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A Sweet, Sweet Ending at Parvati (Take 2)

After a VERY disappointing dinner at a diner somewhere, we quickly decided that we needed something to make up for the lousy meal we just had. Since my BFF Tina and our nanay haven’t been to Parvati yet, there we went.

My BFF Tina and our nanay at Parvati

We posted about Parvati before. It’s indeed a one stop dessert shop and they help home-based bakers market their products without worrying about opening their own stores. When we went there the first time, the place only had a few tables. When we returned, more seats are available to diners.

They also had a few additional items on their menu, particularly their beverages. We were excited to try different goodies so we ended up with four (4) dessert variations.

Let’s start off with what we had for drinks. Ken ordered the Hot White Chocolate (Php 100). It’s made of Belgian white chocolate buttons and is very rich. Not really suitable with desserts, but we still enjoyed this.

Hot White Chocolate from Parvati

My nanay and I both ordered their Honey Apple Iced Tea (Php 90). Nothing really surprising. It was refreshing and subtly sweet nonetheless (I ended up with 2 photos to use up the full width of our content space – nag-explain?! 😉 ).

Our Honey Apple Iced Teas

Tina ordered the mouth-watering Cafe Mocha with Caramel Candied Cashews (Php 100). It had vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream and candied cashews – a killer combination! Ken regretted not ordering this instead of his hot cup of white choco. 😀

Cafe Mocha with Caramel Candied Cashews from Parvati

Finally, the desserts! First was Dezato Mochi Ice Cream. The sticky rice dough that wrapped the ice cream was pillowy soft. The ice cream could be creamier, but it was still very delightful. In fact, none of us wanted to share. 😀

Dezato Mochi Ice Cream at Parvati

We ordered the box of 6 for Php 295. We had mocha / coffee, chocolate, mango, strawberry, vanilla and avocado flavors. I only got to try 3 and we all agreed we’d be coming back for more. 🙂 I want to try their Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter next time, but we might just drop by their cafe instead in New Manila.

Next are these Dark Chocolate Walnut Revel Bars from Sweet Beginnings Patisserie (box of 4 – Php 90). They’re to die for, I tell yah!

Dark Chocolate Walnut Revel Bars from Sweet Beginnings Patisserie

When the chewy dark chocolate fudge melted in my mouth, I felt like I was in chocolate heaven. 😀 The revel bars are chewy, and the oatmeal plus the roasted nuts added a delicious texture and saltiness to it that complemented the dark, slightly bitter flavor of the chocolate. *sigh* Sinfully good!

Up next was The Dome (small – Php 125) from Sweet Sherise. This is one of the popular chocolate goodies at Parvati so we just had to taste it.

The Dome from Sweet Sherise at Parvati

How good was it?! Imagine this: chocolate cake filled with Nutella chocolate mousse, covered in dark chocolate ganache and then everything’s surrounded by chocolate chips. A definite must-try indulgence, fellow chocoholics. 😉 It wasn’t overly sweet as you might have imagined because of the dark chocolate.

What's inside The Dome - Nutella chocolate cream, all chocolatey goodness!

Last, but definitely not the least was this slice of Pistachio Sans Rival from Tayabel. I’m not such a fan of food with nuts, but pistachios, I love. This was the ultimate dessert that night at Parvati. We didn’t really expect this to be the winning plate of goodness so we devoured it last. As soon as a forkful of this landed on my tongue, I started uttering words of sweet satisfaction (uhm… wholesome). Ken can’t stop raving about it too! 😀

Pistachio Sans Rival from Tayabel at Parvati

The layers of meringue that sandwiched the pistachio cream filling crumbled delicately in my mouth. The roasted pistachios’ crunch and saltiness was a homerun. A slice costs Php 130. Pricey you might think, but wait ‘til you taste it. 😉

Obviously, we were VERY gratified with everything we had at Parvati. We spent the whole night enjoying each pastry, completely erasing any negativity from our horrific experience earlier that night. It was exactly what we needed. If only I can have a serving of any of these desserts after I take care of an issue with ourcable managementhere in our area resulting to poor internet connection. Anyway, writing this post just perked me up. I can still remember the delectable sweets we had that night.

This time, I’m giving Parvati in Trinoma 5 stars and a MUST-TRY rating. Their service has improved and they have savory dishes available too which amped their rating on our book. We’re definitely coming back. 😉

The Parvati Store

Trinoma Mindanao lobby (below National Bookstore)


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  • Krystlepingol

    i want to try the mochi!

