe at how beautiful it was. I had to take a photo of the hotel at night and just scroll down for the photo I took in the morning.

Hotel Elizabeth Baguio at night

I absolutely adore these gazebos (photo was taken on the 5th floor). And the breeze wasn’t just cool, but it smelled of pine trees. Ahhhhh…. Baguio! How I love thee… let me count the ways! 😉

The gazebos at night

When we finally checked into our rooms, Ken and I were given the Executive Suite which has 2 bathrooms (both with hot-and-cold showers, one has a bath tub), 1 bedroom and a common living room with a mini kitchen we share with the room where Peachy (and her cute daughter Ykaie) and Yedy (Yedylicious) were to sleep. We spent nights at the living room area chatting away. 😉

Our room's common living room area

Each bed has premium linens and duvet comforter, which kept us warm and sleep cozily amidst the cold breeze in Baguio. Argh! Remembering those 2 nights we slept in just sucks now that it’s too hot here in Manila. 😀 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Baguio’s climate! And I love our room in Hotel Elizabeth! 🙂

Our big bathroom and bed at Hotel Elizabeth

Anyway, on our second day, I went out to take photos of the hotel under the morning sun. It looked gorgeous! The pine trees, colorful flowers and plants surrounded the hotel.

Hotel Elizabeth in the morning

And, of course, the gazebos.. a perfect place to idle your hours away or take photos.

The gazebos in the morning - lovely!

At the hotel lobby, you’ll be welcomed by the tall atrium and Mediterranean-inspired interiors, which is the work of well-renowned designer Tessa Prieto Valdes.

Hotel Elizabeth's atrium

The walls and ceilings of Hotel Elizabeth were hand-painted by muralist Alfred Galvez. They were beautiful.

Hand-painted ceilings and walls in Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

Hotel Elizabeth Baguio has a total of 74 guest rooms and suites inside the 5-storey building. They have Deluxe rooms (good for 2, Quad and Family rooms that have 6 individual beds). All room rates come with complimentary breakfast (buffet).

Deluxe RoomDeluxe Room

Deluxe Double Room in Hotel ElizabethDeluxe Double Room

Quad Deluxe Room in Hotel ElizabethDeluxe Quad Room

Deluxe Family Room in Hotel Elizabeth BaguioDeluxe Family Room

The Penthouse Suite in Hotel Elizabeth BaguioPenthouse Suite with loft

Each room is equipped with in-house safe for your belongings, plus they have 24-hour security. Guests also have access to wireless internet connection. There’s a spa and fitness center exclusive where guests can relax and rejuvenate after, say, hours of visiting the tourist spots in Baguio.

Spa at Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

Massage chair and lounge at the spa in Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

If you need a place for functions, conferences, seminars or weddings, they have 3 locations that can suit your needs. The Veranda function area can seat 30 at the beautiful windowed location. They also have the Flora Function Room that can accommodate 80 people.

View at the Flora Cafe

If you need a much bigger place for weddings, or well-attended conferences, you can go for the Santorini Grand Ballroom that can accommodate up to 500 people.

This welcomes you on your way to the Santorini Grand Ballroom

The Santorini Grand Ballroom in Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

The Piano Bar and hotel gift shop…

Piano Bar at the first floor of Hotel Elizabeth

Hotel store and tables at the dining area

For foodies, they have 2 options for you: Flora Cafe and Bliss Cafe. If you’re a vegetarian, you have to dine at Bliss Cafe. We had early dinner here which was supposed to be just appetizers, but we had a lot of food that were all absolutely delicious! 🙂 We’ll be posting about that next so stay tuned!

Bliss Cafe at Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio

If you prefer meat, Flora Cafe is for you. They have a Mongolian Dinner Buffet and Saturday Dinner buffets (fusion buffet of Japanese and US Black Angus). You can enjoy live entertainment here too with your meals. I didn’t get to take photos of our breakfast ’cause Ken and I were both still really sleepy, we needed to start eating already to wake us up. Okay, that’s just an excuse – we didn’t want you seeing the amount of food we had on our plates! 😀

Breakfast buffet at Flora Cafe in Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

I swear, next time I’m in Baguio, I’ll definitely stay in Hotel Elizabeth again. Aside from all the luxurious treatment you’d get and the hospitality, the hotel is also in close proximity to tourist spots in Baguio like Wright Park, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay and The Mansion (watch out for our series of posts about our Baguio trip!). If you’re in the mood for Baguio pasalubong shopping, Good Shepherd and Pink Sisters are close by too.

Hotel Elizabeth also has a Cebu location, which you might want to consider on your next trip South. If you need more information about the rates and the hotel:

Thank you to our friends from Hotel Elizabeth. We had a wondrous and memorable stay at your hotel in Baguio.

Group photo under Hotel Elizabeth Baguio's atriumThe foodie gang group photo in Hotel Elizabeth.


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  • Peter Varona

    Hi Mhel. Thank you so much for the voucher and the fantastic reviews. I’ll wait for your email. More power to you. 🙂

  • Mary Grace Fortunato

     Any winners?

    • Oops, yes. Thank you for reminding me. I’ll announce the winner tonight.

  • Vvaguilar2003

    Our 2 kids haven’t been in Baguio yet and this year we plan to visit the place. Our itinerary includes a visit to the strawberry farm and pick fresh strawberries.  I’m sure we’ll all enjoy this. Also in our itinerary are the must-places to visit in Baguio – Burnham Park, Mines View Park, etc.   I would also love to try and look for the famous coffee place in Baguio and experience to have breakfast there with my family while savoring the foggy and cool weather.

  • Wexoid

    Thanks for the very informative review about Hotel Elizabeth.
    Plans of going to Baguio have been ongoing since a few years ago. I wanted my
    kids to appreciate its weather, its mountainous environment especially in Mines View Park,
    its cultural heritage in Tam Awan Village, the fresh food in La Trinidad Strawberry
    Fields and picnic in Burnham Park not only because they read and see about it on
    TV but also because of the experience they can get there. I first brought them
    in Baguio a few years ago but that was the time when typhoon Paeng was hitting
    the city, and the fact that they were only 4 and 3 years old respectively, they
    barely have a picture and memory of the city… They cannot even give a
    description of how Baguio City looked like.  Winning the voucher will really give a memorable
    Baguio experience to my kids. Thank you and more power.

  • Wow! Good thing I saw this! Thanks Mhel for this wonderful post. My friend and I are going to Cebu this August and we haven’t booked a hotel yet. We’re planning to start a blog where we’ll both be contributing articles. We’re a polymath of so many interesting things (travel, food, crafts, music, concerts) and we’re planning to start an online diary as travel buddies. Hotel Elizabeth would be a great PILOT article/episode. I’m so psyched! I wish you can grant us this request =) Thanks Mhel and more power!

  • Peter Varona

    Thanks for your blog. It made me and my significant other appreciate Baguio all the more. Baguio is and will always be a place that never gets old, and we plan to make it a locus of special events in our lives — one of which is our life-changing one that will take place in the near future. After reading your blog, the idea of a Baguio wedding was strengthened. This July, we are planning to go Baguio not for a vacation but for some sort of a preparation — an ocular of our preferred church, St. Joseph’s Church, and venue, Hotel Elizabeth.

  • geejay f. nepomuceno

    hi we planned to go to baguio with our daughter as a special treat to her this year. Since she had a did well in her assestment as a junior nursery. (horray we have a pre schooler na) . She aced it even though she is not prepared. We want her to treat to baguio doing good.She was still very small pa kasi nung 1st time nya nakapunta, but now that she is turning four i want her to enjoy the baguio breeze and how beautiful it is. 
    will bring her to mines view so we can take a picture again with her sa horse with pink hair. then go to botanical for a picture w/the st bernard dog. buy our pasalubong at good sheperds convent (our favorite ube balls and jam). If we are lucky enought we want to visit the ifugao houses and the strawberry farm (hindi pa kasi namin napupuntahan yun ever kahit 4 times na ako nakakapunta ng baguio)

    It will be a great start of a school year for her if we win the voucher. thanks in advance.

    geejay f. nepomuceno

  • Joy Felizardo

    Wow!  what an experience you both had!   We’ve been  to Baguio several times but we usually go to transient houses, since we were a bit practical on going to a hotel.   But the  grandiose experience would totally be amazing for our family.  We plan to visit Cebu before the classes open as we’ve been praying to have enough money left after the enrollment.    Thanks for sharing your awesome vacation at Hotel Elizabeth!

  • Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

    Joining the Giveaway.

    My hubby and I are already booked (via Cebupac)  for a Cebu trip this July 12-14.
    We already have an accommodation for July 13-14, but for July 12, we still don’t have yet.
    So If I can win and get the voucher, it will definitely be a blast getting a 50% discount.


    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  • velinzech

    Hi, Hope I can win this voucher.. Our plan trip on Baguio is on May 26 and 27 to celebrate my soon to be husband birthday on the 26.. We haven’t been to Baguio as couples.. =) We just wanna experience  the luxury treatment of Hotel Elizabeth.. =) Wanna win this and i know this will be the best trip to Baguio ever! Planning to visit first the Lourdes Grotto (how I missed it so much!), will have this picture taking at the Mansion, Burnham Park (Biking and Swan Ride – need to eat Binatog also.. with Milk!), will experience eating Taho in the evening while walking around Burnham, partyin’ at Session road on Midnight.. 2nd day were planning to visit Strawberry Farm and Mines View Park.. Bell Chruch and of course we will be attending the mass on the 27 at Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral =) What a tiring day it will but I know this will be all worth it if we can have the 50% voucher and stay in a nice place as you’ve described in your blog above =) Looking forward on receivinf the voucher before the 26 =) Thanks =)

  • we planned to go to Baguio this weekend, but my sister has to be somewhere else so we have to move it to another day. I swear i would visit Baguio this year, just before the summer ends! No specific itinerary, yet, but will definitely include the Strawberry Farm, Burnham Park, Mines View Park in that list! 😀

  • fedhz

    Hi, Mhel! I planned to stay there when we went to Baguio last month, but we’re on a tight budget. Anyway, we’re going to Cebu this September but we don’t have itinerary yet. I just bought the ticket today! seat sale! LOL. 

    • Are you joining the giveaway? 😉
      The voucher will expire in September, so check mo lang if it’s within your vacay time in Cebu. 🙂

  • The place looks grand.  It’s a bit more affordable than Manor Hotel too and yet, offering the wonderful pine tree ambiance just the same.  Do they offer off peak season discounts too? 

    • Last March, they were running this promo: book 1 night and your second night will only cost Php 7.00. But, it was in celebration of their anniversary. I’ve heard they frequently offer good discounts so let’s all keep an eye out 😉

  • Marice de la Costa

     Hi! My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this June 28, 2012 and Hotel Elizabeth is the perfect place we want to stay in to spend this memorable occasion. We’d like to visit again the famous Baguio tourist spots you mentioned above.  One of the places we will
    surely go to is the Good Shepherd  so we can buy our favorite Special
    Ube Jam and Peanut Brittle for pasalubong.  It would be really nice if we
    can avail of the discount.:)

  • Tessa Tuates

    I haven’t experience Hotel Elizabeth hotel accommodation but, I love too. It is too expensive for me to go but if you will give me the 50% voucher, I might. What I love about Hotel Elizabeth is that every Saturday night they have buffet dinner with a band. I remember the last time I went there was an anniversary treat from a couple I worked with. I, with other employees  enjoyed the moment, the settings are beautiful and descent. I checked online booking websites and their overnight fee is 3500+, it would be a good gift for me and hubby as we are turning 2 years on July 26 :).

  • leo garcia

    my baguio trip itinerary

    * burham park = boating,See the orchidarium with the pretty flowers/plants.
    * Session Road =  walk, feel the city vibe; Try some of the local restaurants
    * SM Baguio
    * Mines View

    leo rances garcia