  • I’m a dessert lover myself.  I really want to go there. Sana magkatime

  • Ryan Ferdinand De Ocampo

    to die for talaga ha..? 🙂 hehe – hindi pa ko nakakatikim ng hot white choco and that dome looks interesting.  The price was surprisingly affordable too. 🙂 

  • Wow sugar rush 🙂 I’m curious about the Dezato – ice cream fillings on a rice dough? Rice dough, as in like ‘buchi’? Dome looks so tempting… yumm!

  • Hmmm… Sarap! 😉 I haven’t been to Parvati yet. But I really like the idea, as in a dessert place with lots and lots of choices. 

  • You made my mouth water with your ;pictures and descriptions Mhel! Ha ha ha!

    Parvati is now in our must try store. I am excited to try their Pistachio Sans rival and the dome!

  •  Wow. The Dome looks sinfully good! And… I feel like such a loser for not having tasted mochi ice cream yet. Gaaah 😐

  • Everything here is mouth-watering, especially the Chocolate Cake filled with Nutella. Ano ba yan!! Akala ko photoshopped lang yung mga ganyan sa tumblr. Will definitely drop by here pag napadaan ako sa Trinoma. Thanks!

  • my sister would definitely love this post! would share this to her. sweeeeeets! <3

  • Violy

    Wow I don’t have a sweet tooth but I want a taste of each one! Specially that meringue! Looks so yummy ! 😉

  • dg formoso

    Two things I wanna try: Hot White Chocolate and Sans Rival. The prices are not bad.Sana yung lasa not bad din pag natikman ko na. Soon…

  • Jenny Otoole

    Ohh it’s too sweet for me I’ll go for health options ice tea or water. Hehehehe out of budget this time. 🙂 They looks very nice nakakatulo ang laway. Yong mga nagda-diet nako maglaslas ng kamay yon pag ito nakita. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m starting to hate food blogs… nakakagutom yung mga pictures kaya napapakain tuloy ako… sira and diet… hehehe

  • Just looking at your pictures makes me hungry all of a sudden. I hope they would have vouchers for those on a budget like me 😀

  • Leon

    Reading the blog here at the office (oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that) and the pictures make me salivate. The ice cream and sans rival make me wanna go on under time and head on out to Parvati. 🙂

  • Tep Mayo

    Ohmigosh, your photos and description of the dessert, they got me drooling! I want all four right noooow: the mochi ice cream, the revel bars, the Dome, and the Pistachio! :-O So these were the photos I saw over at Pinterest earlier! I even repinned The Dome. *drool* Rather pricey for me, but I guess shelling out the extra bucks for a heavenly dessert experience is worth it. Great review.

    • Yes! Hahahah. I love how much food photos get repinned. ^_^
      I agree, pricey, but they’re indeed worth it. 🙂

  • Rhed

    Wow thanks for sharing, mouth watering foodies,hehehe. I would like to try the mochi ice cream, i am sure it is masarap…

    And by the way, you take good pictures..Thanks for sharing!

  • JJ

    Love the mochi and revel bars! The Dome has always been in my to-eat-next list and now you give me the perfect reason to explore the Parvati territory once more. Great!

    • The Dome wasn’t surprisingly sweet as I anticipated. Ken wanted more Nutella since he’s addicted to that jar of goodness, but I was very satisfied with The Dome. 🙂

  • Sis, you’re the reason why I’ve been bugging my friends to go to Parvati! haha! it’s quite far from my place but your post made it sound worth the travel! 🙂 That mean looking chocolate cake “The Dome” is calling my name! 🙂

    • Oo nga, I hope they’ll open a branch somewhere close to you naman. You’d enjoy the wide choices of desserts! ^_^

  • I am now craving for sweets from Parvati! The Dome cake and Sans Rival look so inviting! I would love to try the Mochi Ice Cream as well, pero I might just visit Dezato for that.. 🙂 Btw, I’ll definitely be in Parvati next week. I won a 1-year supply of chocolate cake from frank&carol’s! hahaha.. XD Perfect time talaga to try other goodies from Parvati too 🙂

    • Wow!! Congratulations! We want to come back nga ’til we’ve tried everything eh. :))

  • I want to try the DOME tulo laway ako 🙂 

    • Hahaha ang dami nyo tulo laway sa The Dome! :))

  • i have to try those desserts! TL (tulo laway! eww) ako sa The Dome 😉

  • Mochi! I love love love mochi! And pistachios and sansrival too! Parvati please come to the South, please?? 🙂